Rava Idli

Begin by frying cashews in hot ghee till golden. To know more, swipe up!

Add mustard seeds to the same pan and let them crackle.

Next, add split Bengal gram (chana dal) to the pan.

Stirring often, fry chana dal till golden. Then, add cumin seeds and fry for 4 to 5 seconds.

Next, add chopped curry leaves, asafoetida, finely chopped ginger and finely chopped green chili.

Mix well and fry on low heat for 10 seconds.

Now, add fine rava (semolina).

Mix well and roast till the rava becomes fragrant. To know more, swipe up!

Add finely grated carrots, chopped coriander leaves and salt.

Next, add curd and water. To know more, swipe up!

Mix very well, cover and let the batter rest for 20 minutes. To know more, swipe up!

Brush oil or ghee on idli pan moulds. Place a fried halved cashew in the center of the moulds.

Take water in a pot. Keep a small length trivet stand in the pot. Heat the water till it comes to a boil.

Add baking soda or fruit salt (Eno) to the well rested batter.

Mix well quickly.

Pour the batter in the greased moulds.

Stack each idli plate and place them in the pot with the hot water. Cover and steam for 10 to 12 minutes.

I steamed the idlis for 10 minutes in an Instant Pot. To know more, swipe up!

Check the doneness of the idlis, remove from the stands and let them rest for 3 to 4 minutes. To know more, swipe up!

Serve rava idli hot with chutney and sambar. For more recipes, visit vegrecipesofindia.com