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We often get queries where many readers wants to start their own food blog or they want to share their recipes in our blog. So if you are also one of them then this post is specially written for you. You can also check the post on Resources and tools for food bloggers.

Its always better to start your own blog than to share content or recipes in other sites. Because over a period of time the blog can give you earning, name, as well as appreciation from readers and it will develop your creative side too. Otherwise, if you send your recipe with a good photo then many bloggers like us might be willing to publish it but you might not get the monetary benefit of your effort and time, which we feel you deserve.

So how do we start a food blog:

There are many blogging platforms you can use to start your own blog. But two of the most commonly suggested blogging platforms are (powered by google servers and software) and self hosted wordpress blog. I am first mentioning the pros and cons of each of these blogging platform so that you can choose what suits your need and in the end I will suggest my ideal package for blogging.

Pros of blogger blogging platform:
1. its free and you can start blogging in less than five minutes.
E.g. Go to this link and sign in with your gmail id, choose the name of your blog and you can start writing your first blog post. It is that easy and might not take you more than 2 minutes. If starting a blog is so easy then why I am writing such a detailed guide. It is because after few months or year you might realize that was not the best blogging option. So read on to know more about blogging platforms before making a decision.
2. in blogger, you also don’t need to worry about website speed, maintenance of website, hosting bill or virus/hacking attacks. Google does it all for you and that too freely. These two are the biggest features of blogger platform according to me.
3. blogger is continuously being developed and many new features are being added to it.
4. Blogger platform is ideal for people who are not tech savvy or who wants to keep the things simple and just want to focus on writing posts or publish recipes. I have personally suggested some blogger friends to continue with blogger and not move to self hosted wordpress because they are not much into coding or are interested in learning new softwares.

Cons of blogger blogging platform:
1. you cannot sell your blog and one can also say that you actually don’t own the blog and in worst case scenario google has the right to delete your blog. So you lose all efforts of making the nice looking blog. But honestly speaking, not many of us will like to sell our website. 2ndly, you can always move your website from blogger to self hosted wordpress in future.
2. it does not offer many cool functionalities which self hosted wordpress blog offers. That is one of the big advantage self hosted wordpress has over blogger.
3. it is difficult to customize and its not easy to give a professional look to the blog. For this, you might have to buy some premium paid themes and that will require some tech skills.

Who should use blogger: one who does not want to get involved in technical side of things, hobby blogger or you can use this platform for some time to get acquainted with blogging world and then move your blog to wordpress.

Pros of wordpress self hosted blog:

1. it offers tons of functionality and you actually own the site.
2. you can much easily customize the site as per your taste and need than in case of No wonder, most professional bloggers use self hosted wordpress and many blogger who are using platform are moving their site to self hosted wordpress blog.

Cons of self hosted wordpress blog:
its not free like and one needs to pay hosting charges per month. For starters it could be 4-5 USD per month.
2. it needs learning, or better to say constant learning. By the way, in blogging one needs to learn and update their skills continuously. Blogging has become 9 to 5 job and one can make living out of it. If you want to make your living out of blogging then better choose wordpress despite the trouble it gives once in a while. But again, to get maximum out of wordpress you need to be tech savvy. Its not that you just start the blog in wordpress and you will get the best out of it. You have to spend time in learning wordpress software. So for non-techie people blogger is better. For techie people wordpress is better.
3. you need to maintain the blog like choosing ideal hosting provider, taking the blog back up. Don’t get scared of all this. It is not so difficult and all tutorials are available in On a 2nd note, there are some companies like who maintains your server, keep it safe from hacking, take your blog backup etc so that you can just focus on writing content in your blog. But these managed hosting solutions comes with an added price.

Who should use wordpress: if you are OK to shell out some money. But that money will bring lot of cool features which in turn will drive more traffic and money. You should use wordpress, if you want to make a professional blog or want to blog seriously as a career.

