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This Mixed Sprouts method is going to be so handy to you, that after referring to this you’ll probably bid adieu to the store-bought ones forever! Not just another ‘how to,’ but quite a useful hack as it is best to sprout beans at home, with ease and at your convenience. Go ahead with this way of making mixed sprouts at home and then use it for lovely homely delicacies.

mixed bean sprouts method

Why Homemade Mixed Sprouts

I wouldn’t lie about the fact that there was a time when even I used to regularly buy mixed bean sprouts or moong sprouts from the market.

And most of the times, even after buying from the best of places, the sprouts would result in spoilage way before the expiry date. This was even when I was refrigerating them properly.

It was quite a hassle as many a times I would plan a recipe creation using those sprouts and because of the decay I would not be able to use them and waste that much of time and effort.

I was troubled because of the same reason even while preparing the regular meals at home, if any of them used mixed sprouts.

One day, I gave it a thought and eventually deduced the reason for this occurrence. It must’ve got something to do with the water that was being used by the sellers, for soaking the legumes or beans.

One never really knows what kind of water is used, whether clean or not? That was just the eureka moment for me to get on to a sprouting wagon at home itself.

And since that day, I’ve been making mixed sprouts myself. Even today, I never buy mixed bean or moong sprouts from any grocery store or market.

Sprouting Beans At Home

I began by making homemade Moong Bean Sprouts. It became an instant hit with my regular home cooking at the personal front as well as the ones that I created professionally.

Moong beans are really easy to sprout and the process also happens quickly. However, the same is not obvious with other beans.

For instance, black chickpeas, green chickpeas, green peas, black eyed beans, black peas and garbanzo beans do take a longer time to sprout.

For this mixed sprouts, I had taken equal quantities of all the above mentioned beans plus moong and moth beans as well.

While these two particular beans sprouted quickly, some of the other beans didn’t sprout till the second day.

It was only the third day, when the young shoots were seen on the remaining beans as well. As far as the size of the sprouts is concerned, some of them were quite visible whereas a few of them were extremely tiny.

Nevertheless, I used the mixed beans for cooking on the third day.

mixed beans sprouts at home.
Step-by-Step Guide

How to make Mixed Sprouts

1. Pick and clean 2 cups mixed beans or any amount you prefer. Take equal portions of the beans that you will be using.

I have here used equal portions of brown chickpeas, red cowpeas, moth beans, black eyed peas, moong beans, dried green peas, green chickpeas.

cleaned mixed beans.

2. Rinse the beans 3 to 4 times in clean water. In a big bowl, soak the beans overnight, with the water covering 2 to 3 inches above the beans.

soaking mixed beans in water.

3. Next day, discard all the water from the soaked beans. Make sure that all the water is removed from the mixed legumes.

Then with water that has been boiled and cooled or clean filtered water, rinse the soaked beans. Rinsing beans this way helps to avoid the risk of contamination.

Transfer rinsed beans to a clean dry bowl. Cover the bowl and keep them undisturbed in a dry, clean place in your kitchen. Check the next day to see if the sprouts are visible.

If yes and you want a little longer sprouts, than cover and keep undisturbed. Do not toss or turn the sprouts. Just see and cover the bowl with a lid.

Check the third day to see the sprouts.

mixed bean sprouts.

6. If you are satisfied with the sprouts, then do not keep the bowl undisturbed. You can use the Mixed Sprouts right away.

Dish up a salad, chaat, sabzi, cook a soup or add them to your pasta. I made a spicy coconut based Indian curry known as Usal with the sprouted beans.

mixed bean sprouts in a steel bowl.

Sprouting In Muslin Or Cotton Napkin

You can also sprout the soaked legumes in a clean muslin or cheesecloth or a thin cotton napkin. First wet the muslin with clean filtered water and squeeze out any extra water from it.

Spread and place the soaked legumes in the center of the cloth. Join all the sides of the muslin and make a bundle. Do not make the bundle too tight. Place the bundle inside a bowl and keep the bowl covered with a lid. The lid should not be too tight or too loose.

Do remember to keep the cloth moist when sprouting beans in it. If after a few days, the muslin or cotton napkin looks dry, then lightly sprinkle some filtered water on it all over.

If you want to check the sprouting beans, then avoid opening the bundle. Check the outside of the napkin after the first day is over.

