sweet potato gulab jamun recipe, how to make shakarkandi gulab jamun recipe

sweet potato gulab jamun recipe with step by step pics – soft textured delicious gulab jamuns made with just three main ingredients – sweet potatoes (shakarkandi), all purpose flour (maida) and sugar syrup.

i had stumbled upon this method of preparing gulab jamuns with sweet potatoes 6 years back. when i had made these for the first time, the gulab jamuns became dense & hard. reason being i added too much flour and kneaded also too much. later of course, i rectified the mistake i had done and so now i do prepare decent gulab jamuns with sweet potatoes.

since tomorrow is dussehra, so thought of adding this sweet recipe. jamuns made with sweet potatoes is a traditional sweet from bengal and is also known as mishti aloo’r pantua. this pantua recipe is not the originally bengali version, but an adapation of the same.

the taste of these jamuns are no where near the gulab jamuns made from khoya or gulab jamun made with paneer. they taste very different. but they taste good. you can also check these other variations:

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