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Namaste, hello & welcome

We are glad that you are here and thank you for stopping by on vegrecipesofindia – a blog which has pure vegetarian recipes, mostly Indian but some World cuisine as well. There are some Eggless baking recipes as well. Most of the recipes are in step by step pictorial format. They are easy to understand and relate too. A few recipes have short videos also along with the stepwise pics.

Who are we

I am Dassana. My name means “search for insight” dassanaamit ( many readers ask me the meaning of my name and hence I have mentioned it).

Vegrecipesofindia.com is maintained by myself and my husband Amit. I take care of the design, layout, coding, content etc whereas amit takes care of all the other technical aspects related with the website.

Apart from vegrecipesofindia, we also maintain a spiritual website – ThespiritualIndian. our life journey had many ups and downs but there is a constant thread of spirituality in it. Practicing meditation very early in our lives has helped us a long way and continues to help us even now and our families.

More about us and the blog

I started vegrecipesofindia.com in feb 2009 to keep a log (online journal) of my family recipes and the ones which I had developed back then along with the recipes I was trained in. It was on the insistence of my husband amit that I started maintaining this online journal. Of course I had no idea back then that vegrecipesofindia would grow so much and become India’s most popular food blog.

I am trained professionally in cooking, baking and confectionary as I have done my graduation in home science. I was trained both in mainstream Indian as well as international cuisines. I also have also worked as an intern in a five star hotel.

Whatever I know about cooking, baking and confectionery is thanks to my training in food science, food technology, nutrition & dietetics.

Even before getting trained professionally, I already knew the basics of cooking as I learnt it from my elders right from the age of 10. cooking is one art that is deeply instilled in me.

About the recipes

We have 1800 vegetarian recipes shared in this span of 9.5 years and it is one of the largest collection of pure Indian vegetarian recipes which have been tried and tested and presented with step by step photos. The recipes are also shared with many tips and suggestions so that its easier for anyone to make them easily.

Many of our blog fans, readers and patrons love our recipes. We are also grateful to our readers for giving us blessings, positive vibes and good wishes. Positive energy does make a difference. The testimonial to this fact is the hundreds of positive comments, reviews and mentions we have on our top recipes like:

All the recipes are tried and tested in our kitchen first and then only shared on the blog. I keep the homemaker in mind and make the recipes. So thats it easy and one does not have to hunt around for ingredients – specifically ingredients which are not easily available in India.

The recipes shared are taken from our families, relatives, friends. Some recipes are adapted from my home science notes & various cookbooks. Some recipes I have been making for many years. Some recipes are the ones which I have created and developed. Whenever I adapt a recipe from any cookbook or website, I always give its reference. If the recipe is of my mother or mil or of any friend then that is also mentioned in the post.

Our food motto

We always prefer home cooked food whether its making a simple Pizza or a loaf of bread or Chocolate cake. we believe in cooking with fresh ingredients that are easily available. We avoid using heavily processed food or junk food. As a result we have sound health in our family. We do not fall ill or spend any money on the doctors. Eat healthy and stay healthy is our motto. On the blog you will find many healthy recipes made with whole grains and cereals. Even in many of my baking recipes, I have used healthy ingredients wherever possible.

Even before I started to blog, I would buy organic and this habit has stayed even today. All our grocery stuff is organic produce from grains to sugar and flours. We even purchase organic vegetables and fruits. I cannot get all the vegetables & fruits organic in India. But I do buy whatever we can. Hence you will see fewer gourmet fruits or imported vegetables recipes on the blog. We buy local vegetables and fruits to ensure that this supports the farmers of our country.

We also make sure to share some regional recipes made from rare ingredients or veggies which are not very popular or well known. We have tried to share at least one recipe of such an ingredient. E.g. We have covered many gourd varieties. We have shared recipes of ingredients which are available only in some Indian states like fresh jowar grains, lotus stem, amaranth leaves, colocasia leaves, Chinese potato (koorka), tapioca root, banana flower, khus grass, nannari, makhana, sandalwood powder, turmeric leaves, lilva beans and flours like water chestnut flour, buckwheat flour, amaranth flour, barnyard millet flour, arrowroot flour etc.

We think that people who want to use these ingredients should be able to make recipes with them easily. This is not only good for farmers but for us also as most of these ingredients are healthy.

