banana chocolate mousse | eggless banana chocolate mousse

banana chocolate mousse recipe with step by step photos – a smooth and creamy eggless banana chocolate mousse.

eggless banana chocolate mousse

again like some of the quick recipes on the blog, this one too is quick. so when you have unexpected guests or have a chocolate craving and you have ripe bananas at home, prepare this mousse. trust me you won’t regret, if you and your guests love bananas πŸ™‚

of course, you do have to give a few hours for the mousse to set. till then all you need to have is patience. the dessert would also equally goΒ well with kids. few more delicious mousse recipes on blog are:

for the cream, i have used amul cream and it worked like a charm. i don’t get whipping cream here. but if you do, then you can add whipping cream.

adding sugar is optional. if you like the bitter taste of chocolate, then no need to add sugar. however for a sweet taste, i do recommend adding sugar. addition of sugar also depends on the sweetness of the bananas. you can use regular milk chocolate slab or dark chocolate. dark chocolate tastes very good.

to make this mousse, you just need a blender. a hand held blender also works well. melting the chocolate can be done in a double boiler or in the microwave. i have shown both methods in the pics below.

i have adapted my mango mousse recipe to make this quick banana chocolate mousse. i have made this recipe a couple of times for dessert and it was liked by everyone.

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banana chocolate mousse

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creamy and smooth eggless mousse made with bananas and chocolate.
eggless banana chocolate mousse recipe
Author:Dassana Amit
Prep Time:5 mins
Cook Time:15 mins
Total Time:20 mins
Servings (change the number to scale):4 to 5
(1 CUP = 250 ML)


  • 3 medium bananas Or 400 grams bananas
  • 150 grams chocolate Or about 1 cup chopped or broken chocolate
  • 1 tablespoon cream for mixing with the chocolate
  • 1 tablespoon instant coffee (optional)
  • 2 pinches of cinnamon powder (dalchini powder)
  • ΒΎ to 1 cup chilled cream - low fat 25 % to 35 % Or whipping cream (i added amul cream)
  • 1 tablespoon sugar or as required (optional)


  • chop the chocolate and add them to a small bowl or a pan.
  • add 1 tbsp cream to the chocolate.
  • in a double boiler or with the pan kept above boiling water, melt the chocolate.
  • the water should just touch 1/2 inch of the pan from below. take care the water does not spill in the chocolate.
  • keep on stirring and and let all the chocolate melt.
  • you can also microwave the chocolate on high power for upto 45 seconds to a minute. if some bits of the chocolate are not melted, then just keep on stirring till the chocolate bits are melted. no need to microwave again as the food keeps on cooking even after we remove it from the microwave. the chocolate would be cooking and you just keep on stirring it, till all is melted.
  • allow the melted chocolate to become warm or cool completely.
  • slice and puree the bananas in a blender with instant coffee & cinnamon powder till smooth.
  • now add the cream. pulse for some seconds for 2 to 3 times till everything is mixed evenly. don't over do.
  • then add melted chocolate.
  • pulse again for some seconds for 2 to 3 times till everything is mixed properly.
  • pour the banana mousse mixture in bowls or shot glasses.
  • cover with a cling film or aluminium foil.
  • refrigerate till the mousse is set.
  • serve eggless chilled banana mousse.
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step by step eggless banana chocolate mousse recipe:

1. first heat water in a pan.

water for banana chocolate mousse recipe

2. then take chopped chocolate and a bit of cream in a dry small pan which can fit inside the pan in which water is being heated. the water should just touch Β½ inch of the pan from below. take care the hot water does not spill in the chocolate. the powder stuff that you see is instant coffee (i used bru coffee). you can also add it directly to the bananas. i added half of the instant coffee now and half later.

chocolate for banana chocolate mousse recipe

3. place the pan with the chocolate on top of the boiling water. the heat from the boiling water will begin to melt the chocolate.

chocolate for banana chocolate mousse recipe

4. keep on stirring with a spoon or spatula, till all entire chocolate is melted.

making banana chocolate mousse recipe

5. you can also microwave the chocolate on high power for upto 45 seconds to a minute. if some bits of the chocolate are not melted, then just keep on stirring till the chocolate bits are Β melted. no need to microwave again as the food keeps on cooking even after we remove it from the microwave. the chocolate would be cooking and you just keep on stirring it, till all is melted. a pic of chocolate microwaved below. notice the difference in the consistencies. this one looks like its cooked more πŸ™‚ allow the melted chocolate to become warm or cool completely.

making banana chocolate mousse recipe

6. in a blender or mixer, take the bananas, sugar, instant coffee and cinnamon powder. you can also add vanilla essence if you want.

banana for banana chocolate mousse recipe

7. blend everything to a smooth puree.

banana puree for banana chocolate mousse recipe

8. add in the cream.

preparing banana chocolate mousse recipe

9. using the pulse option, pulse twice or thrice for some seconds till everything is blended well. don’t overdo. also use chilled cream.

