sukhi arbi recipe, how to make dry arbi recipe for fasting

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Sukhi arbi recipe With step by step photos – crisp, fried and tasty spiced arbi recipe. At my home the hubby is so fond of Arbi/colocasia root that I have to cook it once in a week if I get this veggie in the market. I only know the arbi recipes I have learnt from my mother and mother-in-law.

This sukhi or dry arbi recipe is very similar to the one that I make at home, except for cooking & frying the arbi first and adding some more spices. I tried this recipe from a pocket cookbook.

Such a small book but great recipes. This is the second recipe I tried from this book and it was so good. In fact this book has some traditional recipes as well, mostly North Indian and Kashmiri which I have never heard.

So I plan to make more from the cute book. It has been with me since my college days and I never ever tried anything from it. Had it got it from my sis school book fair. It seems ages now…..

sukhi arbi recipe

This arbi recipe is called as Brindavani ghuiya in the book. Guess it comes from brindavan. I am not sure…..

Do try to make this recipe. The Sukhi arbi can also be made for fasting days. you can also make it on the mahashivratri fast.

For Fasting recipes i would suggest you to check Sabudana khichdi, Aloo tamatar ki sabzi, Vrat wale aloo, Singhare ki poori, Rajgira paratha and Sabudana vada.

Sukhi arbi or dry arbi recipe below:

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sukhi arbi recipe

sukhi arbi recipe

Crisp, fried and tasty spiced arbi recipe.
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Prep Time 30 mins
Cook Time 30 mins
Total Time 1 hr
Cuisine Indian
Course Main Course
Servings 2 to 3


  • 250 grams colocasia roots (arbi or taro root)
  • 1.5 teaspoon carom seeds (ajwain)
  • 1 teaspoon Coriander Powder
  • 1 teaspoon red chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon dry mango powder (amchur)
  • oil for frying
  • few fresh mint leaves for garnishing
  • rock salt (edible and food grade) or sendha namak if making for religious fast (or regular salt for other days)
  • water to cook the arbi


  • Pressure cook, steam or microwave the arbi till they are almost cooked.
  • Drain. Take each arbi in your hand and peel of the skin.
  • Now if you want then lightly press the arbi with your hands.
  • Shallow or deep fry the arbi in oil till golden brown.
  • In another pan, add little oil.
  • Add the carom seeds and fry for a minute.
  • Now add both the spice powders, coriander and red chili powder.
  • Mix well and add the fried arbi to this seasoning. Mix the arbi well.
  • Add amchur powder and salt. Mix again well.
  • Garnish sukhi arbi with some chopped mint leaves and serve hot.


Tips for making sukhi arbi recipe:
  1. While peeling the arbi, apply some oil to your fingers and peel.
  2. While frying the spice powders, do so at the lowest flame. If need be you can switch off the gas. The spice powders,especially chili powder tends to burn quickly on a high heat.
  3. The sukhi arbi can also be served as a snack or starter.
  4. If making for vrat or fast, then don't add asafoetida (hing).

Nutrition Info (Approximate values)

Nutrition Facts
sukhi arbi recipe
Amount Per Serving
Calories 262 Calories from Fat 99
% Daily Value*
Fat 11g17%
Saturated Fat 1g6%
Sodium 1194mg52%
Potassium 758mg22%
Carbohydrates 37g12%
Fiber 7g29%
Sugar 1g1%
Protein 2g4%
Vitamin A 500IU10%
Vitamin C 6.4mg8%
Calcium 60mg6%
Iron 1mg6%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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How to make sukhi or dry arbi recipe:

1: wash the arbi very well. Take some water in a microwave safe bowl just covering the arbi. Microwave on high for 5-6 minutes. I had the most tough arbi which was refusing to get cooked. Even after microwaving for 10 minutes on full power, the arbi was just not cooked enough to be lightly mashed by the hands.

wash arbi - making sukhi arbi recipe

2: once they are microwaved, let the arbi sit in the same bowl for some minutes.