Indian food

Indian food is diverse as well as vast. There is so much variety that we bet one cannot find such a massive variety in any country. From simple everyday recipes to complex recipes, from a basic dal to a rich biryani, from a light meal to a full thali meal. There are thousands of varieties of food that one gets in India. Not to forget the sweets and desserts too. Yet another Indian culinary delight is the Indian street food.

The recipes are also markedly different pertaining to the different regions. The North Indian food is different than the South Indian food. Then there is the Rajasthani, Gujarati, Maharashtrian, Goan food – which forms the western belt and the central belt – the Bihari, agarwal, Awadhi and Lucknowi cuisine which is again very different. In between there are parsi, east Indian, sindhi and iranian flavors too. Not to forget the north eastern states as well as Kashmiri cuisine. So welcome to the land of Indian food.

Comment policy

You can share your experience related to a recipe or give your suggestions or feedback. We reply to most of the comments or queries we get on the blog. Comments are moderated by us every day. So it does take some hours or a day before you see the reply to your comment. If you have tried a recipe, you can even rate or review it.

Spammy, rude or offensive comments are automatically deleted as we have enabled the comment system that way. Event links and promotional links will also not be approved.


We do not do any promotion or review of any product as we care for our readers. The quality of products keep changing depending upon the profit margins of the company. So we don’t promote any product on this website as we think its not ethical from our end to promote a product whose quality can change over a period of time.

So if you are a brand or an advertiser, then please do not send us any promotional or marketing emails for your product. we don’t do any product promotion, review or advertising.

Guest posts and sponsored posts

I also do not do any sponsored posts, give aways and freelance recipe development.

We also don’t take any guest post on the blog. Although we get few requests every month. But again we don’t know how good the recipe is. Unless we try a recipe ourself, we don’t want to publish it in our blog. Reason being that once the recipe is published on our blog then it will be tried by thousands of people in a month. We don’t want to spoil the food of so many people by publishing a recipe that is not tried and tested and fool proof. Its a heavy karma to spoil the food of so many people. So we make sure that all recipes are tried and tested before getting published on the blog.

Images copyright

All the content and images on our blog are copyright protected. Please do not use our images in any way which includes hot-linking the images or uploading them to your server and then showing it in your website or apps or ebooks or videos or any medium whatsoever. please also don’t use our content, work, written text and photos in any way without our permission. please do not republish our copyrighted content or use our pics. Check our Terms and conditions page for more info.

Using recipes

If you have made and liked our recipe and want to add it in your website, blog or make a youtube video. Then please do the following:

1.  write the recipe method or instructions in your own words instead of copying and pasting ours.

2. Do write your own titles and headings. Please do not copy ours.

3. Also do credit the recipe author that is myself (dassana) by name and provide a real link back to the source recipe page.

It is a good practice to write the recipe in your own words and give a real link back to the author and the recipe source. Its maintains your credibility and authenticity not only with your readers but deep down you will also feel good. Honesty and sincerity are two best friends one should never leave.

This practice is also good as lately google has been penalizing websites which heavily rely on copied content from other blogs. Just changing some words or some ingredients here and there do not help as your website may be at the risk of getting penalized.

Press and media mentions

We have had our share of  some media and press mentions. This is happened inspite of my hesitation to promote the blog and focus more on creating and sharing good recipes.

  • Our blog recipe photos were shown in google TV advertisements which were aired on major Indian television channels for around 3 months.
  • Many of our recipes have been featured in leading websites and newspapers like huffingtonpost.com, timesofindia, tribune, manorama group, femina magazine etc.
  • Our website got featured in the femina magazine issue (Oct 15 2017) in their featured article on top 50 bloggers in various niches. Pic here.
  • We were also featured in patrika newspaper (August – 2017). Pic here. article has been featured in all the patrika newspapers across different towns and cities of India.
  • The blog received a mention in Maharashtratimes. check the newspaper pic here.

You can check more of our press and media mentions on this link: Media mentions

Get in touch

You can email us at [email protected] if you have any query which you are not comfortable sharing in the comment or want to send us a photo of any recipe you made from the website.

You can also find us on social media like FacebookYoutube, PinterestTwitterInstagram

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  1. Hi Dassana! Thank you for the amazing recipe that you post. I had quick suggestion – Earlier web design was better to look for the latest recipe. Current design restrict my browsing for latest recipe. May be you would consider changing this if you hear the same suggestion from others.

    • welcome shruti. i will consider your suggestion. some readers have also suggested the same.

