Quick Method to make cottage cheese or paneer in microwave oven

Simple method to make cottage cheese in the microwave oven. Paneer is also called as indian cheese or cottage cheese. This is a quick method of making paneer. It does not require to keep the paneer hanging overnight.

microwave paneer recipe

When you want to use paneer for any dish, then this is the quickest method to make it. It won’t take more than 15-20 minutes. I have also noticed that the paneer made in microwave is more softer than the ones made in a pan.

Although microwave method is a quicker method to make paneer but i normally make paneer on stove top. because i have read many articles on internet that microwave cooking is not good for food and thus not good for health.

To make about 200 gms of paneer in the microwave, you will need:

  • 3 cups of milk
  • 1-2 tbsp of white vinegar or
  • 1-2 tbsp lemon juice

Steps for making cottage cheese in microwave oven

  • Put the milk in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave on full power for 2 minutes.
  • Now add the vinegar or lemon juice to the hot milk. Stir the milk, so that the vinegar or lemon juice gets evenly distributed in the milk. Microwave again on full power for 1.5 or 2 minutes till the milk starts curdling.

curdled milk for making paneer in microwave

  • Once the milk has curdled, you can remove the bowl from the microwave oven as it will continue to curdle even after you remove it.
  • Now strain the curdled milk.

straing milk for making paneer in microwave

  • The whey gets separated out and what remains is the curdled milk. This curdled milk is the paneer.

making paneer in microwave

  • Bring together the paneer threads and keep on pressing with the back of the spoon so that all the whey strains out.

paneer made in a microwave

  • Continue pressing till all the whey is strained. Once all the water is strained out then cool for 5 mins.

microwave paneer indian cottage cheese

  • Your paneer is ready to use for your favorite paneer recipes.

microwave paneer recipe

paneer in microwave oven

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Author:Dassana Amit
Prep Time:2 mins
Cook Time:15 mins
Total Time:17 mins
Course:main course
Servings (change the number to scale):150 to 200 grams paneer
microwave paneer recipe
Simple and Quick Method to prepare cottage cheese aka paneer in Microwave Oven. It does not require to keep the paneer hanging overnight.

INGREDIENTS FOR paneer in microwave oven

(1 CUP = 250 ML)
  • 3 cups milk
  • 1 to 2 tbsp white vinegar or 1 to 2 tbsp lemon juice

HOW TO MAKE paneer in microwave oven

  • Put the milk in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave on full power for 2 minutes.
  • Now add the vinegar or lemon juice to the hot milk. Stir the milk, so that the vinegar or lemon juice gets evenly distributed in the milk. Microwave again on full power for 1.5 or 2 minutes till the milk starts curdling.
  • Once the milk has curdled, you can remove the bowl from the microwave oven as it will continue to curdle even after you remove it.
  • Now strain the curdled milk.
  • The whey gets separated out and what remains is the curdled milk. This curdled milk is the paneer.
  • Bring together the paneer threads and keep on pressing with the back of the spoon so that all the whey strains out.
  • Continue pressing till all the whey is strained. Once all the water is strained out then cool for 5 mins.
  • Your paneer is ready to use for your favorite recipes like paneer butter masala, palak paneer, malai kofta, shahi paneer and kadai paneer recipe.
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  1. Hi Dasana, I absolutely love your blog and have enjoyed many fantastic meals from it. I’ve made paneer a number of times but I’m always concerned about the amount of whey that I have to throw away at the end. Do you have any suggestions for what the whey can be used for?

    Thank you so, so much,


  2. Hello dasana, I am all smiley while writing to u, cos I read tejaswini’s comments..
    I identify myself wt her.,though I am no novice to cooking, I have stated enjoying it only after going thru ur blog n preparing a few dishes…I must thank u for ur crisp, clear instructions and prompt reply
    These days my days end with a visit to ur blog..
    Keep posting many more recipes..

    • thanks sneha. even i smiled when i read her comment first. good to know the instructions are helping you and also that you check the blog everyday 🙂 i will keep one adding more recipes.

  3. We usually get milk in gallons in the US. Gallon is 3.6l
    i am currently trying to do an experiment to try to heat the milk in the gallon itself!
    Using a stove top microwave which is usually 1100 to 1300watts (typically higher than the small size counter top version.

    Right now i have it on 10 min cook time. Will update as things progress 🙂

    10 mis later. Gallon is holding fine. Milk is about 90 deg F if i have to guess. I will now start another 10 mins cooking but will keep checking. Cooking in that plastic may not be recommended but this is really for someone that is single person or a college student that doesn’t have a lot of time typically and is okay compromising on this aspect.
    6 min later: about 130 deg f. I think i will stop just shy of 8 mins making total cook time to 18. Very important to note that i am using fat free milk. Microwave will heat fats MUCH faster so please adjust cook time accordingly!!!
    So i poured this into a big salad bowl type thing and added vinegar.

    Update: success! But be careful as gallon gets very hot. Also quantity wise it came out about 20% less than that on stove. I could see that the whey did not separate properly in this method but that can be easily solved by heating a bit more.

