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collection of 10 veg kofta varieties | kofta curry recipes and snacks recipes

Collection of 10 yummy veg kofta varieties – koftas are basically fried dumplings. There are many types of kofta recipes. Kofta can be served as snack or in a curry or gravy.

Koftas are made with meat or chicken. However There are many varieties of koftas in the North Indian cuisine, which are made with veggies like lotus stem, lauki (bottle gourd), carrots, zucchini, spinach, potatoes or even mix vegetables. They can be made even with paneer.


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veg kofta recipe

Making the popular rich gravy based kofta dishes at home requires a lot of time and usually they are made for special occasions, parties or when you have to make a rich curry dish. If you are short of time, then you can make the koftas a day before and refrigerate them. The next day you can make the curry or gravy for the kofta.

I have posted 10 kofta varieties on the website and will continue to add them. In this kofta recipes collection I have included both the gravy version of kofta as well as the snack version.

Collection of kofta curry Varieties

1. Kofta recipe – delicious and creamy restaurant style veg kofta gravy recipe. Goes best with chapatis or rotis or naan. You can also serve with green peas pulao or jeera rice.

veg kofta curry recipe

2. Malai kofta recipe – delicious melt in the mouth koftas in a creamy, rich, mild and lightly sweet gravy. the koftas are made with potatoes and paneer. Malai kofta is a popular as well as most sought after vegetarian Indian dish in restaurants.

malai kofta recipe

3. Lauki kofta recipe – a light tomato based delicious curry dunked with koftas made from bottle gourd (opo squash or lauki or ghia). You can serve the lauki kofta curry with rotis, naan or basmati rice. Also goes well with jeera rice.

lauki kofta recipe

4. Aloo kofta recipe – potato patties or koftas in a creamy, rich makhani style gravy. this aloo kofta curry is good for small get togethers or parties or weekend lunch or dinners. The recipe can be easily doubled. serve aloo kofta with rotis, naan or jeera rice.

aloo kofta curry recipe

5. Palak kofta recipe – this palak paneer kofta gravy has crispy soft paneer stuffed koftas dunked in a creamy onion-tomato gravy. This palak kofta recipe has many textures and flavors. The umami flavor of spinach, the softness of paneer in the koftas blend very well with the lightly sweet and tangy tomato onion gravy.

palak kofta recipe

6. Cabbage kofta recipe – crisp and soft koftas in a spiced curry. This recipe of cabbage kofta is quite delicious and is slightly strongly spiced but not hot.

cabbage kofta recipe

7. Kamal kakdi ke kofte recipe – one of the delicacies in Punjabi cuisine is kamal kakdi ke kofte recipe where the tasty lotus stem koftas are dunked in an onion-tomato gravy.

kamal kakdi kofta curry recipe

Dry kofta recipes for snacks

1. Veg kofta recipe – fried crisp tasty koftas made with mix veggies. these veg koftas can be served as an appetizer or a quick snack. I have fried them, but they can also be baked or air fried. serve veg kofta with mint chutney or tomato ketchup or tamarind chutney.

veg kofta recipe

2. Aloo paneer kofta recipe – a melt in the mouth soft texture koftas with a crisp exterior. these delicious aloo paneer kofta can also be made for fasting/vrat or during Navratri fasting. Just substitute the corn flour with fasting flours like water chestnut flour (singhare ka atta), buckwheat flour (kuttu ka atta) or arrow root flour.

aloo paneer kofta recipe

3. Raw banana kofta recipe – crisp, spiced pan fried patties made with raw unripe bananas or plantains. these koftas make for a nice brunch or snack. Minimal spices are used in making them.

raw banana kofta recipe

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