In a large bowl or parat, mix salt in jowar flour. Add hot water.

With a spoon or spatula, stir and mix the water in the jowar flour.

Add remaining water. Again mix and stir incorporating the water in the flour.

When the heat is enough to handle, knead the dough really well with your hands. To know more, swipe up!

Now, make small to medium balls of the dough. Sprinkle a good amount of jowar flour on the rolling board. Flatten a ball and place it on the flour. Add some more flour on top.

With your palms, lightly press and rotate the roti. Add more flour, if required.

Now, gently lift the roti with a spatula.

Place jowar roti on a hot tawa, with the floured side facing you.

Spread some water all over the jowar roti with your fingers.

Let the base cook ¼th, then flip the jowar roti. Allow this watered side to cook till you see light brown spots.

With a pair of tongs, lift the roti, invert and then place it on open flame. The roti will begin to puff.

Invert and cook the other side of the roti on the flame.

When you see some charred spots and the roti has cooked well, remove and place in a roti basket or casserole.

Serve jowar roti hot or warm with any sabzi or dal. For more recipes, visit