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by dassana amit updated August 11, 2013

mangoes with yogurt

when richa of hobby and more gave the versatile blogger award to me, i was at a loss. mainly coz i have to pass on the award to 7 bloggers and i do not know more than 10-12 bloggers… in the sense i only comment on their blogs. from this 10-12 blogs, 4 blogs have already got the award. so that leaves me with 6-8 bloggers….

richa is a talented and awesome blogger. her blog is about vegan cooking & baking. she whips out delicious breads, cakes and indian food….. all vegan. her pics are really good and they make me drool…

thanks richa for giving me the award. now my turn to pass on the award.

rules for the awards:

1. thank the person who passed on the award to you
2. share 7 things about yourself
3. pass on the award to 7 or 15 more bloggers
4. let the bloggers know about the award

i am passing on the versatile bloggers award to:
1: sia of monsoon spice: a blog which i knew of even before i had my own. would love her pics even then. sia has a huge collection of indian, indo chinese and world recipes. also do check out her collection of authentic manglorean recipes… you will simply say “wow”. i used to visit her site some times but was a silent visitor. till sia broke the ice and now i comment on her blog. one of the few bloggers who i really admire both for her passion and her authentic cooking.

2: anamika of mad cooking fusions: the common thread between mine and anamika’s blog is north indian food, especially punjabi food. she has some really good north indian recipes. her collection of navratri recipes is also great. you will also find many kiddie recipes like cookies, milkshakes etc on her blog. she is a good photographer too.

3: maria of flavors of mumbai: i have tried some recipes from maria’s blog and they were awesome. she loves to cook and create her own recipes. her blog has a lot of authentic goan recipes. she is innovative and creative in her cooking and baking. there are also some fab indian as well as typical mumbai food recipes on her blog.

4: sharmilee of sharmis passions – another versatile cook and blogger. love her pics and her traditional cooking. there is some simplicity in her pics as well as her posts which i like. her food pics look so natural to me.

5: natalie of cook eat live vegetarian – i love what natalie cooks and blogs about. her posts have some humor which i feel is rare in bloggers. i have been trying to make her muhamarra but i have been unsuccesful in getting the pomegranate molasses here. natalie also blogs about her culinary journeys. a must read is her vegan and vegetarian experiences in south africa where she recently traveled.

6: jessica of clean green simple – the moment i saw jessica’s blog i simply fell in love with it. the food on her site is clean, green and simple….her blog title says it all. for yummy vegan recipes do check jessica’s blog. till now i have always been a silent visitor on her blog  except for commenting on this noodleless eggplant zucchini lasagna. just imagine….. a lasagna without pasta…. and that too vegan, gluten free and low fat…. all her recipes are simply superb.

7: poornima of tasty treats - when i first saw this eggless chocolate cake on poornima’s blog…. i was awestruck…  i wish i could decorate the cake so beautifully as she has done. poornima has a lot of baking goodies along with south indian recipes. i came to know about her blog recently. wish i knew her blog before.

and now a few things about me you did not know. some are spooky too but don’t get scared.

1: i have changed many professions. i am a post graduate in education and worked as a high school teacher teaching mathematics & science for some years. got fed up with the stupid educational system and moved to the corporate world.

after working for 5 years in the corporate industry, i chucked my job of a trainer and a quality analyst. moved into web designing and web development. i am glad i left my job as i felt i better work for myself rather than others. plus i can have the ease &  flexibility of working at any hours.

2: all of you may be surprised to know that i can see some weird things. i can see colors in the human aura. i even see the aura of plants, veggies and fruits.

3:  i am a sensitive person. i feel and sense many things. when i buy vegetables or fruits i feel sensitively which vegetable to buy. the fruit or vegetable in india passes through so many hands. this damages the delicate aura around the veggie/fruit.

always remember to use fresh produce in the food you make. it is not only the nutrients but the prana or the pranic energy around the produce that nurtures you.

4: i strongly feel for the environment related issues that we face. in my own ways i do what i can do to preserve the environment.  i have a small herb garden in my house. i even compost waste sometimes. i have observed that the taste and flavor of home grown herbs is so different than the what you get in the market.

i suggest all my readers and friends to make best use of free space by planting some herbs like tulsi, mint, curry leaves, coriander, basil and others. having herbs or plants in your house purifies the air in your house, looks good too and you have fresh herbs whenever you want to add them to your food.

5: i have been strongly influenced by two enlightened masters in my life – gautam buddha and osho. i have read all most all of buddha’s books as well as osho’s books. i did a lot of meditation… that now it has become a part of me.

i do have zillions of thoughts and some times the tranquility is disturbed too, but deep down i am at ease with myself. plus i don’t watch tv… don’t listen to radio… am not a fashion diva nor into fashionable clothes, make up et all.

