strawberry recipes – collection of 12 delicious strawberry recipes

Collection of 12 delicious strawberry recipes. there are various recipes one can make with strawberries apart from milkshakes and smoothies. In this collection I have shared recipes that are usually made with strawberries. Since strawberries are in season, thought of sharing this collection.

strawberry recipes

Strawberries can also be consumed fresh and you can also add them to salads or desserts. When making any dessert with strawberry, sugar can be added accordingly. If the strawberries are sweet, then less sugar can be added and vice versa.

Collection of 12 delicious strawberry recipes:

1.  Strawberry milkshake recipe – one of the quickest and easiest recipe you can make strawberries is this milkshake. A refreshing healthy drink to recharge your energy levels. Good for kids as well as a breakfast beverage.

strawberry milkshake recipe

2. Strawberry cream cake recipe – egg free version of a delicious creamy sponge cake which is sandwiched with macerated strawberries, whipped cream and frosted with whipped cream. this is a rich creamy cake and meant for festive occasions.

strawberry cream cake recipe

3. Strawberry jam recipe – this is an easy and delicious strawberry jam recipe made without preservatives. The jam is sweetened with jaggery instead of sugar. the jam stays good for about 2 months in the refrigerator.

strawberry jam recipe

4. Strawberry shortcake recipe – a tasty vegan recipe of shortcake. a shortcake is a small sweet crumbly biscuit like cake leavened with baking powder or baking soda.

vegan strawberry shortcake recipe

5. Strawberry mousse recipe – a quick and tasty eggless dessert recipe of strawberry mousse. the entire mousse recipe is made in a blender. Easy to prepare and serve too.

eggless strawberry mousse recipe

6. Strawberry cream recipe – quick to prepare delicious dessert with strawberries and cream. Strawberry with whipped cream is a dessert which is popular in mahabaleshwar (a hill station in maharashtra, India). It is served in almost all hotels and restaurants there.

strawberry cream recipe

7. Strawberry lassi recipe – creamy, fruity, rose scented lassi made with yogurt, strawberries, cream and rose water.

strawberry lassi recipe

8. Strawberry ice cream recipe – easy to make delicious strawberry ice cream made without ice cream maker.

eggless strawberry ice cream recipe

9. Strawberry smoothie recipe – a creamy delicious smoothie full on with the flavors and taste of strawberries. to thicken the smoothie I have used one banana, but it can be easily skipped.

strawberry smoothie recipe

10. Chocolate covered strawberries recipe – this is an easy and uncomplicated recipe. Here I have used strawberries to dip in the chocolate, but you can also use fruits like apple, oranges, banana, pineapple, chickoo or pears. Use good quality chocolate. It can be white, milk or dark chocolate.

chocolate covered strawberries recipe

11. Strawberry falooda recipe – an easy version of falooda made with strawberries and almond milk.

strawberry falooda deconstructed recipe

12. Strawberry almond milkshake recipe – delicious milkshake made with fresh strawberries and almond milk.

strawberry almond milkshake recipe


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