top twenty indian food blogs by indian bloggers – 2013


Update: this post has been updated with the latest stats of 2013.

this post has been in the pipeline for more than a month now. i get a lot of emails from readers on how to start a blog and on photography too. i spend quite some time answering the emails that flood my inbox.

if you are a newbie or already in food blogger, you can check the blogger resources page which can help you. a food blog is not only about good photographs and excellent recipes but also positive readers’ feedback as well as its growing number of visitors.

being into web development and seo, the way i look at a website or a blog is much different than how a normal person does. there are some tools through which one can gauge the website or the blog. and trust me its not about gorgeous photography or a beautiful post…. it is about the elements in a website and its pages. the coding, the linking, the navigation, the social sharing and many more things.

this list of top 20 indian food bloggers is based on the alexa traffic rank. alexa rank is a worldwide trusted global ranking system. it ranks websites and blogs as per the visits they get. this is a logical and stats based list which is directly proportional to the number of visitors a blog gets. in the internet world this determines your global website rank.

one advice for blogging especially to new bloggers – be sincere and honest in your work as a blogger. this is one crucial element that will always help you in your life as well as in blogging. be passionate but at the same time be genuine and true. lesser the number of the alexa rank its means higher the ranking of the blog. e.g. and are ranked no 1 and 2 respectively. so this means that both google and facebook are the top two sites globally.

i have included food blogs by indian bloggers only. i have not included the food websites. websites are different from blogs. in a blog there is a personal touch and some real person is writing the blog. plus a blog is updated more or less frequently.

do keep in mind that the alexa rank is not a static rank and keeps on increasing or decreasing for a variety of reasons. but the fluctuation is not very high, it is just a little here and there, unless some major work has been done on or with the blog or if the blog is not updated at all.

so now beginning with the top twenty food blogs by indian bloggers….

1: by sailaja gudivada – started in nov 2005 and still going strong. focuses on andhra cuisine, indian cuisine, baking and kiddie foods.
alexa rank – 35,827

2: – here comes my blog. nothing to say… am just going on…
alexa rank – 55, 676

3: by padhu – south indian as well as indian food. still have to check out padhu’s site. it is new to me too.
alexa rank – 60,036

4: by raks anand – yet another surprise for me coz i never heard of raks kitchen:-( she has amazing recipes and i yet have to check them out. south indian as well as regional indian vegetarian recipes with step by step pics.
alexa rank – 62,761

5: by dhivya karthik also known as dk – a great place to know and learn many indian and world vegetarian and vegan recipes. some recipes you must have not even heard of. and dk also gives a step by step pics of the recipes which takes a lot of effort and work.  ask me…. to take pics while cooking, then to select the pics out of so many pics and than upload them on the post.
alexa rank – 73,070

6: by sharmi- another site which is good. nice photography and south indian as well as indian recipes.
alexa rank – 77,248

7: by nagalakshmi also known as nags – a senior blogger whom i really like. i know of her blog even before i started my own. have never commented – on nag’s blog… out of respect i generally don’t comment on a senior blogger’s blog… i have only commented till date on three senior bloggers’ blogs. i know how much effort and hard work a blogger, especially a food blogger has to put in to maintain and run a good quality blog. and i respect this…  plus seniority counts too for me.

her no nonsense approach to the food recipe is what i like and there are some excellent photos also to go along with. plus i just adore the recipe photos her amma sends so lovingly from kerala. from indian to asian to world cuisine plus some baking recipes and even photography tips too.
alexa rank – 97,653

8: by deeba rajpal – all about baking. so if you love baking then you should head over here. deeba has shared hundreds of baking recipes from bagels to buns to brownies… to sooooo many goodies. do check out. plus arty photographs too.
alexa rank: 138,462

9: by madhuram- started in march 2008. all eggless baking recipes under one umbrella…. i have still not explored madhuram’s site. but  think i should.
alexa rank –  143,915

10: by maria jose – a lot of kerala recipes here with some baking goodies too. the site has both vegetarian and non vegetarian recipes with nice pics.
alexa rank – 155,498

11: by archana. all recipes with with videos.
alexa rank – 1,68,998

12: by jeyashree. south indian vegetarian recipes as well as baking recipes.
alexa rank – 170634

13: by kiran tarun- a site new to me. has lifestyle, photography and food sections. worth a visit.
alexa rank – 1,74,462

14: by shriya, nithu and arthi – had also never heard of many indian as well as international recipes.
alexa rank – 201,229

15: by soma rathore – a senior blogger blogging from 2008. some great bengali, rajasthani recipes along with indian food, baking with some gorgeous photographs. i just like her rustic photography. has vegetarian as well as non vegetarian recipes.
alexa rank – 218,629

16: by jay. south indian recipes. both non vegetarian as well as vegetarian.
alexa rank: 219,674

17: by vaidehi –  google changed to so when i checked vaidehi’s site with the extension of, it gave me a different ranking than with i still felt i need to mention about this site. has a lot of maharashtrian recipes along with indian food. site is both in marathi as well as english. a simple site with a key focus on maharashtrian food.
alexa rank:  235,762

18: by shuchi. vegetarian recipes incuding fasting or vrat recipes.
alexa rank: 243,890

19: by nisa. lots of kerala recipes, indian as well as baking and desserts in step by step format.
alexa rank –  254,770

20:  by rekha kakkar. healthy vegetarian indian as well as baking recipes with beautiful photos.
alexa rank 257,177

two more blogs which are very close in the top twenty:

21: by sala kannan – great vegetarian recipes and great snapshots. plus a peekaboo on sala’s culinary journeys in the us of a and other countries. no wonder the site is so popular.
alexa rank – 261,155

22: by richa. vegan recipes galore. innovative, creative and genius. both indian as well as international recipes, veganized.
alexa rank – 268,000

enjoy the blog hoping and have fun :-)

p.s: if you are a blogger and want to check your global rank, then just head over to alexa here. add your blog url and click on search.  alexa will display your blog’s global rank.