banana cream mixture for mousse recipe

10. add the melted chocolate.

preparing banana chocolate mousse recipe

11. again pulse twice or thrice for some seconds. the mousse mixture is ready to be poured.

banana chocolate mousse mixture

12. pour the mixture inΒ in serving bowls or shot glasses.

banana chocolate mousse poured in bowls

13. cover each bowl with aluminum foil. or place the bowls in a plate. then cover them with a large plate or tray on the bowls.

preparing banana chocolate mousse recipe

14. refrigerate for about 2 to 3 hours or till the mousse is set. serve the chilled eggless banana chocolate mousse as a dessert. you can decorateΒ the mousse with chocolate sprinkles or rice sprinkles or whipped cream or even mint

banana chocolate mousse recipe, banana chocolate mousse


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  1. Which chocolate did you used in this recipe pls tell me the brand name and whether it is dark or milk chocolate I am looking forward to try this recipe

  2. Hi Dassana

    Not sure if my previous comment got posted on you wall or not. i have tried your recipe before and it tasted awesome.
    Looking for comments on:
    1.can i store mousse in big container and then transfer it in small bowls before serving
    2 Chill mousse in fridge area or fridger area(ice area)


  3. Hello dassana,

    Your recipe looks great. I made it about 2 years ago and it tasted awesome. Just have few questions.
    1. Can i pour whole mixture in big bowl and transfer it to small bowls while serving ?
    2. Do i have to keep the final mixture in fridge or in fridger (cooler part of fridge) ?
    3. Will Amul fresh cream will work or do i have to get heavy creme ?


    • i always use cream which is not whipped for any dessert as ready whipped cream is not easily available in india. you can use either. if using whipped cream, then just fold it with the banana puree. no need to blend in a mixer or blender.

  4. Dear Dassana,

    I have been loyally following your recipes since some years now. I regret not having written to you before. I would like to announce that I absolutely LOVE your recipes! I like the fact that I can pick any recipe from your website and be assured that it will turn out fantastically (and the house will come alive with tempting aromas).

    You along with Sunil Vijaykar have made me fall in love with cooking. So a big thanks and much love to you!

    P.S.: Fabulous photography too!

    • thank you very much padma. glad to read your comment. after reading about sunil vijaykar, i did not know who he is. my bad. i just looked upon on google and saw the books he has written. after hearing from you about him, i think i should get a few of his books πŸ™‚

  5. Hi.. fantastic blog..
    just wanted to know if it’s the same Amul fresh cream that you used while blending and along with melting choclate

  6. I wanna ask tat
    Wen v hav to stir the chocolate and creame
    Then ek taraf hi stir karna ya kisi bh trah v can stir it
    Nd water boiling level kitna ho5 stars

  7. Hi… I so love ur blog…. I made this…. and my husband n me jus loved it…. thank u soo much5 stars

  8. i opened the amul fresh fream packet 10/15 dats ago and used some amul fresh cream for palak paneer and i deepfreezed the rest of the cream ..when I whipped the cream to make mousse I could not get soft peaks..please help me where I m going wrong

  9. That sounds like an awesome recipe. Will surely try. However kindly advise what is the pulse option as mentioned in your recipe

    • thanks nisha. pulse option is there in the mixer grinder jar. so when you press the pulse button then you have the option to blend for a few seconds and not continuously.

  10. Hi Dassana,
    I m big fan of ur blog reading for a quite a long time. I hav a doubt in this recipe. The cream which u added was it chilled n whipped well ?
    Thanks a lot
    All the best.

  11. This sounds an interesting recipe.I am confused about the chocolate slab.. Can I use normal Bournville Dark Chocolate ? Do I have to adjust sugar in this case ?5 stars

    • the chocolate slab is compound chocolate that are used in baking and desserts. you can use bournville dark chocolate. you will have to add more sugar.

    • sneha, i don’t think so. because it will not set. it will be having pudding like consistency… if you are OK with pudding like consistency then you can add cocoa powder.

  12. tried this recipe. Ut was very tasty but the texture was not stiff. It was semi liquid.can u advice why this happened.

    • the texture can be semi liquid due to many reasons. refrigerating time and temperature, quality of cream and quality of chocolate. too much of blending can also change the consistency. you can keep for some more hours too like 5 to 6 hours in the fridge. sometimes even after 2 to 3 hours if the fridge is set to a medium temperature, the mousse will not set.

  13. Hey this is awesome. I just made it. It heavenly delicious. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful and easy receive.

  14. Dark chocolate means exactly which type of chocolate? Dairy milk chocolatee or smthing else?

    • suvidha, its not dairy milk chocolate. you get dark chocolate slabs in super stores… these dark/milk chocolate slabs are specifically meant for making flavored chocolates and for baking recipes.

  15. Hii ,
    Can I use strawberry instead of banana… I am asking because texture and moisture content is different.
    Thanks in advance