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Collection of 14 upma recipes for quick breakfast or snack.  upma is a traditional breakfast recipe which is very popular in south India. It is an easy as well as quick breakfast dish one can prepare. It does not need much cooking experience and even bachelors or people new to cooking can easily learn how to make upma at home.

There are many varieties of upma recipe. the one made with rava (sooji or cream of wheat) is the most popular one. However you can make upma with other ingredients also like bread, oats, idli, broken rice, millets, tender jowar (hurda), poha etc.

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upma recipes

To make it more nutritious, at times people add variety of veggies also. Most common veggies which are often added are green peas, carrots and capsicum. Apart from veggies you can also add roasted peanuts or cashews in it.

Here in this post I am sharing Collection of all the upma recipes posted on the blog. so that it is easier for you to check these recipes in one place. For more delicious and quick breakfast recipes, you can check these collections also:

Collection of 14 upma recipes for quick breakfast

1. Rava upma recipe – a traditional South Indian breakfast dish made from rava. Rava is also called as sooji in hindi and cream of wheat in english. Upma is usually served with coconut chutney, lemon slices or lemon pickle. It can also be had plain.

rava upma recipe

2. Tomato upma – tangy and tasty upma recipe with full on flavors from tomatoes and spices. the tang from the tomatoes perks up the overall flavor in any recipe. So is the case with this upma. Its tangy and well as spicy.

tomato upma recipe

3. Idli upma – quick 15 minute recipe of upma made with leftover idlis. this recipe is an easy way to use leftover idlis to make a quick breakfast. With leftover idlis, many recipes can be made. A few I have already shared like:

idli upma recipe

4. Oats upma – easy, healthy and delicious vegetable oats upma recipe made with quick cooking oats and mixed veggies. few more tasty Oats recipes You can make for breakfast are:

oats upma recipe

5.  Aval upma – quick breakfast or snack recipe of upma made with poha and mixed veggies.

poha upma recipe

6. Bread upma – quick, easy and tasty upma made with bread. You can use fresh bread slices or even a few days old bread to make this upma. Best to use homemade bread or you can use any bread – whole wheat, multi grain, brown or white.

bread upma recipe

7. Khara bath – savory, smooth and soft khara bhath made with mix veggies. you can serve mtr style khara bath with some lemon wedges and coconut chutney. Rava bhath can also be packed in tiffin box.

mtr style khara bhath recipe

8. Semiya upma – vermicelli upma is another version of making popular South Indian breakfast recipe of upma. seviyan are either made from wheat flour (atta) or maida (all purpose flour) or rice flour. I prefer seviyan made from wheat flour or rice flour as they are more healthy than the ones made from maida.

semiya upma recipe

9. Rice sevai upma – easy to prepare upma with rice vermicelli or rice sevai. when short of time, I don’t add veggies. But to make it more healthy, you can add grated veggies like carrots, beans or cabbage. You can also add steamed peas.

rice sevai upma recipe

10. Rice rava uppittu – this delicious upma variety is made with broken raw rice and is also known as akki tari uppittu. akki-tari means broken rice. this is an easy, delicious, authentic, traditional South Indian breakfast recipe from Karnataka.

akki tari uppittu recipe

11. Hurda upma recipe – healthy and nutritious upma made with tender sorghum grains (also known as hurda in marathi and ponkh in Gujarati language). These green grains are super healthy and there are many snacks that you can prepare with them.

hurda upma recipe

12. Quinoa upma recipe – quick and easy breakfast recipe of mix vegetable quinoa upma. Quinoa is also a super food. being a good source of protein, its beneficial for vegetarians as well as vegans. Its also rich in iron, manganese and phosphorus.

quinoa upma recipe

13. Vegetable rice sevai upma – a healthy breakfast made from rice sevai (rice vermicelli), mix veggies and spices-herbs. the semiya upma tastes delicious with a nice soft texture of the rice vermicelli which compliments the texture & the taste of the veggies and the crunchy taste coming from the cashews.

veg semiya upma recipe

14. Microwave upma recipe – making upma in microwave takes a little less time than making the upma in the traditional way. But I prefer the traditional method.

Microwave Upma Recipe

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