Easy Karanji Recipe

Heat ½ tablespoon ghee in a small frying pan. Add the desiccated coconut. Make sure the coconut is of finer texture and does not have long shreds.

Roast, stirring often, till the coconut turns golden. Remove the coconut in a plate and set aside.

In the same pan on low heat, add the white sesame seeds and roast till they pop and change color. Set aside together with the roasted coconut.

In a dry grinder or coffee grinder, grind or powder 8 to 9 almonds, 9 to 10 cashews, and 9 to 10 golden raisins to a semi fine mixture. You can also choose to finely chop the dry fruits with a knife.

Add this ground dry fruits mixture to the sesame seeds and coconut mixture. Now add 3 tablespoons powdered sugar (or confectioner’s sugar), a pinch of grated nutmeg or nutmeg powder and ½ teaspoon cardamom powder.

Mix everything together and set aside.

Heat 2 tablespoons ghee first in a small pan over low heat.

In a bowl or pan, add 2 cups all-purpose flour (maida). Make a well in the center of the flour and add the hot melted ghee and ¼ teaspoon salt in it. Lightly mix everything with a spoon.

Add milk (about ½ cup + 1 tablespoon) just a bit at a time and begin to knead the dough.

Continue to knead the dough adding milk in parts.

Knead the dough till it forms into a nice smooth ball. Keep in mind that the dough has to be smooth but also tight and firm.

Cover the dough with a moist kitchen towel and keep aside for 15 to 20 minutes.

When it’s done resting, divide the dough into two parts. Roll each part into a log and begin to cut the log in equal slices. You should have about 6 sections.

Take each slice and roll it between your palms and flatten it.

Place the dough on a lightly floured surface and use a rolling pin to roll the dough out in a 4 to 5 inches diameter circle.

Next, add 1 to 2 tablespoons of the coconut stuffing in the center of the circle, keeping the edges empty.

With your fingertips or a pastry brush, apply water all over the circumference edge.

Carefully, bring together both the edges and join.

Gently press the edges so that it is sealed across.

Now with your fingertips, start pinching and pleating the pressed edges. This is similar to shaping a dumpling or empanada.

Gently place the karanji in a moderately hot oil for deep frying. Only fry 2 to 3 karanji at a time, depending on the size of your kadai or pan.

Fry till crispy golden and puffy turning over as needed. Immediately remove and drain karanji on paper towels to remove excess oil.

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