  2. Dear Amit and Dassana,
    I whole heartedly thank for your website and service.
    I tried the Eggless chritmas fruit cake. Simply Divine.
    Step by step instructions with beautiful photos.
    Really wonderful like a child’s play.
    Very pleasing website. I have visited many cookery
    sites. This is the first comment I have posted ever in my life.
    Due to gratitude I clicked the side advert. some ad website
    open on a new tab but most ad open on the same tab
    closing ur website. Thanks for reading this.

    • welcome balasubramaniyan. glad to know that you like the website so much. thanks for sharing this touching and encouraging feedback. no need to click on the ads unless you want to check them. because that will not be fair to the person who is paying for displaying those ads. your gratitude and love is more important than the money. keep visiting.

      • You have lots of paramitas inherited from
        your past and accumulating in the present life.
        keep growing in Dharma. lots of blessings
        from many people will surely help you to
        accomplish the purpose of your life.

        • thanks a lot balasubramaniayn for your kind words. i strongly trust the philosophy of doing good karmas. as law of karma works every where.

  3. Hello,

    Me and my girlfriend love your recipes. I’ve noticed your using a wet grinder to grind the wet masalas. Yours look so smooth, I’m not able to achieve the same level with my food processor.

    Could you tell me the brand or type you’re using? I was looking for something in The Netherlands (EU) but I can’t find anything similar to the ones in your pictures.

    With kind regards,


    • thanks neik. i am using an indian brand preethi. this model has a 750 watts machine. you can check if you can get this brand online on amazon.com

  4. Hi
    First of all thank you so much. Dassana I have learned a lot from your blog and I have tried a lot of your dishes successfully. I started cooking after marriage and I had never cooked before. I travel constantly with my husband and never got a chance to learn cooking from my mom in law or mom (both are excellent cooks). Your blog is a great help and both me and my husband being vegetarians I go straight to your blog when want to try something new. Great work 🙂

    • thanks jyoti for sharing this positive feedback. glad to know that the blog is helping you in cooking.

  5. Hi Dassana,
    i have seen your blog its wonderful the way you introduce cooking in easy way step by step now any one can cook,gr8 job,
    i am wondering to know when you will be introducing sizzler, my best wishes to you,njoy cooking and keep inventing and experimenting new in life
    happy cooking,.

    • welcome chefajay. thanks a lot for your kind words and appreciation. i have got few requests for sizzler. i will try to add it soon.

  6. Beautiful website and pictures actually help a lot. I visit your site often for vegetarian recipes.

    A quick question, I noticed you are into occult teachings and meditation also, do you blog on that too??

    • thanks pallavi. we are trying to make one website on spirituality. but not getting time.

  7. A lovely and lively blog.Great pictures..Amazing recipes…Have tried many recipes for baking..but yours comes perfect.Great going!!

    • thanks priya

  8. Hi Dassana,
    Your all recipes are awesome. I Love your recipes. i have tried your all recipes at home. thank you so much for wonderful recipes.

    • welcome. glad to know this.

  9. Hi Dassana,
    I love all your recipes .Being vegetarian and cake lover,I tried many eggless forms of baking. Your recipes inspire me to bake everyday.
    Thank you so much.

    • welcome malathi. glad to know this.

  10. Hi Dassana,

    All your recipes are awesome 🙂 I have tried so many recipes from your blog and everything comes out so perfect. Thanks you so much 🙂

    I have a query.I wanted to try baking cakes and bread. Which Oven would you suggest ? OTG or Microwave ?

    • welcome shruti. glad to know this. OTG is better for baking.

  11. Hi Dassana,

    I have been a huge fan of your recipes, your write ups about the recipes, very relatable and always filled with warmth . And of course, the beautiful step by step pictorials. It reflects how meticulous you are. Dassana, I want to try the Kaju katli recipe on the blog. I will be making it for 10 family members ( including our family ) . How much Kaju katli should I make, I mean how to adjust the quantities. Also, when you say a cup of cashews, are you referring to broken / cashew pieces of whole cashews.


    • welcome meghan. thanks for your kind words. i mean whole cashews while saying 1 cup. for 10-12 people it will be too much of stirring. make the same recipe in two or three batches.

  12. Hello,

    Thank you so much for your site! I have been learning to cook Indian food for a few months now and your recipes are better than anyone else’s. They always turn out perfectly.

