arbi recipes for vrat – indian arbi recipes for fasting or vrat

The arbi recipes which I am posting here are mostly North Indian style. Arbi and its leaves are used in different ways in regional Indian cuisine. they are often added to sambar or Kerala avial dish or arbi leaves are used in konkan region to make a dish called as Alu vadi or patra.

Arbi or colocasia root Or taro root is one of those veggie which is allowed to be eaten during religious fasting days in India. So arbi recipes are often made during religious fasting days like Navratri fasting, Ekadashi fasting or Janmashtami fast, or any other religious vrat.

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7 arbi recipes for fasting or vrat

1. Sukhi arbi or dry arbi
Also known as brindavani ghuiya. These fried arbi recipe goes well with parathas or as a snack. Step by step recipe

2. Dahi wali arbi
Mildly spiced and a thin curry made with arbi/taro roots in an onion-tomato gravy. Its a step by step recipe. Just skip adding onions and garlic, if you are making this recipe for fasting or vrat.

3. Arbi curry or arbi masala
Light North Indian curry. If making for fasting then this recipe goes well with swang ke chawal or with Kuttu ki roti. we also make the same curry with potatoes. So if you do not have or get taro roots, you can make the same curry with boiled potatoes.

4. Arbi tikkis or arbi patties
Simple and easy to make lightly spiced patties. In this recipe, singhare ka atta or water chestnut flour is also used.

5. Arbi cutlet
Spiced crispy pan fried arbi or colocasia roots. Vegan and gluten free recipe. this is an easy and healthy version of arbi cutlet. I have pan fried the arbi with less oil and then added all my favorite spice powders to it.

6. Dahi arbi
Dahi arbi or colocasia-taro roots in a thin yogurt gravy is a excellent recipe to made during summers.

7. Arbi fry recipe
Spiced colocasia or taro roots fry for the Navratri festival. This arbi fry can be had as a side dish, snack or even with Rajgira paratha along with some green chutney or Curd. I served along with Vrat ki khichdi (samvat rice or barnyard millet khichdi).

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