South Indian Breakfast and Making quick MTR Rava Idlis

by dassana amit updated August 7, 2013


I have grown up with having idlis and dosas as breakfast every Sunday. Idlis, dosas, appams, medu vada, puttu belong to the category of tiffins served in south india. Tiffins are breakfast items served in south india. These are traditional recipes that are made for breakfast and served with sambhar and different types of chutneys.

I gorge on south indian food. As I have been brought up on south indian cuisine, I have a typical south indian taste. I simply love the taste and fragrance of coconut in all my recipes. Unfortunately, where I live right now, coconut is not easily available and most of the times I have to use dessicated coconut. I know that fresh coconut gives a different flavor to the recipe than dessicated coconut. So I use dessicated coconut sparingly.

After marriage, I do miss the south indian recipes that my mother makes, namely – dosas, idlis, avial, sambhar, rasam, pappadums and even the vegetable recipes which have a typical south indian flavor and taste. This recipes require some more time than and I am short of time always.

I always want the food that I make to be quick and less time consuming. My mother never liked rava idlis, so even if it takes time, she would go through the entire ritual of making idlis the traditional way and they were always soft and porous. But her daughter does not have the time to make idlis the traditional way. So she has found a shorcut method and she likes rava idlis.

The shortcut and easiest way is to buy a pack of MTR Rava Idli mixture, whenever you go buying your grocery stuff. So next time you want to make rava idlis, simply follow the directions given in the pack and lo!!! your rava idlis are ready. But her daughter is more faster. She has not steamed the idlis in the idli container on the gas stove, but in the microwave oven.

One can easily get a microwave idli container in the market. You get both for the normal size idlis and for mini idlis. You don’t even need to smear oil in the idli moulds. So the idlis are completely fat free. I have posted how the microwave idli container looks like and how to steam idlis in the microwave on this link: Microwave Idli Maker and how to make idlis in the microwave oven

In the microwave oven the idlis will steam in 3 to 3.5 minutes. So the microwave cooking time to make 6-8 idlis is 3-3.5 minutes and the overall cooking time is not more than 10 minutes. And the rava idlis made from MTR pack tastes great. One small tip not mentioned in the instructions – Just add a pinch or two of cooking soda to the idli batter.

Enjoy :-)

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nicholas May 6, 2010 1

please you should not use microwave it is not good for health.


admin May 7, 2010 2

I have heard about the harmful effects of microwaved food on health since my college days. There is still a lot of controversy surrounding this issue. Yet still many of us use the microwave oven. In fact, much research has not been done on this front.

I thinks its a matter of personal choice whether to use the microwave oven or not. It depends on the home maker to use it or not and that too depending on what priorities he/she has in life.


Dassana January 15, 2010 3

I will post soon.


maj sandeep January 11, 2010 4

can you post me some recipes of jaitoon ka tel? at i shall be really thankful.