    I wanted to leave a comment on your idli recipe, but the comment box was not appearing. I have a question about what to do if you cannot cook the batter immediately. Because I work early in the morning, if I have the batter fermenting overnight I think I won’t be able to cook it until later in the evening, and then it will have fermented for almost 24 hours. What should I do? Can I put it in the fridge after 8 hours or will that ruin it?

    Thank you so much for your help.

    • thanks elizabeth. as soon as the batter is fermented, you keep it covered in the fridge. it stays good for some days. if the batter becomes sour after one or two days, then you can make dosa or uttapam or paniyaram (dumplings) with the batter.

  13. HI Dasanna,

    I have tried several recipes from your website and all turned out really well. Thanks very much for giving me a chance to excel in cooking. Because of this website , Im more keen to cook than ever. My family enjoys all the meal, I have prepared from your site. Well done and all the best.


    • thanks a lot vidhya. happy cooking 🙂

  14. All your recipes are of accurate measurements. and I usually refer ur website for any recipes. Thanks for posting every pics of all recipes. My cooking turned perfect only with the measurements you have given for the recipes. Thanks alot

    • thanks you much jayashree and welcome.

  15. Hi,

    I tried to leave a comment on your How to Sprout Mixed Beans but couldn’t find it. Anyway, i tried your method but then by the 2nd day, the soaked beans smell sour, yeastly and simply unpleasant so I had to throw it away. I skimmed off the foamy top of the water as you instructed.

    I read another article that we are supposed to change the beans with fresh water everyday but I didn’t see that in your post.

    Did you forget to include that step?


    • if the beans are rinsed well before soaking, then this issue may not happen. also there should be no water left in the beans. all the water should be discarded. i do not rinse the beans when the sprouting is happening. the beans have to be undisturbed. so this step is not forgotten 🙂

      • So we are not supposed to soak the beans when sprouting? Just rinse them well enough in the beginning and drain most of the water out then leave them undisturbed on the kitchen counter? Also does it matter if I cover it tightly with a lid or would it be better to use damp cloth?

        • hi jos, we need to soak them overnight. once they are soaked and swell up, then discard the water. you can even rinse them after they are soaked. the just place the soaked beans in a clean bowl. cover and leave them undisturbed. keep them in a place where there is some light. you can cover tightly with a lid or even with a moist cloth. i need to update this post with better pics. so will do soon.

  16. Really all ur recipes are much much better than sanjeev kapoors. All recipes are nice with perfect measurements and wonderfully clicked too.

    Keep going and all the best to both of you. 🙂

    • thank you very much janhavi.

  17. hiii
    i need a little help regarding to the oven. my mother bought an godrej oven and she is new with microwave. so please tell me about power level for different kind of recipes or just let me know that which power level is good for which kind of cooking.

    • replied to you on mail after getting your email on the same.

  18. Your recipes are damn good, much better than chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s. You should release a cook book

    • thank you very much. hopefully in the future 🙂

  19. Hello again Dassana 🙂

    I made the bread again with your tips, and it came out much better than the first time. But when i try to toast the bread in a toaster, it never becomes hard/crisp or even change colour like when we toast the outside bread. its always soft, is it because of the whole wheat or am i still not doing it properly?

    I made Easter biscuits today and they came out very well 🙂 … i reduced the recipe into half and since i dont get flax seeds here, i substituted with 1/2 tsp baking soda and 1/2 tsp vinegar ( i didnt want to put egg) . May be coz of this, the inside was also crispy instead of soft as mentioned in the recipe? But i liked it anyway 😀

    I prepared the chocolate chip cookies twice, and both time the bottom of the cookies got burnt and i had to scrape it out. I dont have a aluminium tray, a black tray came along with the OTG, so i put a butter paper and bake the cookies on them. I put the tray in centre with top n bottom rods heated as mentioned. But the bottom of the cookies got burnt and stuck to the butter paper. Will it work if i switch to only top heating after half the baking time?

    Thank you for the recipes. i m enjoying learning to bake through your recipes.

    • could be due to the whole wheat. i am just guessing. but when i toast, the toasting takes time than the outside bread. this is as the bread will have more moisture than compared to the ready made breads. for easter biscuits, the combo of baking soda and vinegar must have made them crispy.
      for choco chip cookies, i suggest to use aluminium tray. black colored baking trays or pans get heated quickly and hence the baking time is also reduced. you can grease the black tray or grease the butter paper and bake at a lower temperature (reduce to 15 to 20 degrees) and for less time. the cookies will not get burned from the bottom.