    As i side note, i just made another big batch (1 gallon) on the stove top using apressure cooker. Because of the pressure milk heats faster thus saving time. Just thought I’d share this.

  4. I usually make paneer on the stovetop, but it is hot summer in Australia so this idea was very appealing!

    My first batch didn’t clabber well so I added more lemon juice, but the additional stirring broke up what curds there were and made them so fine that the filter passed most through.

    After thinking about it, I figured that my small, underpowered microwave might be the problem so I left the next bowl of milk to nuke for 6 minutes. It is hard to see through the window, so I was guessing on the timing. The second batch worked fine and I got good, clean breaking curds that filtered easily.

    I think I prefer the more ‘cooked’ flavour of paneer made on the stove, but this is a great technique to use when I need just a small amount and/or when the temperature in the house makes me reluctant to turn on another burner. Thank you !

    • thanks peggy. as you said, this way of making paneer works well for small quantities or when one has less time or its too hot temperature to cook anything on the stove top. if you use a fine strainer or a juice strainer than the fine threads won’t pass through. you can even use a muslin or a cotton napkin.

  5. Hello,Dassana,
    Since I found your website I love to eat dal recipe,
    your websie is most helpful and kind indian cooking site never met before.
    If I follow your direction, hardly ever fail the menu and more over every menu I tried
    to cook were awesome taste. For I’m not native, don’t have mother in law and babi in my family.
    Please give me advice for one thing that I want to make sure about one cup quantity in this web is 200ml or 250ml?
    Today I fond how to make makkan and paneer in here, I will challenge these next.

  6. Hi Dassana,
    Thank you for the revert. I appreciate it. It was a weekend n could’nt log on.
    You are right about the paneer. I mean of course you will be! It’s the latter. I think they might have been some water left. I used a tea strainer, as I didn’t have the one like the one you got n I used a muslin cloth too. It was difficult to put the pressure as the strainer was small n It was too cumbersome to do it. The milk had curdled beautifully n fast too n was green. I always read the responses n your solutions too them before I cook the recipe. It assists incase I counter the same issue. Then atleast I know what to do. Anywhichways lesson learnt. This is a great n quick way to make the paneer n next time it will be better. The paneer tastes so much better than the store one. Thank you.
    Surprised you used my name though, no one does n all call me Teju since my school days. N if someone calls me by my name I think they are angry with me. Guess you are for messing such a great recipe of yours. Ha ha just kidding! I really like your name though. Very unique n sounds lovely. Only it’s meaning should have been ‘one who gives insight’ not the other way round. You have changed my experiences in the kitchen from one who detests cooking but has to do it, to one who now enjoys cooking. Your website is the only one which had inspired me to cook n trust me, ever since I got married n moved here I’ve to refer to a website everyday to cook since I started cooking after I got married. Not to sound too filmi, my day starts n ends with you….planning my meals for next day at night n them morning I got to refer to the recipes to cook them starting with breakfast. I’m so grateful for all your time, efforts, patience to put it all together n you. God bless you always

    • thats a lovely note teju 🙂 i called you tejeswini as i felt teju was a bit personal. tejeswini looked formal. i am not angry with you. along with your beautiful comments, i also get crappy comments. i don’t even get angry on them.

      the seive i used was a large fine juicer seive. you can even use fine cotton napkin or muslin and then just strain the liquid by keeping a weight on it for 20-25 minutes. even i plan everyday what to cook. and sometimes i refer to some of my own blog recipes. strange but true. i have everything written in notes. but i prefer to check online. i still have a long way to go before i start giving insights to people 😉

  7. Hi Dassana,
    I’ve been wanting to write to you so many times. I wanted my first mail to do justice to your amazing recipes n the amazing person you are. I’ve tried a lot of your recipes n they have been delicious, n only ‘cos of you n the simple step by step way you explain n the great clicks you take. One feels like picking up the food from the pictures n eating them.
    I’m overdue a big thank you mail, that I’ve been wanting to write at my leisure to you, to tell you how you have changed my life in the kitchen. With 2 under 3 yrs at home, I’m not able to. I apologize.
    I tried making the paneer this way, thought I did it well. However whilst using it after 15 mins of making it, I used it to make paneer bhurji. It just melted. So right now I’m just stirring it hoping it dries up n I can salvage my dinner! Think I goofed up making it big time. So just ranting away knowing no one can assist me now as its early morning in my beautiful India. Cheers n you have a great day, more later God bless

    • thanks tejeswini. you have taken a long time, but finally you did comment 🙂 glad to know that the recipes, the pics and the step by step posts have helped you in the kitchen.

      i guess the paneer melted, as the the moisture was not drained from it properly or the milk did not curdle well. next time when you make, make sure you see the whey – greenish colored liquid being separated and clear. strain in a muslin or cheesecloth or through a fine seive. if using a seive as shown here, than you have to press very well with a spatula or spoon, so that the whey is drained out. remember not to overdo also as then the paneer would become dense and dry.

