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Collection of top 10 tandoori snacks recipes – tandoori recipes are so called as they are made in a special pot shaped clay oven called as tandoor. Cooking in tandoor imparts a rustic and smoky aroma and flavor to the food. The smokiness is due to charcoal being used in the tandoor.

For some recipes where you want to impart charcoal flavor in the dish, there you can try the dhungar method. It really enhances the flavor of the dish. I have explained this dhungar method in few restaurant style recipes like Palak paneer.

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tandoori recipes

In Punjab and some parts of north India, a lot of recipes are made in tandoor. Though tandoor is commercially used in restaurants and hotels, but At home not everyone has a tandoor. so the same recipes that are made in tandoor can be made in an oven or a pressure cooker being used as a tandoor. Mostly I used oven to prepare these tandoori recipes.

For tikka recipes, you can either use an oven or a tawa (griddle or stove top). When you prepare paneer tikka on stove top, either use a non stick or ceramic pan or use a well seasoned tawa or griddle.

Seasoning means to prepare the tawa or griddle for frying/roasting, wherein you heat the griddle and then apply oil. Let the oil get heated and then switch off the griddle. Wipe the oil. Again apply oil and let the griddle cool. store the tawa with the oil on it. you can repeat the first step twice or thrice. When you want to cook, heat the tawa and wipe off the oil. Then proceed with the recipe.

In this collection of tandoori recipes, I have included recipes like tikka recipes and flat breads. Usually in restaurants tikkas or kababs are served with a green chutney. This green chutney is made with mint leaves, coriander leaves, curd and spices.

Top 10 tandoori recipes which you can make at home:

1. Paneer tikka recipe – this recipe is for paneer tikka made in oven. This same paneer tikka can be used to make the gravy dish paneer tikka masala.

paneer tikka recipe

2. Tandoori roti recipe – a no oven and no tandoor method of making tandoori rotis on stove top. Traditionally tandoori rotis are made in a tandoor. Yet without a tandoor we can make a really good tandoori rotis on stove top. These tandoori rotis go very well with rich curry dishes.

tandoori roti recipe

3. Achari paneer tikka recipe – yet another variation of the popular paneer tikka flavored with pickling spices. if you enjoy biting into pickle and relishing the sour taste of lemon or mango then you will like this recipe. Few more similar Paneer recipes on blog are:

achari paneer tikka recipe


4. Aloo kulcha recipe – crisp as well as soft leavened breads stuffed with a spiced potato filling. Kulcha is very popular in Delhi and in the state of Punjab. You can serve kulcha with mango pickle or curd or chana masala or dal makhani.

aloo kulcha recipe

5. Mushroom tikka recipe – this is a very easy recipe. You just need to marinate the mushrooms and then grill or bake the mushrooms in the oven. This same marination can be used with veggies like potatoes, aubergines, cauliflower and broccoli. You can even use tofu or paneer.

mushroom tikka recipe

6. Naan recipe –  soft textured delicious naan made with whole wheat flour (atta) and all purpose flour (maida). In this naan bread recipe, I have used 2:1 proportion of whole wheat flour and all purpose flour, but you can use 1:1 or even 3:1. Apart from this naan, there are few more naan recipes posted on the blog:

naan recipe

7.  Aloo tikka recipe – spiced & marinated potatoes which are either grilled or pan fried. The recipe posted here shares both the oven grilling as well pan frying methods for cooking the potatoes. This aloo tikka recipe uses curd for marination. For more delicious potato recipes you can check this Collection of 65 potato recipes.

aloo tikka recipe

8. Hara bhara kabab recipe – kabab made from spinach, peas and potatoes nutritious as well as delicious. Its an easy finger food that can be served as a brunch or also as a starter. One which is light and not heavy. If you like kababs then I would suggest you to check:

hara bhara kabab recipe

9. Gobi tikka recipe – this tandoori gobi is an excellent snack or starter recipe. its a fool proof recipe. this gobi tikka recipe is a spicy version, so if making for kids or folks who do not like spicy food, just cut down half of the red chili powder and garam masala. Few more popular Gobi recipes which you can make at home are:

gobi tikka recipe

10. Paneer tikka on tawa recipe – spiced marinated cottage cheese cubes pan fried on a tawa or griddle. these tawa paneer tikka can be served as a starter or a snack with sliced onions, lime and mint yogurt chutney. They even go well as a side dish. You can even have the paneer tikka with rotis, naan or bread or plain paratha or pudina paratha.

paneer tikka on tawa recipe

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