how to make hung curd or hung yogurt
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hung curd recipe

a diy method to prepare hung curd or hung yogurt.
Prep Time5 hrs
Total Time5 hrs
Course: condiment, side dish
Cuisine: indian
Servings: 425 grams
Author: Dassana Amit


main ingredient:

  • 4.5 cups dahi (curd or yogurt) Or about 1.125 kg or 1.125 litre curd - curd made from 1 litre milk

equipments required:

  • 1 deep bowl
  • 1 strainer or seive
  • 1 muslin cloth or cheese cloth or kitchen cotton napkin or towel
  • 1 heavy weight bowl, pan or lid


  • you need four things - 1 bowl, 1 strainer or seive, 1 muslin cloth or cheese cloth and 1 heavy weight bowl, pan or lid. instead of muslin you can also use a cotton kitchen napkin. first line the strainer on a bowl.
  • then line a muslin on the strainer.
  • pour the fresh curd. bring the four edges of the muslin together and tie one edge tightly around the rest.
  • gently press and you will see the whey dripping.
  • now place a heavy bowl or lid or tray on the tied muslin.
  • now keep the whole thing in the fridge for 4 to 5 hours or overnight.
  • after the required amount of time kept in the fridge, you will get a creamy hung curd.
  • use the collected whey in chapati dough and in pulaos or gravies. but do note that in chapati, the curd like flavor and taste is not felt. but in gravies, rice and pulao you will get the taste.
  • use the hung curd immediately for any recipe or keep in the fridge to be used later.