cheese garlic bread recipe, how to make cheesy garlic bread recipe

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cheese garlic bread recipe with step by step photos – easy to make quick and tasty cheesy garlic bread.

sharing this 15 minute cheese garlic bread recipe for the those folks who want a quick breakfast or brunch. on occasions, you can also make this garlic bread and serve with any soup for lunch or dinner. these can also be served as a starter snack for get together or parties.

use any bread and cheese of your choice. i have used brown bread and a mix of processed and cheddar cheese. you can also use mozzarella cheese. again add the herbs or spices of your choice. serve cheesy garlic bread with tomato ketchup or chili sauce.

the recipe is made in an oven. but you can also make on a tawa/skillet. use a thick bottomed tawa. i have mentioned the method of making cheese garlic bread on stove top in the notes section of the recipe card below. you can also check this post on – garlic bread recipe on tawa.

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cheese garlic bread recipe below:

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cheese garlic bread recipe
prep time
9 mins
cook time
6 mins
total time
15 mins

cheese garlic bread recipe - easy, quick and tasty cheesy garlic bread recipe made in oven.

course: appetizers
cuisine: world
servings: 2 -3
author: dassana amit
ingredients (1 cup = 250 ml)
  • 4 to 5 slices of bread or half a loaf of bread. you can use whole wheat or brown or multi grain or white bread
  • 2 tablespoon butter, salted or unsalted
  • 3 to 4 medium garlic, minced or grated or crushed (lahsun)
  • 100 grams cheese or ½ cup grated cheese, processed or cheddar or mozzarella cheese
  • black pepper as required
  • red chili flakes as required
  • dry oregano or any herb as required
  • salt as required to be added if using unsalted butter
how to make recipe
preparation for cheese garlic bread recipe:
  1. preheat oven for 200 degrees celsius/392 degrees fahrenheit before starting.
  2. slice the loaf of bread in slices having 0.75 inches width. now halve each slice.
  3. take 2 tbsp softened butter (butter at room temperature) in a bowl. i used salted butter (amul butter). if using unsalted butter, then add a bit of salt.
  4. grate or mince 3 to 4 medium garlic directly into the butter. instead of garlic, you can also add garlic chives.
  5. mix the grated garlic very well with the butter.
  6. grate 100 grams cheddar or mozzarella cheese. about ½ cup grated cheese.

making cheese garlic bread:
  1. now spread the garlic butter evenly on all the slices.
  2. top with the cheese generously.
  3. sprinkle with your favorite herb or spice. you can add oregano, basil, red chili flakes, black pepper, italian seasoning etc.
  4. place the bread slices in a baking tray.
  5. now keep the baking tray on the top most rack of your OTG. if using a microwave oven in the convection mode, then keep the baking tray on the glass turn table.
  6. bake cheese garlic bread at 200 degrees celsius/392 degrees fahrenheit for 5 to 6 minutes till the edges become a light golden and a bit crisp. 

  7. the cheese will also melt. you don't need to toast these slices.

  8. serve these cheesy garlic bread hot with tomato ketchup as a starter or as as a snack.
recipe notes

to make cheese garlic bread on a stove top or tawa:

  1. heat a thick bottomed tawa (griddle) on a medium flame.
  2. keep the flame to the lowest and place the bread slices on the tawa (griddle).
  3. cover with a lid in such a way that the lid does not touch the grated cheese.
  4. roast for some minutes till the cheese melts.

step by step cheese garlic bread recipe:

1. preheat oven at 200 degrees celsius/392 degrees fahrenheit before starting. slice the loaf of bread in slices having 0.75 inches width

2. now halve each slice.

3. take 2 tbsp softened butter (butter at room temperature) in a bowl. i used salted butter (amul butter). if using unsalted butter, then add some salt.

4. grate or mince 3 to 4 medium garlic directly into the butter. instead of garlic, you can also add garlic chives. you can also crush the garlic in a mortar-pestle and then add to the butter.

5. mix the grated garlic very well with the butter.