      • Thank you so much 🙂

        • welcome nandita.

  20. Hi Amit and Dassana. Thanks for a wonderful food blog you both have created together.
    Dassana your recipes are mind blowing and the way you represent them makes them so easy to learn even for a novice like me 🙂
    I searched for sizzlers on your blog but didn’t find it. If possible try to make it. Everyone will fall in love with that recipe too 🙂

    • thanks gauri. sizzlers are on my to do list. so i do plan to add one in the coming months. i just need to buy a hot plate for the sizzler 🙂

      • Hi Dassana…I jst love ur recipes, they are tasty n the ingredients what you use are easily available at home.
        How cn I give my feedback or suggestion on recipes?

        • for now we have closed the comments on most of the older posts. so the feedback or suggestions can be mailed to us. in some days we will open all the comments. so then the feedback or suggestions can be posted on the page.

      • Thanks Dassana for the reply. Will eagerly wait for special sizzler made by you. As all the dishes you made are worth to fall in love with.
        In Hinduism, there is a Goddess Annapurna, I found you exactly like her.
        I loved your bharwa karela recipe. As you have mentioned earlier that you have closed comments so I mentioned it here.
        You both are bringing a revolution in food sector.
        All the Best for all your future endeavours 🙂

        • thanks a lot gauri. thats very nice of you to say. but i am not like maa annapurna. i am HER devotee. i have a sweet cute idol of HER in my kitchen. i do remember her for inspiration as well as to find new recipes 🙂

  21. I want to know what is Javas called in English I understand it is used for below cause.

    Also if you can specify some Indian Pulsae etc used in any way to reduce Blood Cholostoral.

    • jawas is flax seeds. most of the pulses and beans are good to reduce cholesterol. you can try any of the dals that we use in indian cuisine like moong dal, arhar dal, chana dal etc. even dried peas or matar are good. but when cooking lentils, just remember to cook them really well and add spices like cumin or asafoetida or turmeric, so that gas or bloating does not occur. when soaking beans like rajma or chana or any beans, soak them overnight. discard this water and rinse the beans in fresh water and then cook them. the soaking gets rid of the phytates from the beans.

  22. Hi Dassana and Amit,
    I am so impressed with the simplicity of the recipes you make..rather you present the recipes such a way that they look so simple,great work..keep it up!

    • thanks manjiri for your positive feedback and kind words.

  23. This is about the eggless banana cake from veg recipes of india. I had tried your recipe exactly but the texture was not as grainy as in the picture. What could the reasons be for this? Thank you.

    • in the recipe, the batter has to be folded and not mixed. too much of folding also will make the cake dense. so i think this could be the reason.

      • Hi referring to the eggless banana cake recipe again. The bananas used are 300g with skin or without skin?
        Thank you.

        • with the peels/skin.

  24. Hi Dassana Amit,

    Thanks a lot for such a nice and helpful blog. Its been almost six month since I started cooking on daily basis as I got married 😛 … And every time I need to cook something that I don’t know, I always google. The first link that I get is vegrecipesofindia.com and without any other search, I just always follow this link and my all dishes turns out to be so tasty. The credit goes to you. The recipes here are provided with such a great detail that no one can fail in cooking those recipes. The more praise I receive, the more grateful I feel to you.

    After trying ample of your recipes, today just thought to read your “About Us” column and it is worth reading. Really, great efforts you both put in for this blog. I will bookmark this blog now on wards and will keep looking to try more and more recipes. As I stay in US, I don’t get all the Indian ingredients easily here which sometimes makes our days so common and boring with same food everyday. But with help of your blog, I am trying to get as many food options as I can to make my cooking more varied, interesting and healthy. Thank You.

    • welcome nisha. nice to know that blog is helping you in cooking. thanks for sharing positive review on recipes.

  25. First of all a big thank u for this wonderful. I have tried some of your recipes and it never let me down. This is my one stop solution now.

    Sorry for posting this at a wrong place. I wanted to prepare veg fried rice with 2 cups of rices and dry paneer tikka also with double the paneer. I cant find the reply boxes in these pages. Can you please tell me the changes to be made? Thanks in advance.

    • thanks aswathy. just increase everything proportionately in both the recipes.