6: women and intelligence… do they go together or not? as far as my experience is concerned i have met very few intelligent people. it is not a question of man or woman. it is a question of intelligence. also it is a not only a question of intelligence but also using your intelligence.

most people prefer to stay with the crowd rather than using their intelligence. i feel good when my hubby who is a critically & brutally honest person says that i am intelligent. it is a great compliment from him more so because he is my husband :-)

7: the central thread of my life is to find my real self. most of us are satisfied with good opinion of people about us. but that is not what is our true face. have you ever thought where you will go when you die, what will happen to you when you die, what happens to you when you go to sleep.

these questions looks scary and no one wants to face them. but for me it is a question of life and death. and no wonder many times i have out of body experiences in the night and sometimes i have mystical experiences too.

i hope i have done justice to write about myself… its like going back to school days and writing an exam… it always difficult to write about oneself provided one is not a narcissist.

p.s – the above pic is of delicious alphonso mangoes with yogurt – an easy dessert which i would make in my teens…. will post soon.

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varada November 5, 2012 1

hey dassana ur recipes are just awesome :) i tried pizza n its far better dan pizza hut :) thank u so much :)


dassana November 5, 2012 2

thanks varada and i am glad to know that the pizza was awesome. in fact even at home everybody says that this veg pizza is far far better than the pizza hut pizza :-)


Lavi July 23, 2012 3

For the past 2 days i am hooked to your blog. like the way you write and reply to comments honestly.
i just feel i have to learn a lot more from you! You got Good Attitude and Smile!


dassana July 24, 2012 4

thanks for your beautiful comments lavi.


suhani April 3, 2012 5

thanks Dassana


suhani April 3, 2012 6

great to know about u Dassana ..there r some people in my life whom i really give respect and i always learn from them a lot, they have inspired me a lot in my trying times..and from this post onwards u hv been included in the list..even i m a spiritual person but a wandering soul..would like to live a spiritual lifestyle nd meditate but dont have a guru or a mentor.. though i hv read a lot on meditation and spiriualism..but could not make it my as i hv got u..i would like to know more about u, ur daily routine..about meditation.


dassana April 3, 2012 7

thanks suhani. i am just an ordinary person living a very simple and silent life. i suggest you to read books and watch videos of swami rajneesh who is a living buddha.

swamiji has spoken about meditation, meditativeness, being oneself and many spiritual topics. whenever you have time you can see his videos or read his online books. they are beautiful with in depth answers to most spiritual questions. links given below:

1: youtube channel –
2: free online ebooks –
3: facebook page –
4: and the last one swami rajneesh on vegetarianism, an interesting one –


Sia | Monsoon Spice April 3, 2012 8

Thanks for the link love and such kind words, Dassana! It is an honor to get it from u. And it is lovely to know little more from you through this post. your honesty and love reflects through your work and it is a pleasure to visit your blog.


dassana April 3, 2012 9

thanks a lot sia. love your blog and drool over your pics.


ddione ferreira April 2, 2012 10

you are abeatiful person. you have so0 much to offer !you are writing very well and i know it comes from your heart. myay you always be blessed!!!!i also dream all time and feel i comunicate with people who have passed on!!~dione


dassana April 3, 2012 11

thanks ddione for the beautiful comments and your wishes.


Anamika@madcookingfusions April 2, 2012 12

Yupiee!!!!! My first award :) and from you!!!! Thanks so much Dassana for the generous mention! I am very Happy……


beena April 2, 2012 13

hey dassana, congrats :)
and its wonderful to know more about a fellow blogger… besides i must say i love the picture of mango raita on ur page…it looks simply out of the world…Just love it !


dassana April 2, 2012 14

thanks beena. i like it when someone likes the pics i take. i really work hard on taking pics. sometimes the results are not what i expect or what i had visualized. but nevertheless i enjoy photography so much…


Natalie April 2, 2012 15

Thanks for the love Dassana! I really enjoyed reading about you, it is such a pleasant change to hear someone being so honest about themselves. And you are so open to be able to see auras around things, that is an ambition of mine! And home grown herbs & veg definitely taste better, you’re right.


Richa@HobbyandMore April 2, 2012 16

Love your selections! and love your pictures and presentation Dassana.. keep on blogging.!


Richa@HobbyandMore April 3, 2012 17

I’d love to know what colors show up when I meet you.. :)
dont even get me started about number 6.!


dassana April 3, 2012 18

sure… i know that you are a sensitive and intelligent person :-)


Jessica April 1, 2012 19

Thanks for the award and sweet comments, glad you like my blog!


dassana April 1, 2012 20

welcome jessica. love all the vegan recipes you make.