Spirituality and Vegetarianism

by dassana amit updated May 24, 2013

Vegetarian Food is given lot of importance in spirituality. Whatsoever food we eat becomes part of us and makes a big difference to our well being and emotional state. It not only affects us at physical level but it also affects our mental well being as well as spiritual progress.

Many Spiritual masters like Meher Baba, Gautam Buddha, Mahavira, Osho, Jaggi Vasudev and Ramana Maharshi have given importance to vegetarian food for going deep in meditation or in any kind of spiritual practice. According to Ramana Maharshi “Food affects the mind. For the practice of any kind of yoga, vegetarianism is absolutely necessary since it makes the mind more sattvic”.

Non-Vegetarian food brings our consciousness down and make us more aggressive, violent and insensitive. Whereas Vegetarian food is more suited to our body chemistry and is ideal for meditation or any kind of spiritual practice.

If someone is really interested in using the right food for meditation then Vegetarian food is of great help. But in vegetarian food also one should not use too much spices. Go for the diet which makes you relaxed and bring harmony in you. Avoid food which brings excitement or lethargy. Food should be easy to digest and should nourish the body. I have visited Iskcon Hare Krishna Temple in Vrindavan and Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Ashram in Coimbatore and in both the places the food served is no onion and no garlic and is very simple and yet delicious and brings more well being and peace inside us. As far as food is concerned, always listen to the needs of your body than to the desires of the mind.

Its also equally important to prepare the satvic food with lot of love and devotion. Our energy or emotional state while cooking the food affects the food and changes the quality of food. A lot depends on our inner state while we are cooking the food. e.g. if we are cooking a vegetarian diet with lot of anger or hatred inside our heart then we are adding anger and hatred in our food also. So, always cook your food with love and in a peaceful state.

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