microwave arbi to make dry arbi recipe

3: drain the arbi. Once they become warm, peel of the skin. Lightly press them between the palms of your hands. These arbi were still a little tough so I just could not mash them slightly. You can also chop them if you want.

arbi to make dry arbi recipe

4: shallow or deep fry the arbi in hot oil on medium flame. Take care not to burn them.

fry the arbi - making sukhi arbi recipe

5: drain the fried arbi on a kitchen napkin.

drain arbi to make sukhi arbi recipe

6: in another pan, heat little oil. Add the ajwain and fry for a minute.

add ajwain to sukhi arbi recipe

7:  keep the flame to the lowest. add the red chili powder and coriander powder. Ensure that the spice powders do not burn. Mix them well.

add spices to sukhi arbi recipe

8: add the fried arbi to the ajwain-spice mixture. Toss the arbi uniformly with the spice mixture.

mix spices to sukhi arbi recipe

9: add amchur/dry mango powder. Mix well.

add amchur to sukhi arbi recipe

10: add rock salt if making this arbi recipe for fasting or black salt or plain salt. Mix well.

add rock salt to sukhi arbi recipe

11: lastly add some chopped mint leaves to arbi dish as a garnish.

dry arbi recipe, sukhi arbi recipe

12: Serve Sukhi arbi hot with some phulkas or just plain as a snack.

dry arbi recipe

Update 21 feb 12: Below are some variations and tips for making the dry arbi from my dear readers. you can try these variations to make a yummy dry arbi recipe:

From sushil:  this arbi dish tastes best with crisp paranthas. Add a generous pinch of heeng (asfoetida) to the tadka and see an amazing twist in the taste.

From neera: sindhis make the arbi in a similar way but with a little difference. Peel the arbis after boiling press it, it will be oblong tikki sort. Sprinkle salt, and keep it till little before you want to have it, then deep fry tiil golden brown and put mixture of red chiili, coriander powder and amchur over hot arbi, it tastes like crisp tikkis. Caution: to be had immediately after frying then it’s crisp otherwise it becomes soft and loose the taste.

From dhanya: boil the arbi. Add a table spoon or two of rice powder, chilli powder & jeera powder. Salt of course. Leave it like that for 30 mins…now fry it in little oil. Garnish with curry leaves.

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  1. I loved this recipe alott….
    My family also lyked it..
    It’s super easy,.n too quick…thanx 4 sharing this recipe

    1. welcome archana. glad to know that you all liked this sukhi arbi recipe.

  2. Going to try this recipe tonight!!? Never had arbi in any form till now.. bought it today after going through the recipe last night.. I love your blog.. have learned so many dishes from you!! And got compliments every time..? thank you so much for sharing your recipes and helping me and many others!!

    1. pleased to know this manju thankyou for your kind and encouraging words 🙂 god bless you.

  3. I tried out this recipe and it was heavenly! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe.

  4. Hi Dassana,
    I tried this reciepe. It was very nice and tasty. My hubby loves it.4 stars

  5. Hi Dassana,

    I tried the Recepie.. Masala coating was good :)… I have few question though, I was trying Arbi for the first time,
    a) few arbis had yellow coating or green coating underneath the skin, I wasn’t sure if these were good or bad ones, – what is your take on this?
    b) after boiling they were slimmy, is this root slimmy?
    c) and they had a little fruity taste, is this how they taste?


    1. thanks sonia. your queries answered
      a) i slice off both the yellow as well as green coatings.
      b) yes they are slimy.
      c) yes, a bit of fruity flavor similar to sweet potato

  6. Dassana ji,every food items you HV described are always delicious. This one is too but I HV tried arbi sukhi fry with panch poran, Mitch, turmeric ,Slightly sprinkle homemade sabzi masala.This is yummy also.
    One request to you Dassana, kindly post some odia pitha and sabzi items which are
    famous for Lord Jagannath’s temple,puri.

    1. Thanks Dr. Niranjan for your positive feedback and for your suggestion. I will try to add these recipes. Since i am getting few request for them.