You may see small and tiny sprouts coming out from the cloth. These are more visible if you have used a thin fabric like muslin.

Depending on the time taken for the sprouts to grow, continue to let them grow for one more day or as needed. It may take 1 to 3 days depending on the climate and temperature conditions in your city.

Cook With Sprouts

Since the day I’ve been sprouting mixed beans at home, the flavor and textures of dishes that I make with them has also been drastically different.

I mean, you need to try to get to know the result. Using store bought sprouts versus homemade sprouts, you will always go with the latter.

Before you make any recipe with them or eat them raw, rinse them thoroughly in lightly hot water. Then you can choose to steam them in a pan or simmer with some water until tender.

Some of the recipes that I’ve made with both the mixed sprouts and moong sprouts made at home include Sprouts Curry, Sprouts Salad, Sprouts Chaat and Moong Sprouts Sabzi. All of these are worth giving a try.

While there are other recipes with mixed bean sprouts that I’m always working on, I would just say that whenever you can, do opt for this wholesome way of consuming beans. Also, make them at home for best results.

Mixed Sprouts Are Super

It is a definite no brainer that any type of bean sprouts is packed with essential nutrients. Thus, are super nutritious with maximum number of essential nutrients and must be consumed on a daily basis.

mixed bean sprouts at home.

Rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and many antioxidants, mixed bean sprouts is really a best friend of your health. Include it in your diet because:

  • Mixed sprouts help lower the risk to infections and speedup healing of wounds.
  • Helps to make the immune system powerful and is effective in balancing cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Sprouts are great for improving metabolism and digestion.
  • An opt choice for weight management – it is filling, so keeps you full for a longer time. Thus, helping in weight loss.
  • A magical food for your heart health by regulating bone mineral density.
  • The substantial amount of iron in mixed sprouts help in decreasing the chances of muscle weakness, anemia, fatigue and light headedness.
  • According to researchers, mixed sprouts are good for reducing stress, anxiety and promoting healthy sleep patterns.

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How to make Mixed Bean Sprouts at Home

Mixed Sprouts | How To Make Mixed Sprouts

This Homemade method of making Mixed Sprouts is so easy that after referring to this you’ll probably bid adieu to the store-bought ones forever! Go ahead with this way of making mixed sprouts at home and then use it for lovely homely delicacies.
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Prep Time 3 days 8 hours
Total Time 3 days 8 hours
Cuisine Indian, World
Course Side Dish
Diet Gluten Free, Vegan
Difficulty Level Easy
Servings 2 cups


  • 2 cups mixed beans – equal mix of preferred dried peas and dried beans
  • water as needed


  • Pick and clean the mixed beans.
  • Rinse the beans for 3 to 4 times in clean water using a colander or strainer.
  • In a big bowl soak the beans with water covering 2 to 3 inches above the beans. Soak the beans overnight or for 8 to 9 hours.
  • Next day, discard all of water from the soaked beans. Rinse the beans with clean filtered water or water that has been boiled and cooled.
  • Place the beans in a clean and dry bowl. Cover with a lid (not too tight nor too loose) and keep them undisturbed for 1 to 3 days in a dry and clean place.
  • Check the next day to see if the sprouts are visible. If yes and you want a little longer sprouts, than cover with the lid again and keep undisturbed.
  • Do not toss or turn the sprouts. Just see and close the bowl with a lid.
  • Check the third day and if you are satisfied with the sprouts then do not keep the bowl again undisturbed. You can use the sprouted beans right away.


  • Use any amount of beans to make homemade sprouted mixed beans.
  • Before using the mixed sprouts, rinse them very well in hot water. 
  • If not using straightaway, then after rinsing in hot water, drain all the water thoroughly and store them in a covered container in the fridge. Use within 1 to 2 days.

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This Mixed Sprouts recipe post from the archives, first published in September 2010 has been updated and republished on November 2022.

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  1. It’s simply awesome. I lived in Mumbai & now am in south-west of India. I seriously graved for a good usal.

    Much to my regret, all varieties except that lingered in my mouth was not there (from my days living in Mumbai to a local restaurant). Alas, thank you (& thank you again) for the mouth watering usal.

