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31 christmas recipes – christmas cakes, breads and desserts

merry christmas to all my readers in advance. sharing a collection of indian christmas recipes so that you can plan for the festive occasion. spread love, joy and positivity and help the needy.

christmas recipes – eggless cakes

christmas recipes desserts

1. christmas wine fruit cake – an easy recipe to make a moist and soft eggless wine fruit cake. step by step recipe.

2. basic eggless vanilla cake – an easy recipe to make a basic vanilla eggless cake. makes a good base for cakes & gateau – like black forest, pineapple cream cake, strawberry cream cake or chocolate cream cake. step by step recipe.

3. eggless pressure cooker cake recipe  – spongy and a soft, light textured delicious cake made in pressure cooker.

4. apple cake – light, soft and a low fat spiced apple cake. made with 1:1 ratio of whole wheat flour and all purpose flour (maida). step by step recipe.

5. gingerbread cake – soft and moist gingerbread cake made with jaggery instead of molasses.

6. apple upside down cake – easy to make eggless apple upside down cake. eggless & dairy free step by step recipe.

7. dates walnut coffee cake – an easy, healthy and light dates walnut coffee cake made with 75% whole wheat flour.

8. pumpkin muffins – eggless, diary free, refined sugar free and a wholesome pumpkin muffin step by step recipe. these muffins are spiced with cinnamon, dry ginger and nutmeg powder. hence they are aromatic too.

9. orange cake – easy, simple and no fuss recipe to make vegan and eggless orange cake. i have made the orange cake with fresh orange juice but you can even use readymade orange juice.

10. christmas fruit cake – light, moist, crumbly christmas fruit cake. eggless and vegan recipe of a boozy cake.

11. chocolate banana carrot cake – a dense, moist and healthy cake made from bananas, carrot and chocolate. eggless and dairy free recipe.

12. eggless plum cake – a light & soft cake made with fresh plums. an eggless and dairy free. step by step recipe.

13. banana chocolate cake – delicious, soft, crumbly and a little dense vegan banana chocolate cake. as an egg replacer i have used flax seed powder/meal.

14. eggless chocolate cake – The cake is soft, spongy, moist and has a lovely texture to it. Step by Step Recipe.

15. eggless tutti frutti cake – easy recipe to make a soft, moist tutti frutti cake. step by step recipe.

christmas recipes – desserts and sweets

christmas recipes desserts

1. chocolate marzipan – soft, melt in the mouth marzipan with cashew, chocolate and coconut goodness. step by step recipe.

2. easter biscuits – eggless and dairy free biscuits.  as an egg substitute i have added flaxseed powder.

3. dark chocolate avocado mousse – super quick, easy and healthy mousse recipe. only takes 10 minutes.

4. cheese biscuits – these biscuits have a crisp texture on the outside and are soft on the inside like bread. step by step recipe.

5. whole wheat cheddar cheese biscuits – crisp, buttery and smooth biscuits. these biscuits tastes like cheese straws.

6. nankhatai – indian shortbread cookies flavored with cardamom and nutmeg. step by step recipe.

7. pomegranate vanilla mousse – vegan mousse recipe. i have used fresh pomegranate juice but you can make the same mousse with ready pomegranate juice.

8. eggless chocolate mousse – vegetarian mousse recipe. it also does not use any gelatine. ready in 20 minutes.

christmas recipes – breads and rolls

christmas recipes breads

1. jam bread rolls – easy to make whole wheat bread rolls stuffed with fig jam. step by step recipe.

2. garlic bread rolls – bread rolls made with garlic herb butter. made from whole wheat flour and eggless recipe. step by step recipe.

3. basil focaccia – italian focaccia made with basil oil and whole wheat flour. video recipe.

4. banana bread with eggs – this is a quick and easy recipe for making banana bread at home.

5. eggless banana bread – delicious, light & soft vegan banana bread. so far this is the best banana bread that i have made. tried and tested recipe.

6. garlic bread – soft, light bread with a good garlic flavor and taste. this is step by step recipe to make garlic bread from scratch.

7. italian herb bread – this is an italian recipe of an easy, simple and a no fuss herb bread made from a combo of whole wheat flour, all purpose flour and olive oil.

8. 100% whole wheat bread – atta bread recipe with step by step photos. a really good yeasted whole wheat bread made with a special ingredient which helps in the leavening process.

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