  26. Hello D and A,

    I have been a regular reader of your blog and absolutely love the recipes you share. I have cooked several and they have all turned out beautifully- thanks to you. But the reason I am writing this comment is to just express my happiness that people like you exist in today’s world. I read some of your answers and was thrilled to read how honest, transparent and positive you are. Your spirituality is surely a reason, but practicing it also requires tremendous self control and discipline. So hats off to you both for giving so selflessly, for believing in the law of karma and for being so positive. Special mention: Amit- it is so great to see you support D and encourage her while working hard in the background. May God bless you both and may there be more people like you!

    • welcome shweta. thanks a lot for your kind words and awesome feedback. you made our day.

    • hello amit and dassana
      i have been trying hard to post a comment but i was not able to. sorry i posted it here.
      first of all a very very big thankyou to u for all these recipes. i followed ur dum aloo, paneer butter masala, pindi chole, rava idli, sambhar with coconut chutney, rasgulla recipes n many more….. n i am too say my family started loving my cooking n me both more n more.. my hubby has becum fan of mine… thanks to u both…

      • welcome dr nisha. glad to know this. thanks for sharing positive review on recipes. comments are closed in older posts for some time.

  27. I love Indian food and have tried to make it several time without success. I recently made your vegan aloo gobi and followed the directions exactly, but it came out sooooooooooooo bland!!
    Is there a secret spice that no one is telling me about?
    It’s just so frustrating to spend all that time and $$ and the end products is so disappointing…any suggestions?

    • indian food is generally not bland. i am not sure which aloo gobi you are referring to. there are only two recipes which are vegan. one is a dry version and one is a curried. both use spices like red chili powder and garam masala powder. so they cannot be bland. i make both of them. i can only pinpoint to the quality of red chili powder and garam masala. the red chili powder that we use in indian food is just ground red chilies. nothing is added to them. the garam masala is a blend of warming spices that make the food aromatic and gives a flavor and taste of its own. there is no secret spice or secret ingredient. if anything become bland, when you try an indian recipe, then just increase the amount of red chili powder or green chilies.

  28. Hi Dassana,

    You have a lovely blog here! I can’t thank you enough for the atta bread recipe on your blog. I have experimented with LOTS of bread recipes and have never had such a fantastic result. I have now bookmarked your blog for future reference and will try as many recipes as I can.

    Next on my list to try is your banana bread. I have a question regarding that. I want to try making the banana bread with oats flour [ground rolled oats]. Do I have to make any changes in the proportion of oil/egg?

    Thanks again

    • thanks madhuri and good to know. even i have experimented with many recipes before i finally came to this one. you can add 1/4 cup of oats four and 1 cup flour. no need to reduce the eggs. just reduce the oil by 1/4th.

  29. Though I am not a frequent cook, but as they say, the path to making your loved ones happy often comes through cooking, so every now and then I try.. Your recipes, along with the pictorial, step by step instructions make even not-so-kitchen savvy people like me churn out professional quality dishes.. I started off with your bread pakora recipe and after a few months of trying a few other ones, all of which came off beautifully and fetched me loads of compliments, I was curious to know more about the chef and came to the ‘About Us’ section.. I must say you guys make a fantastic team and are doing a wonderful job.. Keep dishing out new stuff.. Best wishes

    • welcome sunshine. glad to know this. thanks for sharing your cooking journey and writing this sweet feedback.

      • Hi, I’ve got a question about your Shahi paneer recipe- What kind of melon seeds are you referring to? Is there anything else I can substitute instead?

        • the ones i used were musk melon seeds. you can also use water melon seeds.

  30. Hello! I was wondering if I could have your permission to share an image from your rose milk post with credit given and a link to the recipe on your site, as part of a collection of rose recipes.


    • mailed you ann.

  31. Hello Dassana

    Thank you so much for the easy to follow 100% whole wheat bread recipe. I am new to baking. I tried this recipe today, and it turned out good. But it wasn’t as fluffy as it is in your photo, it was a little wet n soft, so i baked for ten more minutes. The first time i placed it in the centre rack ( i have prestige 28 ltrs OTG), the top got nicely baked and crisp, but not the rest. So the second time i put it in the bottom rack and baked it for 10 more mins, it was little better but i think it should have been more dry. It was soft and tasty, but just feel it should be more dry and fluffy? Could u pls tell me what changes to do for next time?

    Both my parents are diabetic and my father is a heart patient. So is it ok if i skip sugar and butter/oil/ghee and make the dough? Will the bread turn out good?