My worst blogging mistake: five to six years ago when I was using as a blogging platform, then I read many bloggers recommending wordpress platform over I just ignored their advise. The reason I didn’t tried wordpress before was because those bloggers were not very assertive in recommending wordpress over blogger. If I have to start a blog today for my friend or relative then I will insist strongly that choose wordpress as a blogging platform. So I insist again – wordpress is costly, needs maintenance but it gives far more features than blogger. You know mobile phones are available at all price ranges. Higher the price, better the features we get and more is the care we have to take for them.

My ideal configuration for wordpress self hosted blog:

1. For starting a blog you basically need a domain name and hosting space. if you are a beginner and want to keep the things simple then buy domain name and hosting space from same company.

2. Choosing Domain name: i would choose a domain name which is easy to remember, easy to spell, catchy and contains the “keyword” which is part of the niche/topic on which I am going to blog about. E.g. This blog is about vegetarian recipes. So we choose the domain name

3. Hosting comapny: go with a reputed hosting company. Don’t save money on hosting. I won’t recommend any particular name as the hosting companies experience depends upon many factors.

4. Installing the wordpress software:
A) one click wordpress install:
Login into your site control panel using the login details (username and password) received in your email and in control panel there will be a option to install wordpress and it is simplest and the easiest method to install wordpress. But I suggest you to install wordpress manually.

B) or installing wordpress manually: for this you will be needing free ftp software. It is quite easy. So don’t get scared. Follow Official wordpress guide to install wordpress software. there should be many videos in youtube also for installing wordpress. It is quite easy.

If you are planning to start a food blog:

Many food bloggers show step by step photos of their recipes. Now each photo takes time to load and slow loading pages are not liked by readers as well as Most of the traffic of a blog comes from search engine. So as a blogger we have to keep our blog fast.

So there are two options: either to reduce the photo size or to upgrade the server which means paying more money for hosting the site. One of the alternative which many blogger use is this:

A) use one high quality main image (size under 250Kb) and all other step by step images should be under 40-50KB
B) few bloggers host their images on flicker. I have not used this method till now and mentioning it for your information,  in case you would like to try.

Later addition to the food blog:

1. Premium theme: once you have installed the wordpress then you have the option to go for paid wordpress theme or continue with free theme. There are thousands of free themes which are available and you can use them freely. But if you want to blog seriously then sooner or later you have to go for premium themes Genesis or Thesis version 1.8.5. I would suggest to wait for some time and get acquainted with wordpress working before going for any paid theme as otherwise it will be too much learning for your head.

I was personally using Thesis theme version 1.8.5 till april 2014 and then we moved to genesis. It was bit of learning to move from thesis to genesis and start learning about new theme again. I think genesis has now got a slight edge over thesis theme. Genesis and thesis comparison is like comparing apple smart phones with samsung phones. I hope you understand now that these two themes are rivals with their plus points and weak areas.

2. Paid email subscription: you can give the facility for your loyal visitors to subscribe to your post updates so that your latest blog post goes directly to their email. It brings some returning traffic. I would suggest you to Stick with feedburner email subcription method. but if you plan to launch a ebook or product or sell any service through your blog then you should go for premium email softwares like Aweber or mailchimp. We used aweber for a while and then moved to Madmimi and quite happy with the decision.

Again, I have not used mailchimp but all the reviews which I have read in internet has given thumbs up to aweber over mailchimp. Aweber is an expensive software and is only good if you want to sell any product or ebook on your site. Otherwise for just sending email updates of your blog feedburner free service is great.

3. WordPress backup plan: Its important to take backup of your blog from time to time. There are many services avaiable which automatically takes the backup of your blog like or 

Frequently asked questions:

1. Is really a bad platform for blogging.
No. Blogger is a good blogging platform and in some cases it could be the ideal blogging platform too. But self hosted wordpress is one of the best blogging platform.

2. Can I move my blog from to self hosted wordpress blog later on.
Yes, that is possible and I recommend this Migration guide to do so. Best part of this migration method is that you don’t lose any SEO juice.

