11 Tasty Pizza Varieties for pizza lovers (Vegetarian)

11 Vegetarian Pizza Varieties. Pizza is one of those dishes that is popular all over the world and is liked by both kids and grown ups. Making pizza at home is not at all difficult. In fact homemade pizza tastes much better than the pizza one gets outside.

pizza recipes

In this pizza varieties collection, I am sharing 11 homemade pizza recipes. I have two more in the drafts and will add them in some time to this collection. Since pizza is loved at my place, I do end up making these once or twice in a month.

The pizza base can be made with plain flour (maida) or whole wheat flour. You can even make pizza bread base gluten free using millet flours. For any whole wheat pizza base, the trick is to knead the dough very well. If you can get this right, then you will have a nice soft textured pizza base and it won’t be chewy or dense.

Usually yeast is used to leaven pizza dough, but there are ways one can make no yeast pizza too. I have shared no yeast pizza recipe too in this veggie pizza recipes collection. I have also shared 2 pizza dough recipes in this collection apart from Pizza sauce. if you have less time, then you can use store brought pizza sauce.

I always prefer to make pizza sauce At home. It only take about 15 to 20 minutes to make the sauce at home. So why not have a freshly made tomato pizza sauce without any additives or preservatives. If you want to make the sauce at home, you can check this recipe – Pizza sauce.

11 tasty vegetarian pizza varieties

1. Pizza recipe – the all time favorite – Vegetable pizza recipe from scratch. This is a tried and tested vegetarian pizza recipe and if everything is followed correctly, you will be able to make great pizzas with a choice of your toppings for your family and friends. this veggie Pizza Beat all the pizzas I had in Indian metros like the dominos pizza, smokin joes and even pizza hut.

veg pizza recipe

2. Wheat pizza – healthy and delicious pizza made with whole wheat flour and topped with assorted veggies.

whole wheat veg pizza recipe

3. Margherita pizza – easy and most delicious classic margherita pizza. i have used whole wheat pizza dough to make this pizza. You can also make this pizza with a no yeast pizza dough or use your favourite pizza dough.

margherita pizza recipe

4. Bread pizza on tawa or pan – this bread pizza on tawa is a quick, easy and tasty bread snack. The bread base mimics the pizza base with veggie toppings. Of course the taste of bread pizza is different than the regular veg pizza. you can use any variety of bread to make bread pizza like Wheat bread or White bread or multi grain bread or Brown bread or Whole wheat sandwich bread.

bread pizza recipe

5. How to make pizza recipe without oven – easy to prepare delicious veg pizza on tawa or on a stove top. if the both the pizza sauce and the dough is ready, then assembling and cooking pizza on tawa is pretty quick. The only flip side of cooking pizza on a tawa is that the veggies as well as the cheese does not get browned or golden. Else the veg pizza tastes good and the pizza base is also nicely done and crisp.

tawa pizza recipe

6. Thin crust pizza – this recipe is one of the best thin crust pizza recipe, which gives a crisp and light thin crust pizza base.

thin crust pizza recipe

7. Paneer pizza – this is a yum & delicious homemade pizza made with toppings of paneer and mix veggies.

paneer pizza recipe

8. Calzone recipe – a vegetarian recipe of calzone stuffed with a filling of red bell peppers, herbs and cheese. Calzone are basically folded Italian breads stuffed with veggies and cheese. the outer bread is made from pizza dough. Smaller shaped calzones can be fried too, but usually they are baked. If you have some leftover pizza dough, then its quick to prepare the calzones. apart from a nice snack, they also go well as tiffin or lunch box snack.

calzone recipe

9. Veg bread pizza in oven – a quick and easy recipe to make delicious vegetable bread pizza. When you have leftover bread slices, there are many snacks you can make from them. This veg bread pizza is one of them. Few more tasty Bread snacks recipes you can make are:

bread pizza recipe

10. Pesto pizza – delicious pesto pizza made with a whole wheat pizza dough, veggies and homemade pesto sauce.

pesto pizza recipe

11. Paneer tikka pizza – looks daunting but trust me this desi pizza is very easy to prepare and taste yum. this delicious paneer tikka pizza is a must try for folks who like paneer, pizza and desi Indian flavors. This is a healthy pizza as the pizza base is made from whole wheat flour. everything except the mozarella cheese, is made from scratch including the paneer or cottage cheese.

paneer tikka pizza recipe

2 pizza dough recipes

1. Whole wheat pizza dough – a simple and easy method to make a pizza dough from 100% whole wheat flour or atta. This recipe gives a soft textured pizza base and one which is crisp from outside after getting baked. There is no denseness or chewiness felt in the pizza bread.

whole wheat pizza dough recipe

2. No yeast pizza dough – easy to prepare pizza dough without yeast. here I have used all purpose flour (maida).

pizza dough without yeast

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    1. thanks pranita. i have not tried with jowar but i have tried with mix of different flours.

      1. Have you tried gluten free roti like mixing different flours say almond flour, quinoa flour etc?

        1. i have never used almond flour or quinoa flour. but i do make gluten free rotis with flours like –

          – rice flour
          – jowar flour (sorghum),
          – ragi flour (finger millet)
          – bajra flour (pearl millet)
          – buck wheat flour (kuttu ka atta)
          – amaranth flour (rajgira atta)

          sometimes i mix the flours listed above with atta and make multi grain rotis.