Soak almonds and pistachios in hot water for 20 to 30 minutes. Then, peel them.

Slice, sliver or chop nuts and keep aside.

Add full fat whole milk in a kadai and heat the milk on low to medium flame. Stir a few times. To know more, swipe up!

When you see the cream floating on top, use a spatula to gently stick the cream to the side of the kadai.

Keep simmering and stirring the milk on low heat, collecting the cream layer and sticking it to the side of the kadai. To know more, swipe up!

This process of collecting the cream has to be done many times. To know more, swipe up!

Here, the milk has reduced to half, about 30 minutes later. Notice that the layers of cream collected on the sides have also thickened.

Once the milk is reduced to half, add sugar.

Next, add crushed saffron and cardamom powder. Stir gently.

Continue to gently stir the milk and stick the cream on the side of the pan. The rabri will turn yellow once the saffron has been fully incorporated.

Here, the milk is reduced to ⅓rd of its original quantity. To know more, swipe up!

Scrape off the entire collected cream layer and any dried milk solids from the side of the pan with a spatula. Add these back to the thickened milk.

Stir gently and add the sliced nuts, rose water or kewra water. Mix gently.

Serve rabri hot, warm or chilled. For more serving and storage suggestions, swipe up!