    • Hi Dassana,
      You are so modest. I guess that’s what makes you more lovely. You are the best of the best website for cooking online. Your website is an institution for cooking by itself. Trust me if a person like moi cooks food n enjoys it n the food is delicious too just ‘cos its your recipe. That’s got to account for something.
      I like the whole package apart from the recipes I mean…the cleanliness, your additional titbits what could go wrong, you always call a spade a spade, the healthy/nutritious food n of course you make vegetable food so amazing n exciting to eat. I never thought veggies could be that grand too. In short I abs admire you. So selflessly you share all your knowledge n your efforts wow. That is priceless. I mean how can one take step by step snaps of every step while cooking, make it look so nice n cook too. You should see my kitchen when I cook! Well I could go on n on ‘Cos after a longtime I found something worthwhile on the net. So I’ll stop.
      The irony is I was part of the hotel industry back in India for almost 12 yrs I think. I absolutely hate hotel food since I ate it all those yrs. Paneer I couldn’t stand it as every 2nd day it was lunch. I stopped eating the food n used to order from the staff cafeteria as it used to be fresh dal rice n subji. I was in Accounts not a chef. Worked at a managerial level in 1 Five star deluxe Resort n 4 Five star hotels, 2 were the same group so handled together. All hotels I worked for n usually the star ones have very stringent cleanliness polices in the kitchen no doubt about that. It’s only the food is so heavy you get fed up with the same thing. I’m from Pune then my career took me to good old Mumbai. Nothing like the Mumbai street food like you said. It was my packed dinner most of the days, if I didn’t feel like making Maggie that day. Yup I’m that bad. So you see what I mean.
      Oops there I go off tangent again. I was not home think 16 yrs so never learnt too, weekends when I as home you know how moms are they shower you with so much love n food n not to mention rest since I’m home. Whatever cooking I knew before you I learnt from hubby dearest who is a foodie n great cook. He loves non-veg however I prefer veg food so weekdays its veg, Friday it’s some Mumbai junk food we do by default, he is from Mumbai n Saturday, Sunday it’s non-veg or some leftovers. I just enjoy fish though n am allergic to eggs so atleast that’s good. It was on a Friday I think I first found your website. I was looking for wada pav recipe I mean the wada actually. Hubbs makes them but he was working late n I thought why not give it a shot, so to surprise him I started searching n I got your website. Been hooked since them. Following Friday I tried the pav bhaji recipe. It was so delicious n healthy. Thank you for that n the Wada’s were yummy too thank you. My hubby couldn’t believe I made the Wada’s ‘cos that would be a difficult one for me. Poor guy was so relieved not only that he didn’t have to cook but it was yummy n he would’nt have to make Wada’s again as he passed the batten to me n said Jaan henceforth you cook them they are too good. N this is not ‘cos he doesn’t want to do it I told you he is a foodie loves loves tasty food n will go not that extra mile but miles to satisfy his taste. I passed his standard so.
      This is exactly why I didn’t write sooner I guess. I knew I’d go on n on. So I’ll stop now n yet tell you before I say bye that I enjoyed paneer yrs later when I made the kadai paneer restaurant style with your recipe….so so simple, so very delicious. It was awesome. Keep smiling n God bless you always.
      Love Teju

      • hi teju, your comment brought a smile on my face. i do relate with you in some aspects. i have worked as an intern for a popular 5 star hotel. i swear the food was horrible. what they would serve for the staff was not good. i would take tiffin just so i don’t eat the food that they would make. when i was working in the corporate sector in mumbai, i would never get time to cook. i knew cooking and baking, but no time. and weekends i would be too lazy to cook anything but i would bake sometimes. its nice to know that the vada pav and pav bhaji were hits at your home. do try some more recipes. i am sure you will like them.

    • Oops forgot again. Thank you for the revert. I’ll get the juice steamer n do the weight thingie next time. I’ve a big strainer but its more for washing stuff. The pores too big so. Thank you for being on top if all the queries you get n giving personal attention to every one. It’s great support. Ciao n you have a good day ahead God bless

  8. i want 2 no what is the difference between cheese made by milk & the one made by curd.thanks

    • dear shamim there are various types of cheese that is a made from milk. the cheese that is made from curd is got by hanging the curd till all the whey drips off. what you get is yogurt cheese. you can flavor it the way you want sweet or savoury. in india we make shrikhand with this.

      the difference is also in the texture. mostly cheese made from milk comes in blocks and cubes. but the yogurt cheese is more like a spread. this link can be help of you in knowing more about yogurt cheese – http://www.yogurt-everyday.com/yogurt-cheese.html

  9. Does it matter what kind of milk I use? I always use lactose free milk because I have a lactose intolerance. Can i make paneer with this milk as well?

    • dear jenny, the quality and texture of paneer does depend on the type of milk used. i am not sure how the paneer will turn out with lactose free milk. you can try though. just make with a very little quantity for experimentation. if you like then you can make it with more quantities of milk.

  10. so even if we run short of paneer we can make it at home thanks dassana for your wonderful step by step presentation.