sugar paratha recipe, sweet paratha recipe | meetha paratha recipe for kids

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sugar paratha recipe with step by step photos – yes there is a paratha variation which is made using sugar as stuffing. i knew about sugar puri which my mother used to make for us when we were kids. but i never heard of sugar paratha until i met my mother in law who is a fab cook and makes awesome punjabi food.

i have learned many types of paratha from her like aloo paratha, gobi paratha, mooli paratha and paneer paratha recipe.

this paratha is actually known as chini ka paratha‘ and is generally made for kids when they refused to eat any thing else. kids usually have sweet tooth and they easily agree to eat sweet paratha !!! .

another common recipe in punjab for kids is churi‘. in this recipe the roti is mashed along with sugar and some ghee and it becomes very soft, yummy and sweet and is served in a bowl. my husband who loves punjabi food has fond memories of eating these sweet parathas as well as ‘churi’ in his childhood days.

the sugar melts and caramelizes in the process of making these sweet flats breads. so you have a caramelized sugary taste in the paratha and this what makes these parathas unique.

while making this sugar paratha, you have to use fine sugar because if you use sugar with larger granules then they will come out of the paratha and will spoil your tava or frying pan. the organic unrefined cane sugar which i use has very fine sugar granules and they don’t come out of the paratha and thus don’t make mess on the tava.

if you have larger granuled sugar then you can powder them in your dry grinder. as an alternative you can also make this paratha with fine jaggery powder. it is better to use organic jaggery powder as there are no impurities in it.

few important points for making sugar paratha recipe:

  1. you have to eat it or serve it hot. better to serve as they are cooked. because once they become cold or dry, they become hard and you won’t enjoy the taste and they become cold quickly. so maximum within 1-2 minutes you should start eating them. the sugar soldifies in the paratha once they get cooled and you might feel like you are eating a chewy, brittle sugar candy which is hard to bite.
  2. if you plan to make regular roti or chapatis along with sugar parathas then make the rotis/chapatis first and in the end make the sugar paratha because once you make the sugar paratha then it leaves the traces of browned or charred sugar on the tava and then it becomes difficult to make rotis on it unless you wash the tava again.
  3. i repeat again, use fine granule sugar or powdered sugar or fine organic jaggery powder.
  4. when you are making this sugar paratha then your kitchen and probably your house will be filled with the aroma of caramelized sugar. don’t miss to enjoy this fragrance !!!

if you are looking for more paratha recipes then do check plain paratha, palak paratha, pudina paratha, peas paratha, beetroot paratha and onion paratha.

sugar paratha or sweet paratha recipe below:

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sugar paratha recipe | sweet paratha recipe | meetha paratha recipe
prep time
30 mins
cook time
30 mins
total time
1 hr

sweet paratha recipe - a sweet sugar paratha made using sugar or powdered jaggery.

course: breakfasts
cuisine: north indian
servings: 4
author: dassana
ingredients (1 cup = 250 ml)
for the dough
  • 2.5 cups whole wheat flour (atta)
  • 1 cup water or add as required
  • 1 or 2 teaspoon oil or ghee
  • salt as required
for the paratha:
  • a few tablespoons of sugar or organic unrefined cane sugar or powdered organic jaggery or as required
  • oil or ghee as required
how to make recipe
  1. mix the salt with the flour. add the oil/ghee and water.
  2. knead into a smooth dough. add some more water if required.
  3. keep the dough covered for 15-20 minutes.
  4. take a medium sized ball from the dough.
  5. on a dusted board or surface, roll the ball to a small disc of about 3 or 3.5 inches in diameter.
  6. sprinkle sugar all over the rolled dough.
  7. bring together the edges.
  8. join the edges and press them in the center.
  9. roll again on a dusted flour to approx 5-6 inches in diameter circle.
  10. cook on a tava or frying pan with oil or ghee until both the sides of the paratha are crisp and golden with brown spots.
  11. serve sugar paratha immediately.

step by step sweet paratha or sugar paratha recipe:

1. dust the board with whole wheat flour. take one medium sized ball from a well kneaded dough made from whole wheat flour/atta. roll this into a circle of about 3 or 3.5 inches with a rolling pin. sprinkle sugar as much as you want all over the rolled dough, except the edges.

2. bring the edges together and press them in the center, like we do for stuffed parathas.

3. roll the stuffed dough again evenly on a dusted board or work surface.

4. on a hot tava or frying pan, fry the paratha till 1/4 th done on one side. flip and apply oil or ghee on this partly cooked side.

5. cook the other side till ½ done. flip and apply ghee on this side now. flip a couple of times more till the parathas are browned from both sides.

6: as you can see from above the pic the sugar paratha has few brown spots. usually the sugar paratha has more brown spots. how much the paratha will become brown also depends upon the type of sugar.

i have made this parathas with different varieties of sugar. if we make it with jaggery powder then it is slightly more brown in color than when we make it with sugar.

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  • This post reminded me I haven't had sweet paranthas for a long time. Perfect timing too, I am going back home in few days, will make mom make 'em for me :) :)

  • You have brought back such wonderful childhood memories! :) My mom and grandma used to make these sugar chapathis for us at the end of the meal when we were kids.

    Even I make it sometimes now but not often enough. Funnily, I like using roughly granulated sugar and love that sticky, hard layer of caramel it forms when it leaks on to the outside of the chapathi on certain spots. haha Of course, for this a non stick tava is a necessity so it comes off easily. I know it'll be a terrible mess like you mentioned on the iron tavas.

    • thanks susmitha. i find the hard caramel layer too sticky :-) but i like it when the caramel leaks outside of the roti at some spots. surely non stick tava is better.

  • My son was very fond of this parantha. He always cherish his stay at his nani house by eating this parantha made bt my mother even he used to it nani ka parantha

  • hahah this is my kid fav but I love it with jaggery too tastes a lot like poli.Nice click dear.

  • Ooh, you make this look so easy! Do you think I could serve this with ice-cream or custard, or is that a terrible idea?

    • hi rhianna. we just have these sweet parathas plain. i think they will also go well with some milk. ice cream and custard is really a new idea and i have never thought it this way. perhaps you can consider serving the flat breads with ice cream or custard. i can very well imaging the fusion of heat and cold along with flavors mingling with each other. try it... is what i would say. unless one tries, one never knows :-)

  • Hi,
    nice n easy recipe. I make a slightly different version of this for my son, I use the badam milk powder that u get in stores instead of sugar, and i smear ghee on the roti before i spread the powder on it. Healthier but still yummy!!!

    • thanks for the sharing the variation reena. next time i shall try with homemade dry fruits powder.

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