tindora sabzi recipe | tendli bhaji recipe | ivy gourd stir fry recipe

tindora sabzi or tendli bhaji recipe with step by step pictures. a simple homely recipe of ivy gourd stir fry with spices, onion and coconut.

this recipe comes from my mom and is a favorite with us. usually i make chapatis to go with the sabzi and at times i make this sabzi to go along with dal-rice or sambar-rice.

ivy gourd does make an appearance in our menu. i usually end up making tendli bhaat (spiced ivy gourd rice) and stuffed ivy gourds and this sabzi.

this tindora sabzi recipe is simple enough and can make a healthy side dish with chapatis. you can also serve tendli bhaji as a side dish with dal-rice, sambar-rice or curd-rice.

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