3. How to get traffic to my food blog?
Nowadays making a blog is quite easy as compared to the situation 5 years ago. The real challenge is not in starting a blog but in getting traffic to your blog.
A) choose a topic for blogging on which you are passionate about and you have enough knowledge.
B) decide your blogging niche and stay focused on it.
C) write quality content on your niche. In the world of internet “good content is king… Its the good content which will insure the success of your blog in long run”. Good content will bring facebook shares, tweets and google plus to your profiles thus bringing more blog traffic and can also lead to more traffic from google search results. Occasionally it might also bring links from other sites which are very valuable.
D) if you are making a food blog then you to have present the food very well. I mean good food photography and food props will help.
E) good blog design. Keep the blog neat and not cluttered. Navigation of the blog should be easier so that visitors can easily find your most important posts. Keep the search box in a visible location.
F) networking: social networking is very important. Add social networking buttons of facebook, twitter, pinterest and googleplus in each post so that readers can share your post. Also connect your blog to your profile or site page in these social networking sites. Connect with fellow bloggers by writing comments on their good posts. Linking your blog to google plus page is very important.
G) learn about search engine optimization and optimize each post for a keyword.
H) food bloggers can submit their photos in these food photos submission sites to bring some more traffic. E.g. and
I) stay focused and keep on building good content. After 6 months or one year your blog will start showing results.

Disclaimer: The links in this post are my affiliate links.

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  1. Hi I recent start a free blog in blogger without any idea after reading you post it really helpful for me .thank lots

  2. Hi,
    I like the way of presentation..Thanks For sharing this useful info. keep updating same way.

  3. hi..very informative indeed! i would like to know if theres a recommended no. of recipes to start a blog with?

  4. Hi dassana, I love cooking. Actually I enjoy cooking more than anything. After visiting your blog for 3 4 times I got inspiration from you to start my own blog. I have too many questions. I really appreciate if you clear my doubts.
    I want to buy a domain name where should i buy ? I have heard one should buy domain carefully.
    2nd question is, I heard that one should not purchase self hosted blog due to some serious reasons. Is that correct ? I have tried purchasing domain from namecheap but I couldn’t purchase it because I don’t hold any credit cards or PayPal account. I am completely illiterate about these blogging. Please educate me. I want to purchase my domain n host it through bluehost. You tell me if know any other better option and affordable yet good one. Which one you are using for hosting n where did you bought your domain? Please help me.

    1. thanks swarupa. namecheap is a good company. you can go ahead with them for buying domain. about hosting companies, their quality of service keep on changing. but again i have heard positive review about bluehost. so you can go ahead.

      self hosted wordpress sites need little technical knowledge. if you have someone who can guide you then go for wordpress otherwise many popular food bloggers are still using blogger ( service. that is very easy to start with. another option for you is to make videos and upload them in youtube. you can also have a look at

  5. Hey amit, you’re doing a great job, keep it up! And Thanks a ton for this informative post. I wish to start a food blog soon.

    Warm regards

  6. @ Dassana

    I have just discovered your blog recently and I really like it! I will definately try some of your recipes, but for now, thse tips have inspired me as I am starting, so it is always enriching to get some tips from experienced bloggers.


  7. I am huge aficionado of yours . Since from 2 years I am seeing your site. I have begun a free website on a year ago and I had gotten some information about how to begin blogging I did not get my answer then ;yet now I got my answer .I preferred your this post all that much. A debt of gratitude is in order for the data.I am planning to make a food blog using the free wordpress blog. Please can you suggest me a better theme.

    1. thanks shikha for your kind words. nice to know this. i am using paid genesis theme on self hosted site. i have no idea about free wordpress and free themes. i wish you all the best.

  8. Thanks so much for this Dassana! Great wise words from the voice of experience! I just started my blog (for food recipes), and have already decided to switch from blogspot to wordpress (the site isn’t live yet though). I have forwarded your suggestions to my website guy… 🙂

  9. I land to your site while checking for recipes, I had no clue I could come here checking for food blogging resources. Wow, you both are a great couple, doing an awesome work together. What not to love when the partners for life are partners in work too..

  10. Hi, Dassana. How.How r u doing?you are doing good job.keep it up.Believe it or not my day will start with checking your website.
    I can proudly say that you are my inspiration.
    I’m going to start a food blog.
    Could you please suggest me good camera for taking food photos.

