Condiment Recipes | 22 Condiments From Around the World

In this section, I offer 22 different recipes for condiments that are found and used the world over. Whether you’re looking for Salsa or Guacamole from Mexico, Ketchup from the US, or Portuguese Peri-Peri Sauce, I have a ton of ways for you to spice up your daily meals.

For specifically Indian-style condiments, check out the categories on Chutney and Pickle.

What is a condiment?

Condiments generally refer to a specific preparation that are intended to boost or complement the flavor of a particular dish. Condiments in this section include those that are served on the side of a prepared meal, with the individual diner having the agency to add it to his or her plate at will. 

Others, like ghee or pizza sauce, are added to meals prior to cooking. However, since neither of these can be considered dishes on their own, they fall under the category of “condiment.”

Condiments can be sweet (like strawberry or fig jam) or savory (like smoky muhammara or herbaceous pesto). They can be used as a spread (like mayonnaise), a dip (like hummus), or a topping (like pralines).

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