6. grate 100 grams cheddar or mozzarella cheese. about ½ cup grated cheese.

7. now spread the garlic butter evenly on all the slices.

8. top with the cheese generously.

9. sprinkle with your favorite herb or spice. you can add oregano, basil, thyme, red chili flakes, black pepper, etc. you can also use italian seasoning if you have it.

10. place the bread slices in a baking tray.

11. now keep the baking tray on the top most rack of your OTG with both the top and bottom heating elements on. if using a microwave oven in the convection mode, then keep the baking tray on the glass turn table.

12. bake for 5 to 6 minutes at 200 degrees celsius/392 degrees fahrenheit, till the edges become a light golden, a bit crisp from the sides and the cheese melts. you don’t need to toast these slices.

serve these cheesy garlic bread hot with tomato ketchup as a starter or as as a snack.

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  • Hi Dassana,

    Buying bajaj 16lts otg. And you know what ? The first baking is going to be your whole wheat bread. Wish me Good luck. So now on I am going to try all your baking goodies one by one coz my kids love to eat baked goodies. By the way you have mentioned to bake bread in 250c but in bajaj otg it is only 200c, for how much time I have to keep the bread in it. Thank you.

    • all the best and happy baking. don't get disappointed if the baked goods do not turn out well for the first time. small disasters happen while baking. keep on trying and learning, innovating recipes. you will become a master in baking. you will have to keep the bread for a longer time at 200 degrees celsius. i think approx 10 to 12 minutes. when the top gets browned, knock or tap the bread with your knuckles. it should sound hollow. this means that the bread is done.

      • Thank u Dassanna. In my home everybody used to say she dont know anything about cooking, now they say she can cook anything, I have become a good cook, trying to be a best cook all because of your foolproof recipes.

  • hi, we dont consume garlic and onion.....so can we make it without garlic ?and to add the flavour how can we substitute the garlic...?

    • you can make without garlic. generally hing is used a substitute for both garlic and onion. you can add a pinch of hing to the butter. since i have never made it this way, i am unable to tell you how the final cheese bread will taste. but you can try.

  • Reminds me those at pizza huts, dominoes,etc but i can tell tht the ones u have made beats all the garlic bread. Will try soon to make those delicious garlic bread :)

    • do try riya. in fact even i felt the same. the homemade ones were much better. use a good quality loaf or make one at home :-)

  • When recipe calls for vinegar can we use rice vinegar? As in some eggless cakes n pudding

    • rice vinegar has a typical taste. so i am not sure how it would taste in cakes. it tastes good in chinese recipes though. i usually add apple cider vinegar or the regular white vinegar in cakes.

      • Thanlks Dassanna. And love the new look, now we can easily find the recipes. pictures are also very beauiful.

        • welcome sushma. thanks for sharing positive feedback on new look of website. still working on it.

  • Hi Dassana,
    One of my friends suggested me your page to try out new recepis.. i did and since then your recepis are going superhits among the family, friends, family friends and guests... your all recepis have nice texture, homely and rich taste and they invite to try them atleast once not to mention very easy to prepare... want to thank you for sharing lovely recepis and inspiring for cooking.. you have taken cooking to whole another level for me and to many..Thank you!

    • welcome vinisha. glad to know that you liked the recipes. thanks for sharing positive review on recipes. kindly also say thanks to your friend from my end for recommending the website.

  • thank you for your reply...will try this soon...i have to ask if we bake cake or any other thing using the wire rack then should the oven be preheated with this rack or without it ?

    • the stand/rack which is already a part of the oven will be preheated. you don't need to remove it. if you plan to keep some other rack, then no need to preheat. in fact there is no need to use a rack when you have an OTG.

  • can we add butter in making banana cake instead of oil ?if yes,what should be the quantity and the temperatute of butter to be used ?

    • yes you can add butter. melt the butter and the same amount as that of oil. the melted butter should be at room temperature.

  • I have been a great follower of your recipe and explanation. Truely amazing and definitely a useful share for all.

