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trifle recipe with step by step photos – easy trifle pudding with mixed fruits.

trifle was the first dessert i learnt in my home science cooking classes. this was the first time i came to know that such a pudding existed. the flavors and textures were so superb, that after that i made trifle many times. this recipe was also requested by a few readers.

initially i would get the sponge cake from out to make the pudding, but now i make the sponge cake at home. this famous english dessert is still a favorite with the family.

in this trifle pudding except fruit jelly all the elements are there. i did not add jelly as the ready made jelly packs contain gelatin. and if i have to make any fruit jelly at home with agar agar, it will take a lot of time. so i skipped the jelly. if you can get ready vegetarian jelly pack, then you can make the jelly a day before and then use it. you can also set the jelly liquid in the pudding itself. though this way, making the pudding will take time as you will need to refrigerate it for the jelly to set.

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