Rice Kheer

Rinse basmati rice a couple of times in fresh water. Soak in enough water for 15 to 20 minutes.

While the rice is soaking, take full-fat milk in a heavy wide pan.

Keep the pan on low to medium-low heat and stir at intervals.

Let the milk come to a boil.

Take about a tablespoon of milk from the pan in a small bowl. Once warm, add saffron strands and keep aside.

Drain the rice and add to the boiling milk.

Mix very well with a spoon.

Simmer and cook the rice on low heat.

Cook the rice grains till they are 50% done or half-cooked.

Then, add unrefined raw sugar. You can use white sugar too.

Mix the sugar in the milk.

Continue to cook on low to medium-low heat. Stir at intervals.

Simmer till the rice is almost cooked.

Add cardamom powder.

Add sliced almonds, chopped cashews and sliced pistachios.

Mix well.

Add the prepared saffron milk.

Mix and continue to cook on low heat till the kheer thickens and the rice is fully cooked.

Switch off heat when the rice is fully cooked. Scrape milk solids from the side of the pan and add to the kheer.

Finish by adding golden raisins. You can also add rose water or kewra water.

Serve rice kheer hot, warm or chilled. To know more, swipe up!