  • Hii .. cheese garlic bread looking yummy. . I will also try it .. as it is my husband's fav.. I hv question that how I cn make it in microwave. Waiting for your reply..

  • hi mam,i meant to ask there is a wire rack came along with the otg so if i bake cake in a cake tin kept on this wire rack then this wire rack has to be preheated or not ?as i m new in baking i have no idea ....

    • shuchi, is the wire rack separate or can be used as stand/rack in the oven. meaning you can place it on the top or middle or lower positions in the oven. let me know.

  • I made eggless banana bread but i forgot to add baking soda but still the cake turned out to be mind blowing. Again hats off to u for ur hard work. I always use recipes frm ur blog for cooking i regularly visit ur blog thnx a lot for all the mind blowing recipes :)

  • Thank you chef for this lovely breakfast recipe.
    But very unfortunate I don't have oven to bake. Its so sad.
    Now I have to wait for this lovely yummy tummy recipe till oven comes.
    But whenever it comes first recipe will be this and wait for my comment.
    God bless you....

  • Today i made cheese garlic but due to absence of garlic cloves i added garlic powder it turned out to be amazing!

    • thanks riya for the review and sharing the variation. garlic powder also goes well. in most commercial eateries, they use garlic powder :-)

  • yes mam,wire rack can be separated from the otg and can be placed at any rack like the baking tray ...so wht to do in this case ?

    • okay. if you plan to keep a baking tray/pan on the wire rack, then you have to place the rack in the oven and preheat it. here the rack functions like a stand. if you plan to keep the rack on another stand in the oven, then no need to preheat it. i hope i am clear.

  • thank you mam for your valuable reply..i will surely try this soon..but today i m planning to make these cheese bread without garlic as we dont consume this and as per your suggestion i will substitute this with the asafoetida ...and let you know ....

  • I liked the garlic toast receipe very much. tried it is very tasty. pl put some more veg receipe.

    • no need to make any changes. you can use the same proportion for all the recipes. if you use cup measurement for maida, then its 1 cup and if weight measurement, then its 125 grams. no issues with posting of your query in this recipe post :-)

  • hi mam,tried this yesterday,came out well...but without garlic some taste was missing,,,and tasted like a bread butter,,,i added a pinch of asafoetida too....but thanks to sharing such a wonderful recipe in an easy way....and a very very special thanks for your all quick and valuable replies to all my queries..my next trial will be bread pizza...thank you so much....

  • Hi mam,currently i dont have the muffin tray.,.and want to make bread tartlets ...is there any way to make this without the muffin tray ?and i also could not understand whats the use of aluminium foil you mentioned while toasting the bread ..plz also clear this...

    • hmmm. just make it like you make toasts. slice the edges of the bread and make 4 pieces, if the medium to large sized bread. for small bread, make two pieces. place them in a baking tray or pan and toast them till the edges are light golden to golden. the foil is use to secure the bread slices in the muffin tray. you won't need them. then add the stuffing and bake till the cheese melts. you will make open toast slices instead of the tartlets :-)

  • hello mam,made bread pizza using readymade topping as i had already available that....came out really very good ...thank you...and with your valuable guidance now i am learning baking....once again thank you so much..my next trial will be capsicum toast ..if i make them in otg than the regular toaster will the taste be different ?and how long will it take to bake ?

    • welcome shuchi and good to know. the taste is slightly different in an oven. generally takes about 10 to 15 minutes at 180 degrees celsius. just the bread has to get golden and crisp.

  • Urs recipes are vry nyc.. i love to watch it nd also cook it.. it comes with delicious recipes.

  • Hi dassana amit,
    I have visited ur site 4 d 1st time and the way u have explained the recipe is commendable.. Thanks for making it user friendly.. Wud love to try it at home asap..

  • Thankyou for so many tasty recipes dassana .....i love ur cooking n the step by step explaination with picture ....hats off to you ...god bless u n ur family

  • Hi dassana, made this recipe in my new OTG. It was fantastic. With your help and your recipes want to bake cakes. Thanks for sharing so many recipes. U to care. Marina

    • new otg :-) congrats. i am also thinking of getting one :-) and thanks for the feedback. always appreciated. tc.

