mumbai mysore masala dosa

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Mumbai mysore masala dosa recipe – a Mumbai street food snack that I would so often have when studying and working in Bombay.

mysore masala dosa recipe mumbai street food

During the lunch breaks or after work, I would go to the dosa stalls nearby and I very well knew what to order. If I was very very hungry, I would ask for a Mumbai mysore masala dosa and if just hungry than a masala dosa and a veg sandwich from the sandwich guy. The size of the dosa was larger than what we make at home and used to be very filling.

So if you think this Mysore masala dosa is the one you get in South Indian restaurants, then you are mistaken. Yes… Its different… Don’t want to sound like the catch line of maggi sauce… But the dosa is different. You will see in the step by step post the difference clearly. So I will let the pics speak for themselves instead of writing the difference. You can also check this recipe of Mysore masala dosa.

Its Mumbai style... A city where the cuisine takes on local flavors and gets merged, innovated, deconstructed and what results is something so new yet delicious. There are so many types of dosa that one gets – hakka noodles dosa, Schezwan masala dosa, Jini dosa, Schezwan dosa and Pav bhaji dosa. I have had Hakka noodles dosa and pav bhaji dosa and they are truly yum.

Mumbai mysore masala dosa recipe

You need to have dosa batter and potato sabzi before you proceed making this dish. Also works great with leftover dosa batter.

For the potato sabzi, please refer to the Masala dosa. you even add some boiled and mashed potatoes spiced with a bit of red chili powder, garam masala powder, turmeric powder and salt.

Sometimes I make a variation to this dosa by skipping the potato masala and just adding the veggies with the spice powders. This variation also tastes good.

Serve the Mumbai mysore masala dosa with some vegetable sambar and coconut chutney… And you have a satisfying and complete meal. I served the dosa with coconut garlic chutney.

The recipe is gluten-free as well as vegan if you add oil instead of butter or ghee. Thats what I like about South Indian food. They are healthy and so many of the recipes are vegan.

How to make Mumbai mysore masala dosa

1: first chop the veggies finely. If using carrots or beetroot, then grate them.

veggies for mysore masala dosa recipe

2: heat a tava or non-stick pan. Don’t smear oil. If you smear oil, the dosa does not spread evenly. Take a large spoon or ladle of dosa batter and spread it circularly on the pan, beginning from the center towards the circumference. Allow the dosa to cook for 1-2 minutes.

dosa batter for mysore masala dosa recipe

3: now place the potato masala in the center.

potato masala to make mysore masala dosa recipe

4: drizzle some oil at the sides.

making mysore masala dosa recipe

5: add the chopped veggies. I had onions, tomato & capsicum. You can also include grated carrots, beetroot and cabbage.

add veggies for mysore masala dosa recipe

6: sprinkle about 1 tsp of pav bhaji masala & salt on top. For a more spicier version, you can also sprinkle some red chili powder and garam masala. You can also idli podi or sambar powder.

preparing mysore masala dosa recipe

7: with a potato masher, mash the whole mixture, taking care not to break the dosa. Add some more oil or butter if desired.

mixture to make mysore masala dosa recipe

8: carefully fold one part of the dosa.

making mysore masala dosa recipe

9: now fold from the other side.

preparing mysore masala dosa recipe

10: cook one side for 1-2 minutes. The veggies are partly cooked and really become moist and juicy imparting their flavors along with the masalas to the dosa. then flip and cook the other side. Slice the dosa with the metal spatula or later you can slice it with a knife.

cooking mysore masala dosa recipe

11: remove the dosa in a plate.

mysore masala dosa recipe

12: begin to prepare another dosa same way.

mysore masala dosa recipe

Serve Mumbai mysore masala dosa hot with coconut chutney and sambar. These dosas are very filling. So make as much as you can have.

Bombay mysore masala dosa recipe, mysore masala dosa recipe

More dosa varieties

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mumbai mysore masala dosa recipe

mumbai mysore masala dosa

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Bombay mysore masala dosa are crisp dosa stuffed with spicy & juicy potato-veggie filling. A Mumbai street food.
Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 30 mins
Total Time 45 mins

Cuisine Indian
Course: Breakfast, Brunch, Snacks

Servings 3 to 4


  • 2 cups dosa batter
  • 1.5 cup potato sabzi for the dosa
  • 1.5 cup chopped or grated mix vegetables - onions. tomatoes, green bell pepper (capsicum), carrots, beetroot, cabbage
  • pav bhaji masala as required
  • red chili powder - optional
  • salt as required
  • oil or butter or ghee as required
  • 1 bowl coconut chutney as an accompaniment


  • Spread a large spoonful or ladle of dosa batter on a hot tava or frying pan.
  • Add some oil and let the dosa cook for 1-2 minutes.
  • Now add the potato sabzi/masala.
  • Add the chopped veggies.
  • Sprinkle the pav bhaji masala & salt.
  • Add some more oil or butter.
  • With a potato masher mash the whole mixture well.
  • Cover the dosa from both sides or just from one side.
  • Flip and cook the dosa from both sides.
  • Serve mumbai mysore masala dosa hot with coconut chutney and veg sambar.


  • You can make your own potato or aloo sabzi for the dosa.
  • Some amchur powder (dry mango powder) added gives a nice tangy taste.

Nutrition Info Approximate values

Nutrition Facts
mumbai mysore masala dosa
Amount Per Serving (7 g)
Calories 0
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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  1. For easy dosa I use rice flour & urad daal – urad gota. Can u pls tell me what measurement of daal I can use per cup of rice flour. As I could not post Q on easy dosa page I decided to ask it here. TIA. Love ur step by step recipe.

    1. for 1 cup of rice flour, you can use 1/4 cup of urad dal gota. and thanks.

  2. Your recipes are my all time favourite. I wish I can download food from your blog. All the pictures are mouthwatering and really inspire to try differrnt things. Thanks a lot for this. 5* for all your recipes.5 stars

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