russian salad recipe, how to make veg russian salad | salad recipes

veg russian salad recipe, russian salad recipe

veg russian salad is an easy to make salad recipe and is quite popular. i had this russian salad many times in goan restaurants during my stay there. in goa, lot of tourist comes from russia and this salad is quite famous in the goan beach restaurants.

there in goa, they also add boiled eggs in the russian salad. whereas in this recipe, i have not added eggs and the salad is made from boiled vegetables and mayonnaise. if you like then you can add boiled eggs to the salad.

mayonnaise can be got from the grocery shops. it is easily available in the hypermarkets or supermarkets in india.

you can serve this russian salad with your regular meals or have it plain any time of the day when you are feeling little hungry. it is a good habit to include salads in the diet. green veggies and fruits are important for the well being of the body.

veg russian salad recipe, russian salad recipe

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veg russian salad recipe below:

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veg russian salad recipe
CUISINE: russian
INGREDIENTS (measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml)
  • 1 carrot/gajar
  • 1 celery
  • 1 potato/aloo
  • ½ cup peas/matar
  • ¼ cup french beans
  • ¾ cup mayonnaise
for garnishing:
  • lettuce leaves
  • sliced tomato, cucumber, or capsicum
  1. boil the carrot, potato, peas and french beans. you could also microwave them till they are completely cooked.
  2. when the veggies are cooked, peel the potato and then chop the potato with the rest of the veggies. alternatively, you can chop the veggies first and boil them later.
  3. i usually avoid doing the latter as when we chop the veggies and then boil them, some water- soluble vitamins and minerals are lost in the process. it is better to first boil them whole and then chop them.
  4. chop the celery. mix the chopped veggies, celery with the mayonnaise.
  5. garnish the salad with lettuce leaves, tomato, cucumber, or capsicum slices.
  6. serve the russian salad with your regular meals or you can also have it plain any time of the day when you are feeling hungry.

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  1. heena says

    N yes i also made kuchumber salad yesterday n also added chat masala.. It was yummmyyyy

  2. heena says

    Thankuu.. I ll make it tomorrow..
    I made kadhai paneer today, it was good bt dont knw y i just felt something is missing.. Bt couldn’t understand what..

    • says

      heena, mayonnaise already has sugar and salt so i have not added it. if you want then you can add black pepper. if needed then you can add more sugar and salt also.

      • heena says

        Made it as u said, added salt, pepper n sugar.

        I also added tinned pinapple and. Fresh apples.. The recipe was delicious, same as served by the famous restaurants in my city.. Thanku so much fr d recipe

  3. Haresh says

    The recipe is very simple and easy to prepare

    There are many different ways to blend salads with various dressings, Id be more than glad to share few tips for the same if allowed to

    • dassana says

      instead of egg yolks you can use any one the following ingredients:
      whole milk
      condensed milk
      soy milk