potato recipes for navratri fasting | 12 aloo recipes for navratri vrat (upwas)

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collection of 12 aloo or potato recipes which you can make for navratri fasting or vrat. – aloo and sabudana are two ingredients which are very commonly used for making recipes during navratri vrat or any other religious fasting days like mahashivratri or ekadasi. thats because they are easily available any time of the year in india.

in our kitchens, aloo or sabudana are stocked during fasting days. some of the popular recipes made with sabudana are sabudana khichdi, sabudana vada, sabudana thalipeeth, sabudana kheer and sabudana ladoo.

in desserts, you can make recipes like makhana kheer, paneer kheer, dry fruits ladoo, rajgira ki kheer, vrat ka halwa, samvat rice kheer, ash gourd halwa, banana rasayana.

most of the aloo fasting recipes mentioned below are easy and quick to make. the aloo curry dishes can be served with singhare ki poori, rajgira ki poori, kuttu ki roti, rajgira paratha or vrat ke chawal ka pulao or samvat rice khichdi.

in few aloo recipes, i have used amchur or palak, as in our home we use them for navratri fasting. but some people don’t use amchur (dry mango powder) or coriander seeds or spinach etc during navratri fasting. so if you find any ingredient which is not used at your home for navratri fasting then skip adding them. sendha namak has to be used to make all navratri fasting food. check this post to know general navratri rules and recipes.

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12 aloo recipes for navratri fasting or vrat:

1. vrat wale aloo recipe – this vrat ke aloo is one of the popular potato curry dish made during fasting.

2. aloo tamatar ki sabzi – easy lightly spiced curry made with potatoes and tomatoes. this is a very easy and simple aloo tamatar sabzi which you can make for navratri fasting or any other fasting days.

3. aloo paneer kofta – a melt in the mouth koftas with a crisp exterior. just substitute the corn flour with fasting flours like water chestnut flour (singhare ka atta), buckwheat flour (kuttu ka atta) or arrow root flour. step by step recipe.

4. dahi aloo – a light curry made from potatoes and yogurt. quick and easy dish. another similar fasting recipe is dahi arbi.

5. aloo makhana – easy snack recipe for navratri made with boiled potatoes, phool makhana (foxnuts) and spices. other fasting recipe you can make with makhana is makhane ki kheer.

6. jeera aloo – a quick dish of sauteed boiled potatoes with cumin and green chillies. aloo jeera is one of the simplest fasting recipe.

7. vrat ke aloo palak – simple and easy spinach potato curry recipe. addition of carom seeds or ajwain gives a nice aromatic flavor and taste to the curry. this a semi gravy dish.

8. aloo tuk –  quick sindhi dish which can be served as snacks or a dish dish. serve them with phalahari chuteny or coconut fasting chutney. skip the coriander powder if you don’t use it during fasting days in your home.

9. farali pattice gujarati snack usually made during fasting. use singhare ka atta (water chestnut flour) or kuttu ka atta (buckwheat flour) for binding. serve them with phalahari chutney or coconut fasting chutney.

10. easy aloo chaat – little spicy, tangy and crispy potato chaat.

11. farali batata vada recipe – delicious snack of potato vadas or potato bonda made for fasting or vrat.

12. potato chips recipe –  you can make these sun dried potato chips as many as you want. then whenever you want you can fry them & they are ready to be served in no time.

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