Mango Ice Cream

Rinse mangoes for a couple of times in water. Wipe them dry.

Chop the mangoes. You can use the regular method also, by first peeling and later chopping.

Add chopped mangoes in a blender jar or bullet mixer. You can use canned mango pulp too.

Add sweetened condensed milk to the chopped mangoes.

Blend the mangoes with the condensed milk till smooth.

Make sure that there are no small or fine pieces of mangoes in the mixture.

Whip chilled heavy or whipping cream with an electric beater in a bowl.

Whip on medium-high to high speed till stiff peaks are formed. To know more, swipe up!

Add the mango-condensed milk mixture.

Using an electric beater at the lowest speed, whip till everything is well combined. To know more, swipe up!

Level the mixture with a spatula.

Seal the bowl tightly with an aluminium foil. Freeze for overnight.

This is how the mango ice cream will look after being completely set.

Scoop and serve. For another version of the same ice cream, swipe up!