Varieties of Sambhar Recipes of South India

by dassana amit updated August 8, 2013

Sambhar Recipes

Sambhar or Sambar is a popular recipe of the South India. Basically sambar is arhar dal or pigeon pea lentils cooked with some vegetables, spices – coconut paste and tamarind juice. You could also make sambar with only one veggie – for eg brinjals or okra or bottle gourd or even amaranth leaves.

I have already mentioned in one of my post about the ingredients that are used for making authentic sambar. Its link is here: Sambhar Recipe Ingredients and Preparation.

Sambhar is often served with boiled rice, idlis, dosa, medu vada, utthapam etc. In south india itself one finds different ways or methods of making sambar. In the Konkan region for example, the ingredients used are a bit different and the sambhar is made not only of vegetables, but also legumes like black eyed peas, whole moong beans, whole bengal gram – kala chana, field bean – val.

The Kerala version of sambhar is different from the Karnataka or Chennai region. In Mumbai itself, in quite a number of south indian restaurants, the sambhar served has a sweetish taste – thanks to addition of jaggery or sugar. Personally, I do not like the sweet sambar served in these restaurants.

Luckily, thanks to my mother, I can boast of knowing the different varieties of sambhar recipes. As I expand my blog, I will be sharing all these recipes to all my readers.

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