    I made of white chickpeas. Will definitely try the mixed one. Thanks again & God bless you.4 stars

    1. Great to hear that and thank you for the lovely feedback and best wishes. Most welcome.

  2. Hiii I m new at this can u tell me the Indian name of saprount and is it easy in punjab to get falfala.5 stars

  3. Hi…I sprouted black channa. In some channa, sprouts came out well. But few channa are not sprouted. Can I use both sprouted n non sprouted channa together for cooked? Awaiting ur reply…Thx in advance…

    1. Welcome Siddhu. It happens at time. Yes you can use them. Or you can keep them in the fridge for 1-2 days and the sprout will keep on growing.

  4. Hi again Dassana, I also forgot to ask – what is it best to cover the soaking bowl with? Cling film or a tea towel to let air circulate a little? Thanks

  5. Hi Dassana, when soaking the beans, does it help them sprout if they are kept somewhere warm (like an airing cupboard – I live in the UK!) – or would this make the sprouts “ferment”? Many thanks, I am loving lots of your recipes and mixed sprouts are my next vegetarian adventure 🙂

    1. craig, a warm place does help. the place should be warm but dry. it won’t make the sprouts ferment. but just make sure that the place is not hot.

  6. Hello,

    I hav sprouted green chana and they have come up really well. They are still hard thou. I did the method whithout the cloth.

    Normally i have been told you can eat the sprouted channa raw direclty. How to make them soft? Should i put more water next time or soak them longer?

    Many many thanks

    1. sprouted chana is crunchy after you soak them. soak for a longer time, at least overnight. once they soak well, then they are not hard.

  7. So I am new to this..but can you eat the beans just as they are sprouted..or do you need to steam them/cook them before you should eat them? Will they upset your stomach?

    1. since these are mixed beans, its better to cook them. otherwise they will upset the stomach. if just mung bean sprouts, then you can have them raw.

      1. That’s great thanks! How long do you have to cook them for? They they just be lightly steamed? I like to eat mostly raw but I am fine to steam things lightly here and there.

        1. you have to steam them till they are completely cooked as black chickpeas, green chickpeas, white chickpeas and black eyed peas are used. mung or moth bean sprouts are fine to be lightly steamed bu not the above mentioned bean sprouts. i usually cook in a pressure cooker, so it takes about 8 to 10 mins to cook them. in a pot, it would take about 20 mins or more.

  8. Hi,

    We can supply you Alfalfa seed please call me on +91 9924290884.
    With Regards
    Jaimin Patel

    1. thanks jaimin. i easily get organic alfalfa seeds here. approving your comment so that readers can contact you.

  9. Can you give us a recipe for sprouted beans?And can you tell me what beans you have in the photo?

    1. there are many ways you can make sprouted beans.

      1: lightly steam and add it too your salads.
      2: you can also make simply stir fries with the sprouted beans.
      3: top it sandwiches, burgers, with the sprouted beans.
      4: make a simple rice dish with the beans.

      there are many ways you can incorporate sprouted beans in your diet.

      i have already mentioned the beans in the post. for your reference again listed them below:
      garbanzo beans, black chickpeas, green chickpeas, black eyed peas, green peas, black peas, mung beans, moth beans

  10. Hi Dassana , Thanks for the info,I want to know what ‘Alfalfa’ is called in india,i live in Mumbai n addicted to sprouts,i consume minimum of 400 grms sprouts daily most of the time raw or semi cooked,i have no idea what Alfalfa is called in india ,plus if u can help,i’m into bodybuilding and want to gain some good protein from the sprouts which r good source of protein in indian market (plz tell me indian names )

    1. thanks bunty.

      alfalfa is called as rajko in hindi.

      in mumbai you should be easily get alfalfa seeds. if i can get it in goa as well as bangalore, mumbai should be easy.

      check out the organic section in any big hypermarket like hypercity, spencer’s etc. conscious food which deals in organic food, has a pack of 200 gms of organic alfalfa seeds. most of these large supermarkets keep conscious food’s organic stuff.

      also check out fabindia’s organic stuff. i think they also have alfalfa seeds.

      check this link for the indian names of some legumes and lentils:

      i hope this info helps you.

  11. Hi
    I want to know how much calorie i can get in sprout and if i want to have 3000 calorie by sprout it self the how much beans i should have to use for sprout?

    warm regards


  12. Thanks for the information. And what kinds of bean is the orange beans they are kind of big?

    1. the orange beans are not actually orange…. they are brown…. they are black chickpeas also known as kala chana in india