34 Tasty Vegetarian Pulao Varieties from all over India

Collection of 34 tasty veg pulav recipes – Pulao is a comfort one pot satisfying meal for me. A tried and tested pulao recipe is your best friend when you have to cook food on a short notice for a guest or when you are not in a mood to do elaborate cooking.

The best thing about pulaos is that in most pulav recipes, we add veggies. So pulao are healthy and a complete meal in itself.

veg pulao recipes

Pulav recipes are served with accompanying raita, salad, pickle or papad. I usually use Basmati rice to cook them. You can also serve pulao with shorba gravy. Shorba is a spiced tomato-onion based side gravy served with biryani and pulao.

In my blog, I have shared many veg pulao recipes and now I am compiling them in this post. I hope it will be of help to you for deciding your menu. you can also check these Popular recipes collections:

Collection of 34 veg pulao varieties

1. Pulao recipe – simple, aromatic and healthy vegetable pulao made in a pot or pan. pair this mildly flavored aromatic veg pulao with a raita, pickle and roasted papad and you don’t need anything else.

veg pulao recipe

2. Pressure cooker vegetable pulao – easy and quick veg pulao recipe made in pressure cooker. Pressure cooking rice can be tricky. Different types of rice will cook at different timings. Since I stick to the same brand of organic basmati rice, I now know how much time the grains take to cook. what I have learnt from experience is that its better to soak the rice first. The proportion I use for rice to water is 1: 2 or 1:1.5.

vegetable pulao recipe in pressure cooker

3. Paneer pulao recipe – aromatic, delicious and mildly spiced paneer pulao recipe. For this paneer pulao, I have ground whole spices to make a fragrant pulao masala. its this masala, that gives a nice aromatic flavor to the pulao. Few more delicious recipes you can make paneer and rice combo are:

paneer pulao recipe

4. Matar pulao – this tasty peas pulao is a simple and easy pulao recipe. the matar pulao is aromatic and has sweet tones because of peas or matar. This pulao can be made with fresh or frozen peas. For best results, i would suggest you to use good quality fresh matar for this recipe

matar pulao recipe

5. Mushroom pulao – quick, easy and tasty mushroom pulao recipe made in pressure cooker. it is a handy recipe when you have little time or are tired to cook and yet long for comfort homemade food. I have used button mushrooms in the pulao. Though you can use any variety of fresh or dried mushrooms.

mushroom pulao recipe

6. Tawa pulao recipe – an easy and delicious rice recipe which is a popular Mumbai street food. Tawa pulao as the name suggests is made on Tawa/tava. The street side vendors use a huge Tawa and they make pav bhaji, masala pav, tawa paneer masala and tawa pulao on this huge tawa. For home cooks, this recipe can be made in a frying pan or even in a kadai (wok).

tawa pulao recipe

7. Chana pulao recipe – one pot spiced fragrant pulao recipe made with cooked chickpeas (chole). The chole pulao has to be made with basmati rice and ghee or else something will be a little amiss if you do not use basmati rice and ghee. This is a simple and easy pulao to make.

chana pulao recipe

8. Kashmiri pulao recipe – Kashmiri pulao is aromatic, mild and  sweet. it is one of the easiest pulao recipes to make and unlike other pulaos this one is on the sweeter side. Reason being the pulao is garnished with both dry fruits and fresh fruits.

Kashmiri pulao recipe

9. Tomato pulao recipe – easy, tasty and tangy tomato pulao recipe made in pressure cooker. To make the pulao more nutritious, I have also added some mix veggies along with the tomatoes. you can make this tomato pulao minus the mixed veggies also. i have also posted the recipes of Tomato biryani and Tomato rice.

tomato pulao recipe

10. Vegetable yakhni pulao recipe – a vegetarian version of fragrant yakhni pulao from Hyderabadi cuisine. yakhni pulao is a nawabi recipe made with a lot of care and attention like the biryani. a little here and there and your yakhni pulao may become a not so good pulao. The rice grains have to be separate and yet cooked. The veggies also should be tender and not mishmashed. Yes this recipe demands perfection.

