whole wheat veg momo recipe, how to make whole wheat veg momos

whole wheat veg momos recipe with step by step photos – a healthy version of veg momos made with whole wheat flour or atta.

when i had added the veg momos recipe, i had got a lot of requests and even queries on how to make momos from whole wheat flour. so i thought of sharing the recipe. i had also made the spicy tomato chutney to go with these atta momos, as i had got a lot of requests for the same too. you can check the momos chutney recipe on this link – spicy momos chutney recipe.

i have also shared healthier version of few more popular recipes like baked samosa, whole wheat naan, whole wheat pizza, nankhatai, atta cake and whole wheat chocolate cake.

the method of making these momos is similar to preparing the regular veg momos. here the stuffing recipe is different as i have loosely adapted it from a nepali cookbook.

preparing momos does take time. so i would suggest you to grate or chop the veggies a night before and refrigerate them. so when preparing the next day, things are easier. its the chopping actually that takes time. you can use a food processor to get the chopping job done faster.

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