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Collection of 15 kulfi and ice cream recipes – ice creams are a popular dessert item all over the world. There are hundreds of varieties if ice creams. Some of them are popular varieties and some not.

This collection list has ice cream recipes that can be easily made at home. I have also shared kulfi recipes in this list. There is some difference between ice cream and kulfi. Kulfi has a dense texture as compared to ice cream.


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ice cream recipes, kulfi recipes

Most of the ice cream recipes listed below does not require an ice cream machine. all you need is fresh ingredients, a good blender or mixer and an electric beater. As I share more ice cream recipes, I will add them also in this list.

Collection of homemade ice cream recipes:

1. Ice cream recipe – easy and quick version of delicious vanilla ice cream made with only 3 ingredients. No cook, no churn and no ice cream maker required. this is a soft, smooth and velvety ice cream recipe (without any ice crystals) and a recipe that does not take much time. you can use this ice cream recipe base to make various types of ice creams.

vanilla ice cream

2. Butterscotch ice cream recipe – making homemade butterscotch ice cream is easy and not difficult. Praline is made and added to ice cream. Addition of praline gives that crispy bite when eating butterscotch ice cream. If you do not want to make praline, then you can even add store brought butterscotch chips in the ice cream

easy butterscotch ice cream recipe

3. Chocolate ice cream recipe –  easy recipe of a creamy and smooth chocolate ice cream. Does not need any ice cream maker. the best part of this recipe is that there are no ice crystals in the ice cream. If you love chocolates then you might like these Eggless chocolates recipes posted on blog:

chocolate ice cream recipe

4. Mango ice cream recipe – easy to prepare and delicious mango ice cream recipe made with condensed milk. This is a three ingredient recipe – mangoes, cream and sweetened condensed milk. Few more desserts you can make with mangoes are:

mango ice cream recipe

5. Vanilla ice cream recipe – creamy, soft and delicious eggless vanilla ice cream recipe. in this recipe no ice cream maker is used. You just need a good electric blender.

vanilla ice cream recipe

6. Pistachio ice cream recipe – easy and delicious pistachio ice cream made in an ice cream maker. It is a breeze to prepare ice cream in an ice cream maker. You just need to add all the ingredients in the ice cream maker and then run the ice cream maker. Once the ice cream is set, remove and serve. You can have the ice cream plain as a dessert or can also add it to various dessert recipes.

pista ice cream recipe

7. Strawberry ice cream recipe – a no cook, quick and delicious ice cream recipe and does not even need any ice cream maker. this is a no frills ice cream made with less ingredients. you can serve the strawberry ice cream plain or top with a chocolate sauce or sprinkles or even strawberry sauce. Few more delicious Strawberry recipes on blog are:

eggless strawberry ice cream recipe

8. Mango ice cream recipe – easy recipe of delicious mango ice cream without an ice cream maker. This is a three-ingredient mango ice cream made with mangoes, fresh cream and sugar (or honey or jaggery).

mango ice cream recipe

9. Chocolate chip ice cream recipe – easy recipe of a creamy and smooth choco chip ice cream. Does not need any ice cream maker. this recipe gives a large block of ice cream. You can even make sundaes or special desserts with this ice cream.

chocolate chip ice cream recipe

10. Tutti frutti ice cream recipe – an easy and quick version of delicious tutti frutti ice cream made with only 4 ingredients.

11. Pomegranate ice cream with gulkand – this is quick ice cream if you have ready pomegranate juice. Or else you have to make the pomegranate juice. gulkand is a sweet preserve made from rose petals.

pomegranate ice cream recipe with gulkand

Collection of kulfi recipes

1. Kulfi recipe – a simple and easy recipe of delicious kulfi made with khoya (mawa or dried evaporated milk solids).

kulfi recipe

2. Malai kulfi recipe – easy and delicious kesar pista malai kulfi recipe made without condensed milk or mawa (khoya).

malai kulfi recipe

3. Mango kulfi recipe – easy mango kulfi recipe made from milk and mango puree. You can make this kulfi with almond milk or dairy milk.

mango kulfi recipe

4. No cook mango kulfi recipe – quick, easy and a cheat’s version of making delicious mango kulfi. This no cook kulfi is made with whole milk, sweetened condensed milk, cream and of course mangoes. Add mangoes which will yield a smooth non fibrous pulp.


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