collection of 11 delicious manchurian recipes | manchurian gravy & starter recipes

collection of 11 delicious manchurian recipes. this post shares a collection of vegetarian manchurian recipes from the indo chinese cuisine. manchurian recipe varieties can be made with various veggies and even paneer or tofu.

manchurian recipes

manchurian recipes can be dry and crispy or with a gravy or sauce. crispy or with a gravy, if made properly any vegetarian manchurian tastes good with a sour, sweet, spicy and umami taste.

for making veg manchurian, the only time taking part is the grating or chopping the veggies. so to save time, you can use a food processor or food chopper to grate or finely chop the veggies. once you have finely chopped the veggies then making the rest of the recipe does not take much time.

this veg manchurian recipes collection shares both dry and gravy versions of manchurian. like most indo chinese recipes making manchurian recipe varieties is flexible and you can always add the flavorings like the the sauces, pepper as per you and your family’s taste preferences.

collection of 11 delicious manchurian recipes

1. dry veg manchurian – a tasty indo chinese starter dish of fried veg balls in a spicy, sweet and tangy sauce.

veg manchurian recipe

2. veg manchurian – this vegetable manchurian is a super tasty and popular indo chinese recipe. in this veg manchurian there is no msg or ajinomoto or no chemically produced soy sauce. veg manchurian goes well with plain rice or veg fried rice or schezwan fried rice or burnt garlic fried rice or 5 spice rice or even bread or chapati.

veg manchurian recipe

3. dry gobi manchurian – easy to prepare, delicious starter snack of cauliflower manchurian. this delicious gobi manchurian recipe is not spicy like the restaurant or street versions. if you want, you can add more of the ginger, garlic and green chilies and increase the spice and heat in the dish.

gobi manchurian recipe

4. gobi manchurian – this gobi manchurian gravy is a popular indo chinese recipe and is super delicious and tasty. making gobi manchurian does take some time as the cauliflower florets needs to be fried first. then a spicy, umami and sour sauce is made to which the fried gobi florets are added. frying gobi takes time but making the sauce or gravy is easy and does not take much time.

gobi manchurian recipe

5. mushroom manchurian – for all mushroom lovers, this is another fantastic spicy indo chinese recipe of mushroom manchurian. if you love spicy mushroom based recipes then there are few more recipes like these on the blog:

mushroom manchurian dry recipe

6. mushroom manchurian gravy – a popular spicy, sweet and sour indo chinese recipe of mushrooms with sauce or gravy. to make this mushroom manchurian recipe less in calories, i have pan fried the batter coated mushrooms. however you can shallow fry or deep fry them.

mushroom manchurian recipe

7. dry paneer manchurian – popular and tasty indo chinese snack of pan fried paneer cubes coated with a spicy, sweet and tangy sauce. making paneer manchurian is easy and just about takes 30 minutes. since you don’t need to chop many veggies unlike some other indo chinese recipes. this recipe can also be made with tofu instead of paneer. few more popular paneer recipes from blog are:

paneer manchurian recipe

8. paneer manchurian – sweet, sour, umami indo chinese recipe of paneer manchurian. recipe is easy to make. instead of paneer, you could also use tofu for this recipe.

paneer manchurian recipe

9. baby corn manchurian recipe – one of my favorite indo chinese recipe. this is a crispy, crunchy and a dry version of baby corn manchurian. excellent as a starter or as a brunch snack. i have shared few more baby corn recipes on my blog like:

baby corn manchurian recipe

10. baby corn manchurian gravy recipe – this baby corn manchurian gravy is a spicy, sweet and sour gravy that tastes great with veg fried rice or veg noodles or veg hakka noodles.

11. idli manchurian recipe – idli manchurian is a delicious way to use leftover idlis. this indo chinese snack which is a fusion dish is spicy and lightly sweet and sour. making idli manchurian is quick and the recipe gets done in 20 to 25 minutes.

idli manchurian recipe