Thai Red Curry

Gather the spices for the Thai red curry paste. To know the spice list, swipe up!

Peel and roughly chop herbs for the Thai red curry paste. To know the herbs list, swipe up!

Place the spices, herbs and shallots in a blender jar.

Add soy sauce, lemon zest, salt and water or coconut milk in the jar.

Blend to a fine or semi-fine paste.

Heat toasted sesame oil or coconut oil in a pot. Add the prepared red curry paste.

Sauté the paste on low heat for a minute. Stir often.

Add chopped veggies and button mushrooms, mix well. To know the veggies list, swipe up!

Stir and mix everything well with the red curry paste.

Add thick coconut milk. Keep the heat to low.

Mix the coconut milk with the veggies on low heat.

Add water and stir well. To know more, swipe up!

Cover the pot with its lid and increase the heat to medium-low. Simmer the till the veggies are tender.

Check the curry occasionally. If water dries up, add more.

When the veggies are tender, reduce the heat and add some more thick coconut milk.

Mix very well and bring the curry to a boil. To know more, swipe up!

Serve Thai red curry hot with steamed rice, lemongrass rice or jasmine rice. To know more, swipe up!