      • you know dassana i decided on an OTG only after i came across your site and reading so many baking recipes ... and also reading the comments section where a few readers had taken your advice on what to buy microwave or OTG ... so i now hv and OTG and a microwave solo ... thanks to you... tc

        • pleased to know this marina :) otg is always preferred and you are welcome. also congrats on your new otg.

  • Hi..i love your recipes. .its really helpful specially when leaving alone and no help around. .hehe...i just had a request. .could you post the recipe of baked vegetables too..i love it...
    Hey your photos are beautiful. ..and tempting...
    Thanks again

    • thankyou so much dipti :) for your kind and positive words. have taken your request for baked vegetables on our file and you are welcome.

  • Hey Amit it is really helpful... and you are awesome... i fixed my big problem in small manner.. by just following your steps... thanks a lottttt....

  • Hi mam I have LG microwave convection oven. I baked it for 8 minutes at 200°c but neither the bread was brown even a little nor the cheese melted. What should I do ?

    • chandni, baking for some more time is needed. i hope you preheated the oven for at least 10 to 15 minutes before you kept the bread for baking.

  • Hi
    Thanks for all your recipes they're wonderful.
    I am intrigued by mention of garlic chives.
    Do you get them here in India?
    What are they called in North India?
    While I'm at it, could you also help me, where can I get pearl barley?
    Or barley grains without the chaff?
    To make lemon barley water?
    Thanks again for a wonderful website.

    • thanks. we do get garlic chives in india. they are called as hara lahsun in hindi. but usually garlic chives are available during indian winters. barley is called as jau in hindi and you should be able to get them in a local grocery store.

  • Super easy and super yumm. I also added a bit of virgin olive oil to the butter. Turned out more delicious.

    Thanks for sharing such fantastic recipes.

  • Hi Dassana. I always turn to your site when I need a recipe. :) Though the taste was good, even after baking for 10 minutes, the cheese hadn't melted. But the bread got toasted and became too crisp. Is it because I used parmesan cheese? My knowledge of the types of cheese is practically zilch.

    • thanks saurabh. parmesan cheese won't melt. you can mix it with a cheese that melts like mozzarella or cheddar. generally parmesah cheese is used to sprinkle on salads or pasta or soups.

  • Thanks a lot once again for a wonderful recipe... Quick to make and yummy... Hubby loved it
    Thanks a lot
    Five stars!

  • Hi,
    I tried this sterday in my convection microwave. Unfortuantely,the cheese i put on the top became brown n hard :( Where did i go wrong? :(

    • what temperature did you use and did you use convection mode only or both convection & microwave combination mode.

  • Thank u so much for this simple yet amazing recipe

    I love ur recipes and they come to my aid whenever I am in a fix as to wat to cook.

    Thanks again :)

  • Hlo...
    I jst tried d recipe... it was so yummy.. tx alot for ur wonderful illustrations
    Do tell how to make chocolate cake in convection mode?

  • Hey I think you are the bestest chef ever seriously... I made them tonight they came out really good ... Hats off to you... All your dishes are out of the world. ..

  • Hello don't u think u r the best chef ever... Coz I really think so u also think. .. tried yesterday they were toooo good... God bless.

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    Love all the recipes that I've tried from your site. U are my first choice for vegetarian non-South Indian food!!! Love, love, love your blog. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into it, and a BIG thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes!!

  • Hello mam,my hubby loves garlic bread...wanna try it ....plz tell me can we use processed cheese spread instead of processed cheese??

    • shuchi, processed cheese spread will give a different taste. but you can still try. with cheese the taste is better. you can even use cheddar or mozzarella cheese.

    • khanita, preheating is required. i have mentioned in the first step. preheat for 15 minutes at 200 degrees celsius.

  • I loved the recipe made for the first time and it was a first time baking so loved it came out to be really good only I didn't used mozzarella cheese or it was a perfect taste same as a pizza hut garlic bread thanks ❤

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