sabudana ladoo recipe, how to make sabudana ladoo

sabudana ladoo recipe with step by step photos – a sweet recipe which is good for fasting as well as during festival days.

sabudana ladoo recipe

sabudana or tapioca pearls is one ingredient which is much used during fasting or vrats in india. you can make variety of recipes with sabudana like sabudana khichdi, vada, thalipeeth, kheer, tikki or cutlets with them.

this method of making sabudana ladoos were shared by my mom. she had seen this on a tv show. she only saw the way these ladoos are made and told me the method. i had no inkling of the quantity of the ingredients that need to be used. so just eyeballed everything and made the recipe.

the original one uses ghee. i have used oil. now the difference between using oil and ghee is quite apparent in sweets like ladoos. firstly the ladoos don’t have the aroma of ghee. secondly after cooling down, the ghee will solidify at room temperature and give a nice hold and shape to the ladoos. this does not happen with oil. the ladoos do hold shape but not like the ones made with ghee. the ladoos made with ghee are dense but the ones made with oil are a little loose.

coconut oil works well as a substitute for ghee. however, since the ladoos have already desiccated coconut in them, i did not add coconut oil. i did not want too much of coconut flavor in these ladoos.

i have added hot oil later too, as i realized that the 4 tbsp oil i used to fry the cashews was not enough to bind the ladoos. with all the limitations and setbacks, these ladoos were good. they do stick in the teeth as its the nature of tapioca pearls to become sticky and gluey.

despite this, the sabudana ladoos tasted awesome and you will like them even more, if you are fond of having coconut in sweets. so do give this sabudana ladoo a try if you are looking for a different variety of ladoo, you want to make for festive or fasting occasions.

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sabudana ladoo recipe details below:

sabudana ladoo recipe

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Author:Dassana Amit
Prep Time:30 mins
Cook Time:15 mins
Total Time:45 mins
Calories: 227kcal
Servings (change the number to scale):9 to 10 ladoo
sabudana ladoo recipe
sabudana ladoo recipe - an indian sweet made from tapioca pearls.

INGREDIENTS FOR sabudana ladoo recipe

(1 CUP = 250 ML)
  • 1 cup sabudana (tapoica pearls)
  • ¾ cup dessicated unsweetened coconut
  • ½ or ⅔ cup powdered sugar or as required
  • 6 to 6.5 tablespoon oil or ghee
  • 9 to 10 cashews, chopped (kaju)
  • 4 to 5 green cardamoms, powdered (choti elaichi powder)
  • ¼ teaspoon grated nutmeg (jaiphal)

HOW TO MAKE sabudana ladoo recipe

  • roast the sabudana (tapoica pearls) in a kadai or pan on a low flame.
  • they will swell a bit and become crunchy and light brown.
  • this process will take approx 25 to 30 minutes on a low flame.
  • cool the pearls completely and then grind to a fine powder in a dry grinder.
  • also lightly roast the coconut for 2-3 minutes.
  • no need to brown the coconut.
  • in the same pan where you have roasted the coconut, add the ground sabudana powder and sugar.
  • mix well and keep aside.
  • heat the 5 or 6 tbsp oil/ghee in a small pan.
  • add chopped cashews and fry them till golden.
  • pour this whole mixture of oil and browned cashews into the sabudana + coconut + sugar mixture.
  • also add cardamom powdered and nutmeg.
  • stir very well with a spatula or wooden spoon.
  • then when the mixture is still lightly hot or warm, make medium sized balls from it.
  • sabudana ladoo are ready to be served.
  • you can also store sabudana ladoos in an air tight container in the fridge for a week.
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lets start step by step sabudana ladoo recipe:

1. roast the sabudana (tapioca pearls) in a kadai or pan in a low flame. this step takes a long time… about 30 mins. you have to stir continuously. the pearls swell a bit and become crunchy and light brown when nicely roasted. if you bite, they won’t be crisp as fried sabudana pearl….. but you can bite into it.

roast sabudana for sabudana ladoo recipe

2. as mentioned above, this process of roasting take approx 25 to 30 minutes on a low flame. you can see in the pic the color and texture of the pearls. cool the pearls completely and then grind to a fine powder in a dry grinder.

roasting sabudana for sabudana ladoo recipe

3. lightly roast the desiccated coconut for 2-3 minutes.  no need to brown the coconut.

coconut to make sabudana ladoo recipe

4. in the same pan where you have roasted the coconut, add the ground sabudana powder.

ground sabudana powder for ladoo recipe

5. add powdered sugar and mix well.

sugar for making sabudana ladoo recipe

6. heat oil/ghee in a pan. add chopped cashews and fry them till golden.

ghee for preparing sabudana ladoo recipe

7. pour this whole mixture of oil and browned cashews into the sabudana mixture. also add cardamom powdered and nutmeg.

cashews for sabudana ladoo recipe

8. mix very well.

making sabudana ladoo recipe

9. when the mixture is still slightly hot or warm. make medium sized balls from it.

making sabudana ladoo recipe

10. make all the ladoos in a similar way. sabudana ladoo are ready to be served.

preparing sabudana ladoo recipe

11. you can also store the sabudana ladoos in an air tight container in a fridge for a week or so. enjoy the sabudana ladoos.

sabudana ladoo, sabudana ladoo recipe



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  1. It’s unique and tasty. I tried this for krishna janmastami. It came out very well. Thanq for the new sweet item.4 stars

  2. The ladoo is harder and not soft as shown in picture. Can you please let me know why?3 stars

    • try adding some more ghee or oil and then shape the ladoos. also the sabudana has to be roasted very well. if they are even slightly raw, the ladoos won’t have a soft texture.