vegetable yakhni pulao recipe

11. Corn pulao recipe – spiced and tasty pulao made with corn kernels. In this pulao recipe, a green chutney paste is made and this makes the pulao slightly spicy and delicious. So you get the spiced flavors along with the hints of sweetness coming from the sweet corn. You can also use our desi corn which is not sweet. In fact I prefer the desi corn in this pulao.

corn pulao recipe

12. Coconut milk pulav recipe – fragrant, mild pulao made with mixed veggies and coconut milk. coconut milk is the highlight in this recipe. The coconut aroma and flavor along with the fragrant spices does make this pulao different from the regular pulaos. So when you want to add some richness and flavor to your food, add coconut milk. I did add some veggies to the pulao, but feel free to omit the veggies. Or you can add veggies of your choice.

coconut milk pulao recipe

13. Spicy pulav recipe – easy and delicious one pot spicy vegetable pulao recipe. here the four ingredients which contribute to the spice and heat are ginger, garlic, green chilies and red chili powder. Apart from these four ingredients, the other whole spices also lend their warm flavors to the veg pulao. The addition of coriander and mint leaves also gives a fresh flavor & taste. This pulao recipe is not very spicy but medium spicy.

spicy vegetable pulao recipe

14. Kaju pulao recipe – simple, easy and tasty one pot cashew pulao recipe. Kaju pulao is the simplest pulao that you can make and yet tastes so good. The flavors of cashews come through in this pulao. Its best to serve this kaju pulao with a shorba or any side veg gravy.

kaju pulao recipe

15. Potato pulav recipe – simple and minimally spiced pulao made with our favorite ingredients – rice and potatoes. This is one of those pulao recipes that you fall back on when you do not have veggies. But you do have rice, potatoes and the regular Indian spices-herbs in your kitchen. The recipe is easy to prepare. For a variation you can also include some peas, carrots, beetroot and sweet corn in this pulao.

potato recipes

16. Zarda pulao recipe – meethe chawal or zarda pulao is a fragrant sweet pulao made with rice, dry fruits and saffron. The typical zarda pulao has a yellow color in the cooked rice grains. This zarda pulao recipe gives a really delicious pulao and will be loved by both grown ups and kids. There are various dry fruit and nuts that you can add in the pulao.

zarda pulao meethe chawal recipe

17. Palak pulao recipe – easy one pot recipe of tasty pulao made with spinach. Spinach with all its health benefits makes a good combo with veggies, lentils and cereals. Greens in our food is always good. For kids who do not like green leafy veggies – the greens can always be added to recipes where their presence is hidden, disguised or not much felt.

palak pulao recipe

18. Methi pulao recipe – healthy pulao made with fenugreek leaves and mix vegetables. This Methi pulao is a one-pot nutritious meal with the goodness of fenugreek leaves and mix vegetables. I have added carrot and peas to make the methi flavors mild and to balance the slight bitterness of methi

methi pulao recipe

19. Rajma pulav recipe – aromatic spiced rice pulao made with kidney beans. When making rajma pulao, make sure that the rajma is cooked well. Usually rajma or chole are soaked overnight or for 8-9 hours so that they take less time to cook. This delicious rajma pulao goes best with a raita. Though a shorba (onion tomato gravy) will also go very well with it.

rajma pulao recipe

20. Lobia pulav recipe – delicious pulao made with black eyed beans, onions, herbs and spices. Black eyed beans are also called as lobia in hindi, rongi in Punjabi and chawli in marathi language. serve chawli pulao with a side accompaniment of curd, raita or a veg salad or kachumber.

lobia pulao recipe

21. Chutney pulao – one pot recipe of chutney pulao with mixed veggies. this veg pulao variety has green chutney added to it, which makes it slightly spicy and more flavorful. The only additional step in this recipe is to make the green chutney.

mix veg chutney pulao recipe

22. Capsicum pulao recipe – easy, quick and one pot capsicum pulao recipe. For those who like capsicum or bell peppers, here’s a an aromatic pulao made with green bell peppers, spices and rice. This is a mild pulao and so goes well with kids or folks who do not prefer spicy food. Can also be packed in the tiffin box with a side dal or gravy dish or chutney.