    My parents enjoyed eating the bread, but they prefer it without sugar and fat.

    I also tried your eggless whole wheat butter cookies, and they turned out great, yay!! i put them in centre rack. All cookies should be baked in centre rack??

    Can you please mention in your recipes, in which rack to bake the dishes? it wil be helpful, if you can.

    Please help 🙂

    Wish you both lots of success, thank u so much for this wonderful website. I can understand the time, energy and effort that goes in putting up such detailed recipes. It is really very helpful to us beginners. I am surely going to try as many baking recipes as i can! 🙂


    • firstly thank you nandita for the overall positive feedback.
      – starting with cookies first, i always back cookies in the center rack with both the top and bottom heating elements on. top rack, they get browned from top. lower rack they get too much browned from bottom. i will make it a point to mention in which rack to bake in the future posts.

      – now for the bread. the yeast feeds on sugar as well as the sugars in the flour. you can easily make bread without sugar. i add it just to give a faint sweetness to the bread. you can also add a pinch of sugar if you are fine with it. the fats like oil/butter helps in giving a soft and moist texture. you can reduce the fat or skip it also. but in this case, just add some more water while kneading. the dough has to be slightly moist. you can also skip salt or add very less. for the bread that you baked, you need to bake for some more time. wetness should not be there. you can cover the top with a aluminium foil and bake further if the top gets browned quickly.

      – for proofing the active dry yeast or fresh yeast, if not adding sugar, you take the yeast, warm water and 2 tsp of flour in a bowl. mix well and allow to yeast to bubble and froth for 10 to 12 minutes. later add to the remaining flour and knead.

      • Thank you so much 🙂

        • welcome nandita

  32. Hi Dassana

    I love your recipes! I have just made your recipe for “https://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/chana-dal-recipe-chana-dal/”. I have a question about it but when I looked at the end of the recipe where the comments are – I could not see anywhere to write a comment myself. How do I do this? In the meantime my question is – I cooked the garlic til light brown/golden, then I added the onion. But by the time the onion was golden the garlic was black/burnt! How do I stop this from happening? Any advice greatly apreciated. Thank you!
    Your dal recipes are far better than ones I have tried in cookbooks – thank you!

    • thanks lucy. the comments are closed on older recipes due to time constraints. if you saute on a low flame then the garlic should not turn black. also you have to stir the onions quite often. another way is you add the onions first and once the onions are cooked, then add the garlic. i cook many recipes, in which i add garlic first, but never had this issue. a thick bottomed pan is also good for sauteing or tempering.

  33. I just want to say that photography is oozing warmth and it has some snugly characteristic that makes the whole recipe stand-out in a very great way.Your recipes and food photography are a treat.

    • thanks kala for your positive feedback and appreciation.

  34. Dear Gurudeva and Gurudevi,
    Hats off to you. I am a vegetarian and I always thought nobody cares about vegetarians, specially the young generation. But after seeing your website, I am wonder struck. O my God! O my God!! this just a wonderful collection, complete with even ‘No onion and no garlic items.
    Only thing which I could not get in your website is “Odia dishes”. You know Odisha is famous for Lord Jagannath. We are going to have the Rath Yatra very shortly (18th July). The Jagannath Temple is the largest vegetarian kitchen of the world cooking food based only on steam technology. This food is called ‘MAHAPRASADAM’ because it is said that this food is nothing but “Anna Brahma” the only place in India where God takes the form of food. Lord Jagannath himself is fond of food and 56 types of dishes are prepared in the temple and offered to him everyday.
    I propose that you include some typical Odiya cuisines to your list like Dahi Pakhala, Dalma, Besara, Mahura, Khatta, Khiri, Khechadi etc. There are also a lot of famous sweet dishes in Odisha like Chhena Podo, Rasaavali, Adisha Pithaa, Chakuli, Monda pithaa etc.
    You can also put few dishes according to the ancient Indian division of food based on Bhagwad Geeta – for example Satwik, Raajasik, and Taamasik – the characters of it are given in Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta.
    Thanks a lot

    • Thanks a lot Dr. Dipankar for your kind words and this inspirational message. i have noted down the recipe and will try to add them. i am not much familiar with Odiya cuisine. but want to visit the Jagannath temple. its in my to do list.

  35. Hello, I want to make the mango pickles but I want to know if the fenugrek and mustard seeds have to be toasted. Thank you.

    • welcome rogelio. no need to toast them.