    1. thanks harsha for your kind words. in DSLR range canon is good. there are many options to choose from depending your budget.

  11. Hello Dasana,
    I am big fan of yours . Since from 2 years I am seeing your site. I have started a free site on last year and I had asked you about how to start blogging I didnt get my answer then ;but now I got my answer .I liked your this post very much. Thanks for the information. Now I am doing a free website on wordpress and have lot of douts/questions.

    1. welcome smita. nice to know this. i don’t have much experience on free wordpress site and i find blogger much better than free wordpress site. any way i wish you all the best.

  12. Hi Dassana,
    I dono if its right asking this question. Or may be silly question also.Everyone tell, we can earn by blogging. But how. Wat does it mean? HAve this odubt becoz i want to persue my passion of cookin by this. But if i have to do full time i shd have some earning, as i have to leave my present job. Could you please tell me in details wat is this earning all about and how can we earn?

    Sorry it is a wrong question in wrong place.:(

    1. revathi, its all right. there are basically 3 ways bloggers earn money in any field.
      1. by giving services or selling their own product. e.g. you can sell your own cakes or pastries in your city. via your blog readers come to know about your services.
      2. by affiliates products – you write a review of the product and then mention the link to the website from where the readers can buy the product. on every sale originated from your website you get margin (5-10% commission). e.g. you tell in your post that you have used this brand of pressure cooker or microwave oven and link it with the site selling it.
      3. advertisement – food bloggers mainly earn (90-95% income) by google adsense. in this you register your website for account using your gmail id. once the account is approved then you can easily place google ads in your website. if some reader click on the ad then google share 60% of the revenue with you.

      to my friends, i suggest this “do blogging side by side with your job. once you start earning 50% of what you are earning now then you can start thinking of leaving the job”. dare devils will anyway leave the job straight away.
      i wish you all the best.

  13. Hi Dassana,
    Is not possible to start a blog in india?( i mean ppl staying in india) i got this doubt becoz all th blogs i see, ppl are abroad and not in india? is it something becoz its not affordable? i am having a plan to start a food blog but my brain is shooting up lot o questions.. 🙁

    1. Komathi, many people are blogging from india. you can do it also. but not everyone take server space from india. so you can blog from your home in india and rent the website space anywhere in world including india too. i wish you all the best.

  14. Thank you so much for all the helpful information you have shared. My daughters are vegetarians and love the food of India, so I will be sure to tell them about your great blog. Do you have any tips on what camera & photography equipment to use?

  15. thank u dassana for ur information. u saved my life in clearing these doubts i know how busy u must and besides that u have taken time to reply my query thanks a lot . so if start my food blog on on genesis framework can i configure and maintain my blog a bit by myself right? as u said in the beginning for newbie food bloggers blogger platform will be good initially till they get acquainted with it .why aim asking this is iam also interested in blogging about crafts and beauty tips i will go with blogger and see how it works , thanks a lot

    1. welcome geetha. yes you can configure and maintain the blog a bit by yourself. moreover there is a forum in genesis where you can ask for queries or search in google for any specific query on genesis. blogger is also a very good option for beginners. i wish you all the best.

  16. Hi dassana i am impress to your suggestion i am filipino so pls understand my english and my gramar
    I am planning to make a food blog using the free wordpress blog but can i that the free wordpress blog is totaly free
    Thanks for your suggestion and support

    1. welcome gab. english is alright. no issue. blogger is also free and gives you the option to make money via google adsense. i would have preferred blogspot blog over free wordpress blog. any way wishing you all the best. happy blogging.

  17. hi dassana im back again. when i was saerching how to start a food blog i found only 1 indian food blog that is urs ,.u are doing a great job. if somebody is doing a good job they must be appreciated . im saying it honestly . i have some questions here, u said that genesis is good than thesis but i don’t know any css or html coding then how will manage my blog .if i want my blog look to professional should i hire a web designer ? without web designing will my blog look pretty? im clueless about web designing ? what would be the rates of designing a food blog?
    is it a 1 time investment or ineed to pay them monthly?if u know somebody can u please help me? i dint know where to ask these questions found ur blog so helpful , so dropped here. sorrrrrry for the long question.
    thank u once again.

