lassi recipe, sweet punjabi lassi recipe | how to make sweet lassi recipe

sweet punjabi lassi recipe with step by step photos – lassi is another cooling and refreshing drink to have in the summers. sweet lassi is quite popular in punjab and north india.

this sweet punjabi lassi which i make at home is not heavy and very light. now why i am calling this a sweet lassi. aren’t lassis always sweet? the answer is no. there are salty lassis too and i know some of my friends who just love salted lassi.

the hubby who has studied in punjab says that in punjab, lassis are served in huge glasses. on top of the glasses they add 2-3 tbsp of white butter (makhan). and mind you the lassis are very thick.

a spoon is also served with the punjabi lassi, so that first you have the soft and buttery white butter and then you drink the lassi. this lassi is so heavy that you cannot have any meal or food afterwards. some people also like to have lassi with parathas or with samosa chole chaat.

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