  7. Hi Dassana, thank you for this wonderful and relatively simple recipe. I tried it last night with the exception of the amchur powder and it came out very well. You are an absolute star!

    I have been checking out your blog since December 2014, however this is my first comment!

    Do you have any suggestions of other vegetables that can be cooked in the same way – Ajwain/chilli powder mix?

    Best regards

    1. thanks a lot zeenat. ajwain need not be added to some veggies. it will only go well with potatoes. i usually use a turmeric+red chili powder with some veggies like bittergourd/karela, kantola, ivy gourds, carrots, green peas and sweet potatoes. a sprinkle of lime juice can be added instead of dry mango powder.

  8. I tried the recipe using frozen arbi and your method of cooking- the dish was fantastic! Thank you for a wonderful recipe- it is now going to be a part of my weekly meal rotation!

  9. Lovely pic. I think, amchur powder gives the extra kick to the already tasty recipe!! Good one, should try this!

  10. hi dassana,
    Gr8 recipe.I just love this but you can make this without frying also. Just press each arbi with your palms and then sallow fry them in non-stick pan like cutlets. Less oil and it will be really crispy

    1. thanks shipra for this wonderful suggestion. i do agree that pan frying is a great way to reduce the oil. your suggestion will surely help the readers 🙂

  11. wow !! I tried this recipe, it is very tasty. my mom directly fry long thin slices of Arvi with choped green chilli and ajwain. and mix red chilli powder and salt. this is also very tasty. thanks f or this and really your pictures are very very nice and mouth watering.

    1. thanks kausar. nice to know you liked the recipe. i am sure your mom’s recipe must be good. the green chilies must be adding a lot of flavor to the recipe.

  12. Yumm!!! I lov arbi and this is exactly how my mom makes it, she uses a little bit of besan while frying the arbi, they taste even better! Loved your photos, my first visit to your blog. Will come back for more 🙂

    1. thanks ambika for liking the pics. i know about besan being used while making the arbi. it tastes yum…..

  13. Good recipe. I have a variation to suggest.
    Boil the arbi. Add a table spoon or two of rice powder, chilli powder & jira powder. Salt ofcourse. leave it like that for 30 mins…now fry it in little oil. Garnish with curry leave…

    1. thanks dhanya. i have added your suggestion too as an update below the recipe post. i am sure its helpful for readers and i am going to try your suggestion too. i have lots of arbi at home 🙂

  14. Hi Dassana, very good recipe, we Sindhis make similarly with little difference, peel the arbis after boiling press it, it will be oblong tikki sort .sprinkle salt,and keep it till little before you want to have it, then deepfry tiil golden brown and put mixture of red chiili, coriander powder and amchur over hot arbi, it tastes likecrisp tikkis. caution: to be had immediately after frying then it’s crisp otherwise it becomes soft and loose the taste- Neera Kewalramani

    1. thanks neera for sharing the sindhi way of making the arbi. it will help the readers so much. i will add your’s and sushil’s comment as an update below the post by tonight. and the next time i am going to try yours as well as sushil’s version of making the arbi. thanks a lot.

  15. i love the first picture.. so crisp and i can see the ajwain. my mom used to make it with cumin and amchur. and it was my dad’s favorite .. well it still is 🙂
    some of the best recipes some about in simple ways from some age old places.

    1. my mom makes it with cumin and amchur too…. and thanks richa for liking the pic. still learning to take good shots from the camera… and sometimes i am so disappointed with my photos…. but still learning and improving.

  16. Hey Dassana, thank you for mentioning about me & my sookhi arbi recipe here. It’s really a pleasure… 🙂

  17. This is one dish I make regularly. It tastes best with crisp paranthas. One tip: Add a generous pinch of heeng (asfoetida) to the tadka and see an amazing twist in the taste.

    1. yes it does taste good with crisp parathas. also thanks sushil for the tip. next time i am going to add hing when i make this recipe…..