  3. I try all your recipes..very good website..thank you..
    Ladoo is came nicely but it is very sticky

    • thanks madhavi. do you mean sticky in the texture or in the taste. in the taste stickiness will be there as sabudana becomes sticky when cooked. i have mentioned this point in the post too.

  4. I’m gonna try this for my mom…hope she likes this
    All of your recipes are delicious
    Thanks alot for sharing those dishes I’ve tried 2 paneer dishes which were fab..!!

  5. I love this website…. unfortunately, My ladoos didn’t bind… had to use a spoon 😛 … still liked the taste…4 stars

  6. Amazing.. I am very much fond of desserts nd i keep visiting ur site nd trust me everytime my reaction is outstanding..ur way of sharing recipes is too gud..u tll about every pros and cons related to the dish.. I tried this recipe and my whole family liked it.. Thnx alot for sharing awsum recipes with us!! ?

  7. Sir,
    Thank you for ur recipe. I saw this yesterday night and I tried it today and it realy worked well and my children loved it. Thank you very much for this recipe. I could not imagine that sabudaana can be made into ladoos. Very tasty, crunchy and easy to make.4 stars

  8. Wow, sabudana laddus are looking so nice. I will try on a fasting day, when we can eat sabudana.

  9. Hi, my husband is allergic to cashew nuts so what other types of nuts can I use. Also this is the first time I’ve been on this website and am finding it very enjoyable and exciting. Love it sooooo much. Haven’t made anything yet, insha Allah will make something tomorrow. Do you have any sweet recipes for diabetics as I am one. Thanks.

  10. This recipe seems very easy n a different dessert for many festivals n vrats..i have made this at hom n enjoyed

  11. These look delicious! I’ve never tried this before, but I feel very intrigued to do so 🙂

  12. adorable laddoos, sabudana is an unusually good ingredient to be made into ladoos 🙂

  13. Hi Dassana, I didnt know that you are a Vegan. I am wondering how difficult it would have been for you initially to cook Indian Desserts since Milk and ghee are used extensively in Indian sweets. What are the options that you use for substituting then ?

    Which brand and quality of Coconut Oil do you use ? I have never cooked with Coconut oil and would like to try 🙂 Cheers

    • hi nupur. it does become challenging for indian sweets. i use almond milk for making most of the indian sweets like gajar halwa, barfi etc. kheers i make with almond or coconut milk. to give a khoya like effect i use almond meal. there is no substitute for ghee. so either i use vegetable oil or coconut oil. i use the virgin coconut oil which is usually sold in bottles in goa. its pure coconut oil without any additives etc.

      • Your blog is really interesting and well organized . Thanks a lot for sharing all the tasty food recipes.
        Can you please tell, using coconut oil has impact in blood cholesterol?
        Most say it has saturated fat and not healthy for who already has cholesterol . Grated Coconut or coconut milk are mostly used for sweets and vegies. Please share your experience as I am searching on this as my parents hv cholesterol even though they use coconut as milk in food.

      • thanks hayanthi. nice to know that you are so concerned about your parents. i am not an expert in this, but i asked one of our team members dr anupama and this is what she had to say –

        “generally speaking, the exact amount of calories and fat needed varies from person to person, their activities, their health conditions etc. especially if already known to be suffering from high cholesterol, cardo vascula diseases, diabetes etc, they have to follow the specific diet advised by their dietician/doctor/nutritionist only. interestingly – (in an artice in BMJ British Medical Journal (september 2015)- which is a highly accountable and reliable Medical journal), they say even the fact, that high consumption of saturated fat being connected to CVD, diabetes etc is inconclusive. this is because they say, the studies have not used systematic methods to come to conclusions.)

        yes, some say that coconut oil has the saturated fat which can cause/worsen cardiovascular disease (CVD). but some others say it has the medium chain triglycerides which is used as fuel by the body and not the long chain fatty acid which gets stored. more research is needed (

        this fat is said to be responsible for slowing down the breakdown of carbohydrates in the food there by slow rise in blood sugar and there fore said to be beneficial in diabetes. but again webMD says more research is need to prove this. when it comes to health benefits, then coconut oil is said to have a higher smoke point (the point at which it smokes and breaks down to give free radicals which are harmful causing damage to our cells, in tune which may lead to mutations and cancers in our cells)so it is good for baking, stir frying but not deep frying, which is one ‘healthier’ aspect.

        in general more research is needed to prove all, its health benefits. importantly, this ‘research’ in the food industry is more difficult than many other industries because of the bias that is caused by companies and brands.

        vegetarian diet itself is very low in cholesterol as compared to meat, eggs etc! and there’s no conclusive evidence for a diet to reduce cholesterol. your parents need to seek medical advice. one very important reason being – 80% of cholesterol in the body is produced in the body! and is essential for the cell membranes, some hormones! in some people unfortunately due to genetic reasons or reasons unknown, the enzyme which helps in production of cholesterol is high. So it’s not always diet related.”

        i would say moderation is the key and have everything in moderation and balance.