    1. hi geetha. thanks for your kind words. you don’t need much (or at all) knowledge of css or html. google helps a lot in this matter. for professional looking blog its better to hire a developer. it will be one time fee. i have never taken help from a developer so can’t suggest one. try genesis forum and you will get many designers there. if you develop website yourself then consider buying (genesis theme + one genesis child theme). there are many genesis child themes and out of them 2 child themes are good for food bloggers. in case you hire a developer then you might not need to buy child theme. i hope it helps. wishing you all the best.

  18. hi dassana first of all thanks a ton for the detailed post which i have been searching for a long time very clear and helpful im planning to start a food blog but im busy with my liitle one i read and tried some of ur recipes but never commented at any blog this is the first time genuinely commenting god bless u

  19. Thanks for this wonderful genuine effort of inducting the freshers into the blogging world. As of now, i plan to do only hobby blogging as am already working as software professional. Later, is it possible for me to smoothly switch my blog from blogger to wordpress without any hassles?? I have not done domain registration also yet… can i do all that later?? What is your advice on this?

    1. welcome gayathri. i had moved from blogspot to wordpress 5-6 years back. so don’t know the latest updates but i think it should not be difficult and smooth transfer. this is a good tutorial to move from blogger to wordpress. make sure the link (URL) structure is same after migration. for hobby blogging blogspot is great. for professional blogging when you are blogging full time, then switching to wordpress is best (provided one has little technical skills and is ready to learn). i wish you all the best in your career.

  20. What a helpful post, thanks! I have learned a lot and know it will help as I make the switch from Blogger to WordPress.

  21. Hi!!…..was happy to drop by your blog…these tips are really useful…Thank you so much for sharing and after reading this I feel I’m on the right path:) ….will follow you!!
    I just started blogging for the past 2 months…will be happy if you visit my space!!

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  23. These information are enough for anyone to start a food blog. And of course wordpress is best option to start with. Many people want to just write things time to time and not become a full time blogger. For them I will suggest them to go to hubpages, squiddo, and their are many more who pay to blog and you don’t need to worry about hosting, domain, links, promotion etc. Although great information.

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    I am surely going to be a regular visitor… have it in my favorites already !!! and yes someday I too plan to have my own food blog….

    Thanks a ton and all the best Dassana n Amit


    1. welcome bob. glad to know that you liked the website very much. such a positive feedback motivates to keep on blogging. keep visiting and all the best for your own food blog.

  25. Very nice and detailed information for new blogger . Having plans to start a new food blog soon . Thank you so much .

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    Thanks a lot for these tips. Loved the pictures on your blog posts. I have just started a blog. Pls visit my space too when you find time…I am just a beginner and trying to learn more about blogging.

  27. Hey thanks Dassana for the tips and specially for the guide to migrate from blogger to wordpress as I was looking for this from quite a while. All the best for your future. 🙂

  28. Beautifully explained….thanks a lot, I have been in search of such articles. One more doubt, I have read in many places that generating income from wordpress does take some time, when compared to blogger.. any idea on how that works and which would be the best time to upgrade as I currently use the free platform. Valuable suggestions are always welcome…:)

    1. thanks jeny. i have never heard such a thing. self hosted wordpress blog (powered by is different from hosting. i suggest to use self hosted wordpress blog and it has many more features than blogger. although you have to shell out some money on server fee and buying themes etc but thats worth the money spent. hosted blog has many limitations.

    1. thanks darshita. actually those broken links were pointing to the pages we recently removed. i have removed the broken links now.

  29. Thanks dassana for your tips. I have also recently started a recipe website ‘’ which is mainly focussed on Karnataka cuisine and other south indian recipes. Yr advice and tips will be really useful to me. Thanks once again.

    I request u, if time permits, to go thru my website and give me yr feedback which will be highly appreciated by me.



    1. hi charulata. all the best for your blog. i have a busy schedule, but will take out time to check your blog.

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