raita recipes – 27 indian raita recipes or indian raitha varieties

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collection of 27 raita recipes – the most popular indian raita varieties are mix vegetable raita, cucumber raita, boondi raita and onion tomato raita.

raita are yogurt based dishes that are often served as accompaniments with main course indian dishes. raita can be sweet, salty as well as savory. fruits or vegetables are added to the raita and they are flavored with herbs and spices. for certain dishes, the raita is essential like biryani, pulao and some veggie dishes. they also go very well with dal and rice combination.

as yogurt is cooling so most raitas are good for beating heat and specially in demand during summers. to make yogurt at home check this post – how to make curd/dahi.

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27 indian raita recipes:

1. boondi raita – a north indian raita made with spiced yogurt and boondi – crisp fried gram flour balls. these crisp tiny balls (boondi) are first soaked in warm water. as a result, they swell a little in size and become so soft. their entire crispiness is lost. they are squeezed of the excess water and then added to the spiced yogurt. so you have a spiced yogurt with the soft boondi melting in your mouth.


2. cucumber raita – cooling raita made with grated cucumber and lightly spiced.


3. fruit raita – sweet raita made with yogurt and mix fruits. this raita recipe is spiced up subtly with roasted cumin powder, red chilli powder and rock salt only.


4. vegetable raita – one of the commonly made raita in indian homes. a healthy way to include veggies in your diet or to use left over veggies in a nice way.


5. pomegranate raita or anardana raita – sweet raita made with fresh pomegranates and spiced with roasted cumin powder, black pepper and chaat masala. easy recipe.


6. palak raita – lightly flavored spinach raita. simple and easy palak raita.


7. onion tomato raita – one of the easiest and commonly made indian raita. made using onion, tomato, green chili and mint.


8. pineapple raita – sweet yogurt raita made with pineapple and pomegranate.


9. mango raita – sweet and tasty raita made with ripe sweet mangoes. this mango raita was amazing to taste.


10. makhana raita – healthy raita made with phool makhana or fox nut or eurayle ferox. they are rich in nutrients like calcium, protein, carbohydrates, phosphorous, iron, thiamine and zinc. thus making them a healthy food. no fertilizers or pesticides are used in the entire cultivation of makhana. thus making them naturally organic.


11. lauki raita – cooling bottle gourd raita for summers. its super cooling as both lauki and curd are cooling to the body.


12. aloo raita – simple and easy potato raita for pulao and biryani dishes.


13. carrot raita – easy raita made with grated carrots. simple and easy to prepare raita with a interesting tempering of asafoetida or hing added at the end. this tempering with ghee perks up the flavor of carrot raita. however, its optional and you can skip it too.


14. capsicum raita recipe – spiced flavorful raita made with slightly sauteed capsicum and spices. green bell peppers tastes very good in this raita recipe. for a mellowed flavor of capsicum you can use yellow or red bell pepper.


15. mint coriander raita – raita with refreshing mint and coriander flavors and taste.


16. beetroot carrot raita – yogurt raita made with beetroot, carrots, capsicum and onions.


17. bhindi raita – fried okra in spiced yogurt – a nice variation of raita different from the usual indian raita recipes.


18. easy and quick mango raita – easy and quick mango raita flavored with crushed cardamom and saffron.


19. burhani raita – a creamy raita from the hyderabadi cuisine, flavored with garlic, roasted cumin powder and red chili powder. easy and quick raita recipe.


20. vellarikka pachadi recipe – cucumber pachadi is a simple but very delicious kerala style raita made with ground coconut & mustard seeds paste, fresh curd and cucumber.

21. onion raita – simple, quick and cooling raita to accompany pulao, biryani, khichdi or roti-sabzi.


22. sweet raita or meetha raita – simple, easy and quick raita recipe. this mildly spiced raita can also be served as a dip.


23. tomato raita – quick raita recipe made with chopped tomatoes.


24. mint raita – flavoful raita recipe made with fresh mint leaves and spices.


25. jeera raita – simple yet delicious curd raita with the flavors of roasted cumin. made with a few minimal ingredients, the flavors of cumin shine through in this recipe.


26. masala raita – simple yet tasty raita made with spice powders.

27. dill leaves raita recipe – this dill leaves raita has the aroma and flavors of dill leaves in it. cucumber is added in the raita which gives it a nice refreshing touch.

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