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  1. says

    I visit all the above mentioned blogs every now and then. I recently started my own blog where I post Bengali recipes, recipes from other states (both veg. and non-veg. and also from around the world. I would request one and all to visit my blog and give your feedback. This would help me in improving further.

    • says

      thanks priya. right now i do not have any time. so sorry about that. but i would like to tell you give good content to your readers and above all be honest & sincere in blogging. wish you all the best :-)

  2. meeti says

    hi … i really love your recipies, whenever i have a doubt in my mind i cum to your blog specially south indian cusine i relish them alot .

  3. says

    Grt info:) blogging is new to me. Pls visit and share you comments. Bloggers like you are grt inspiration for me

  4. says

    Awesome work by you…Nice analysis and useful post…thank you very much for sharing the great information about top 20 food bloggers. this information is very useful for me as I am a new food blogger and own started in may 2013… I love you blog, recipes and pictures…thanks a lot for these great inspirational articles…

  5. says

    My name is “Rekha Srinivasan,” and I own
    a blog on simple home remedies. I have been running this site for the past five years and many have been benefited through my articles. “My site gets listed among top 5 on Google search for Home Remedies Blogs.” I came across your website during my research. I really love your site for its useful information for the readers. I would love you to check my site and if you feel my pages would be informative to your readers, I would appreciate if you could add my site url to your link page. Thanks for your time in this request, and I look forward to hearing from you! Have a great day!

    • says

      hi rekha. firstly thanks. secondly, i don’t have any page where i am giving links to other blogs. if there was, i would have surely given your link. i just read your blog and you have nice articles there. all the best.

  6. Priya says

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    • says

      hi priya. i also have a ifb convection microwave oven. also there is a philips OTG without a fan. i would suggest you to see your requirements and also how often you bake. if you bake often and lots of stuff at the same time, then buying a larger oven would be an option. personally fan or not a fan does not matter to me. even the microwave oven has fan. i bake both in the OTG as well as in the microwave oven in convection mode. after baking so long, i feel OTG is much better suited to baking than a microwave oven. the finished texture and product is much better.

  7. says

    I just came across this post! thank you. I must be one of those least informed and laziest bloggers who never cared to know that there can be so many kinds of ratings!! :) Thanks for all the info and boy am I surprise to see my name out there LOL. Thanks much for such kind words.

  8. says

    saw this post just today. thank you so much for the very kind words. not sure how i missed your blog all this while. love the layout :)

  9. says

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  10. says

    Thanks for taking the time to put this list together. i just stumbled across it. Thanks for the kind words about me and WFLH. Cakes are fairly easy to photograph it’s the Indian curries I have trouble with :o)
    Just a piece of information RE: Alexa ranking. Alexa ranking is measured in a fairly unreasonable and biased way. They only record those hits which passes through their systems.That means the visitors either have to Install Alexa Toolbar on their browser or the blogger should put an Alexa widget/plugin installed on their blog. It’s not a ranking system I personally care for and hope that many bloggers do not pressure themselves with these numbers. I’ve been blogging for 7 years now and trust me many of these ranking systems are not worth the trouble.

    • says

      Dear Meeta
      Thanks for passing by and dropping the comment.
      Yes, I do agree with you that alexa ranking is not 100% correct and sometimes shows incorrect data. But as of now, whenever some website talks about ranking then most of them use ranking data. Alexa is one of the top most trusted site for ranking. The point which you are raising that “alexa only record those hits which passes through their systems” is equally valid to all sites and thats make it fair.
      what i mean to say will be better understood by this saying “life is not fair but it is not fair with all and that makes it fair !!!”. Yes at the same time, i agree that one of the way some website owner can trick the system is by installing alexa toolbar.

  11. says

    Great Analysis done and am glad to see my blog one among them. And thanks for the mention too. I love your pics and have been a silent reader here :) Keep it going!

  12. says

    This has come in as a surprise post and really a pleasant one! Fantastic post and I think very useful. Wonderfully written, Dassana! I enjoyed reading every bit of it and got to know the top Indian Food bloggers, a good insight though…few I knew and rest I am happy to know now. Feel so much to learn, it’s so refreshing to know a person who is so open, honest and willing to help the newbies. Looking forward to have more post on such useful sharing from your end. I’m making my way slowly :), I use to hide behind my blog thinking someday someone will notice, till recently when I started commenting on other wonderful blogs, but still feel way to go but I am enjoying this to the fullest!!!!
    Not to miss ….Female….Food blogger and on top of it web developer and a seo expert – deadly combo ….removing 7 from the number 17 is not far :)!!

    • says

      thanks anamika for such a positive and encouraging comment. it made my day.

      even i am a laid back person and just made my way slowly. but i have done a lot of study as far as blogging and seo is concerned. i am very well versed both with wordpress and blogger platforms.

      studying and implementing seo helped my blog to rank higher in the search engines. but i am lazy as far as social networking is concerned. so that was the downside for me.

      i still have a long way to go and enjoy what i do….. blogging and food photography…. not to mention cooking different types of food and cuisine for my loved ones :-)

  13. says

    Dassana amazing work done……kudos to you so many brilliant Indian Bloggers with so much of creativity. Great analysis done atleast it’s genuine and based on statistics and math. I am happy to know I am the 20th blogger nice feeling it gives………..thanks for appreciation and those liner mentioned for each one of us :)