capsicum pulao recipe

23. Jackfruit pulao recipe – a dum cooked recipe of pulao made with unripe raw jackfruit. this jackfruit pulao is a fragrant and mild pulao. The dum cooking technique is used here towards the end and this results in a flavorful and delicate kathal pulao.

kathal pulao recipe

24. CHoliya pulav recipe – a simple, easy and healthy pulao made from fresh green chickpeas (cHoliya). in hindi, these are called as Hara chana and in marathi they are called Harbhara.

cHoliya pulao recipe

25. Asian style veg pilaf recipe – aromatic and tasty asian style veg pilaf recipe. This veg pulao goes very well with any Indo Chinese sauce based dish like veg manchurian or cauliflower manchurian.

veg pulao recipe

26. Baby corn pulao recipe – easy lunch recipe of a spiced baby corn pulao. this is a Slightly spicy baby corn rice recipe with a complex flavor profile. The aromatic garam masala, the spiciness of the green chilies, the slight tang of the tomatoes and the light sweetness of the baby corn – all in one dish.

baby corn pulao recipe

27. Easy mushroom pulav recipe – easy and delicious recipe of mushroom pulao made in pressure cooker. this mushroom pulao does not need coconut milk and all you need are the usual Indian spices and herbs. I have shared many Mushroom recipes on blog. Few more delicious recipes you can make with mushroom rice combo are:

mushroom pulao recipe

28. Baingan pulav recipe – this baingan pulao recipe is very simple and easy to make. It goes well with curd curry (simple dahi kadhi) or any dal recipe. You could also have baingan pulao plain with onion-tomato raita or coriander chutney or mango pickle and fried/roasted papad. I made this baingan pulao to go with aloo mutter and the combo was great.

baingan pulao recipe

29. Corn spinach pulao recipe – easy and tasty recipe of a mild and lightly spiced pulao made with spinach and corn. Corn spinach pulao makes for a good lunch or dinner or you can even pack it in tiffin box. Serve the makai palak pulao with raita or plain curd or veg salad or pickle.

makai palak pulao recipe

30. Beetroot pulao – easy lunch idea recipe of beetroot rice or beetroot pulao. This beetroot pulao is slightly spicy with the sweetness of beetroot coming through in the spiced rice. Kind of a complex flavored dish. the recipe can be made quickly in a pressure cooker. The only time taken is the soaking time required for rice. You can also make this rice dish in a pot or pan.

beetroot pulao recipe

31. Samvat pulao – this sama rice pulao is made during Navratri fasting or Ekadashi fasting. Sama or samvat  is also commonly called as vrat ke chawal. since during fasting we abstain from cereal grains and to make any rice based dishes we use samvat or sama grains instead of rice. Sama rice are good health option during fasting days and also make a good gluten free grain.

vrat ke chawal ka pulao recipe

32. Mint pulao recipe – fragrant spicy pulao made with mint leaves and some more spices-herbs. besides mint some coriander leaves, coconut, onion, green chilies and whole spices are also added. Thus the final result is a spicy flavored green colored rice. In the recipe, you can also add veggies like peas, carrots, beans to make the dish more healthier. Usually I add peas or both peas & potatoes.

mint rice recipe

33. Brinji rice recipe – vegetable brinji is a delicious one pot dish made with spices, coconut milk, rice and mix veggies. The recipes comes from Tamil Nadu.

brinji rice recipe

34. Shahi pulao recipe – this vegetable pulao is royal and rich having a myriad of textures and flavors in each bite. Addition of dry fruits and nuts, saffron, ghee make this veg pulao rich and festive.

shahi pulao recipe

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  1. i really loved the recipe.i always thought that making pulao was a very tough task. But making this pulao is not at all tough. i’ve enen tried your other pulaos and i really loved them. thank you very much.

    1. thanks pooja. making pulao is very easy and takes less time if cooked in a pressure cooker. often i make pulaos when short of time 🙂