Take puttu flour in a mixing bowl. Add salt to it.

Mix the salt well into the puttu flour.

Now, sprinkle water all over. The amount of water required will depend on the quality of the flour. So, add accordingly.

Begin mixing the flour with the water with your fingertips.

For soft puttu, ratio of flour to water is important. To know how to check this, swipe up!

Break all the tiny lumps in the flour with your fingertips. To know more, swipe up!

Next, pour water in the base vessel of the puttu kudam.

Keep it on stovetop and let it get heated.

Now, first place the perforated disc inside the cylindrical vessel. Then, add some fresh grated coconut in the cylindrical vessel of the puttu kudam and spread evenly.

Then, gently add the puttu flour till it reaches half of the cylindrical vessel.

Again, layer with some grated coconut and spread evenly.

Then, add puttu flour again.

Cover the top portion with more of grated coconut and spread evenly. Cover with the lid.

Place the cylindrical portion on top of the base vessel in which the water was boiled.

Steam puttu on medium heat till steam is released from the top vent of the cylindrical vessel. To know more, swipe up!

Remove the cylindrical part from the base vessel and allow the puttu inside to cool for 3 to 4 minutes.

Then, using a wooden skewer or the stick that  comes with the puttu kudam, remove the puttu.

Serve puttu hot with kadala curry or stew. For more recipes, visit vegrecipesofindia.com