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Like christmas or Diwali or Holi or Navratri, Easter also is one festival that I grew up celebrating. thats what happens when you are raised in a multi religion and multi cultural family. You get the best of the different cultures which includes the diverse food traditions too.

Here are some recipes from the blog that can be made during easter. A few Goan recipes are there too. Unlike traditional easter recipes, which usually consists of meat and chicken, all the recipes listed here are vegetarian and vegan. All the recipes are eggless, except one banana bread recipe and the bread & butter pudding recipe.

easy apple upside down cake recipe

I have mentioned wherever possible, if the recipe is vegetarian or vegan. I also plan to add some more traditional Indian easter recipes which I will update in this list.

Here’s wishing you a happy easter. This year easter is on sunday, april 20 2014

Easter sweets and desserts:

Chocolate marzipan – veganchocolate marzipan
These are low fat, dairy free and eggless.
Healthy and wholesome,
Made from cashews. step by step recipe.
Easter biscuits – veganeaster biscuits
Totally dairy free… no butter or milk.
As an egg substitute,
I have added flax seed powder

Eggless chocolate mousse
eggless chocolate mousse
This recipe is completely vegetarian
As it also does not use any gelatine
And it takes only 20 minutes to make

Eggless mango mousse
mango mousse
Recipe is eggless and a vegetarian one.
Not used any gelatine
For setting the mousse

Dark chocolate avocado mousse
dark chocolate avocado mousse
Vegan & healthy chocolate mousse
Super quick mousse – only takes 10 minutes

Chocolate covered strawberries
chocolate covered strawberries
Step by step recipe to make
Chocolate dipped strawberries

Fruit custard

fruit custard
A veganised version of fruit custard
Made using almond milk
Delicious and easy recipe

Cake recipes for easter:

Eggless chocolate cakeeaster chocolate cake
Eggless chocolate cake with flaxseed
Step by step recipe.
Recipe is vegetarian
Eggless pumpkin muffinseggless-pumpkin-muffin
Healthy & nutritious pumpkin muffins
Step by step recipe.
Vegan recipe

Vegan strawberry shortcake
easter strawberry
Easy vegan
Strawberry shortcake

Dates walnut coffee cake
easter eggless cake
An easy and light vegan recipe of
Dates walnut coffee cake

Eggless christmas fruit cake
Light, moist, crumbly christmas fruit cake.
Vegan recipe of a boozy cake.

Eggless plum cake
easter plum cake
A light & soft cake made with fresh plums.
An eggless and dairy free recipe.

Chocolate banana carrot cake
A dense, moist and healthy cake
Made from bananas, carrot and chocolate.
Eggless and dairy free recipe.

Eggless orange cake
easter orange cake
Easy to make eggless orange cake
The recipe is egg less and vegan
One delicious cake

Vegan banana chocolate cake
Delicious, soft, crumbly and a little dense
Vegan banana chocolate cake.

Apple upside down cake
easy apple upside down cake recipe
Light & soft apple upside down cake
Vegan recipe

Bread recipes for easter:

Vegan banana breadvegan-banana-bread
Delicious, light & soft vegan banana bread
No eggs and no milk
Quick banana breadquick-banana-bread
Quick & easy banana bread
Has eggs

Italian herb bread

Step by step recipe of making
Vegan herb bread

Vegan fruit bread

Light & healthy fruit bread.
Eggless as well as dairy free.

White bread

Step by step recipe of white bread

Brown bread

Step by step recipe of brown bread

Starters & sides recipes for easter:

Cheddar cheese biscuitcheddar-cheese-biscuits
Whole wheat cheddar cheese biscuits

Cheese biscuitscheese-biscuit
Step by step recipe of cheese biscuits
Peri peri potato wedgesperi-peri-potato-wedges-recipe
Hot & spicy fried potato wedges
Peri peri potato wedges
Baked cauliflowerbaked-cauliflower
Baked cauliflower is healthy and light
Step by step recipe

Russian borscht soup
Borscht is a russian and ukranian soup
Made with beetroots and veggies

Sweet corn soup
A creamy sweet corn soup made from
Fresh American sweet corn. Vegan recipe.


Step by step hummus recipe.
Creamy dip or spread


Guacamole – Mexican avocado dip
Step by step recipe


Simple, quick and delicious dukkah.
Its from the egyptian cuisine.


Muhamarra – middle eastern
Roasted red bell pepper dip

Main course recipes for easter:

Veg pizza

Tried and tested vegetarian pizza
Step by step recipe

Italian garlic mushroom

Italian garlic mushroom in olive oil
Easy and quick recipe with herbs

Mushroom rice

This mushroom rice recipe is more
European style than Chinese or Indian.

Herb rice

European style herb rice recipe
Used fresh herbs – dill, basil, parsley

Broccoli basil

Its broccoli with basil leaves
Step by step recipe.

Broccoli and potatoes

Italian recipe of broccoli
And potatoes in olive oil

Tomato rice

Simple one pot meal with
Rice, tomatoes and capsicum.

Spanish rice

Easy to make spanish rice
Is one of my favorite recipes

Penne mushroom in tomato sauce
Penne with tomato mushroom and olives
Step by step recipe

Mushroom spinach in cream sauce
Mushroom and spinach cream sauce
Step by step recipe

Creamy corn spinach
Step by step recipe of
Corn with spinach

Mushroom spaghetti bolognese
Flavorful and spiced
Veg mushroom bolognese spaghetti.

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