seviyan kheer or vermicelli kheer, how to make seviyan kheer recipe


seviyan kheer also known as vermicelli kheer is a must at any festival at our place. hubby keeps on complaining that i don’t make any sweet dish from milk and that includes this seviyan kheer.

so today i decided to make the seviyan kheer and also post its recipe for raksha bandhan. at home on the ocassion of raksha bandhan the only sweet dish that we make is this kheer.

seviyan kheer recipe for raksha bandhan

this is how i make seviyan kheer at home. now here there is a unique spice that i have added to the kheer…. cloves

just remember seeing this in one of my cookbooks and hence decided to experiment. the cloves do added their subtle fragrance to the kheer.

cloves cardamom for seviyan kheer

i have used roasted whole wheat thin seviyan/vermicelli for the kheer. plus i fried it again just to ensure even browning.

as far as dry fruits are concerned you can add your choice of dry fruits. i have only added chopped roasted almonds… coz thats what i had at home.

this is an easy recipe to make seviyan kheer and gets done in 20 minutes.

seviyan kheer recipe

i had taken step by step photos and they are not so good. blame it on my dark kitchen which is much much darker these days due to the monsoons.

the rest of the photos is near a window with diffused light and the results are after some experimentation on backgrounds, props & post processing. so even though i would have liked, i simply cannot do much with the kitchen step by step pics. since the photographs are shot with a full iso and in dark settings.

also i wanted to create a dark, mysterious and a rich look. i also shot on other backgrounds but did not like results.

seviyan kheer or vermicelli kheer

if you do not like dairy stuff or are a vegan then i also have a vegan vermicelli kheer made with cashew and almond milk. so wishing everybody a joyful raksha bandhan.

lets start step vermicelli kheer or seviyan kheer recipe:

1: heat ghee in a pan. add cloves and cardamom pods. fry these two spices till they swell up and the ghee become fragrant. now add the seviyan (vermicelli). fry on a medium flame till golden brown.

dry spices for seviyan kheer

2: pour milk in the pan and let it come to a boil first.

boil milk for seviyan kheer recipe

3: once the milk comes to a boil, them lower the flame and let it simmer. add sugar and mix well.

mix sugar in milk for seviyan kheer

4: let the seviyan kheer simmer till for some 5-7 minutes till the seviyan (vermicelli) gets cooked and the milk thickens a little.

seviyan kheer simmer for 7 minutes

5: add the roasted chopped almonds and switch off the gas.

add almonds to seviyan kheer

you can serve the seviyan kheer hot, warm or cold… whatever you or your family prefers :-)

serve seviyan kheer

p.s – you can also make this seviyan kheer for the iftars.

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seviyan kheer or vermicelli kheer
vermicelli kheer also known as seviyan kheer is often served during festival or any occasion of celebration.
RECIPE TYPE: desserts
CUISINE: indian
SERVES: 3-4 small bowls
INGREDIENTS (measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml)
  • 1 or 1.5 cups broken vermicelli/seviyan
  • 500 ml milk
  • 3 tbsp sugar - add more or less for your preferred sweetness
  • 2 tbsp ghee/clarified butter
  • 4-5 green cardamom pods
  • 3-4 cloves
  • 7-8 roasted or fried unsalted almonds, chopped or
  • 7-8 roasted or fried cashew nuts, chopped
  • 2 tsp raisins or
  • any dry fruits of your choice
  1. heat ghee in a pan.
  2. fry the cloves and cardamom till the release their aroma in the ghee.
  3. now add the vermicelli/seviyan and fry till they become golden brown.
  4. pour the milk and let it come to a boil.
  5. add sugar and mix well.
  6. lower the flame and let the milk simmer for 5-7 minutes till the seviyan gets cooked.
  7. lastly add chopped almonds or any dry fruits.
  8. serve the seviyan kheer hot, warm or cold.
  9. if serving cold, then refrigerate the seviyan kheer and then serve later.
few tips for seviyan recipe:
1. the recipe can be easily doubled or tripled.
2. use good quality & fresh milk.
3, the amount of seviyan/vermicelli can be decreased or increased. if you add more seviyan the consistency will be much thicker like a thick pudding. you can go for the kheer consistency as per your liking.
4. dry fruits can be added as per your choice. you can also add some saffron or rose water to the seviyan kheer. i did not have any so could not add these.
5. when cooled the seviyan kheer tends to be thick. so if you don't like thick seviyan kheer then don't thicken the milk. alternatively you can add some more milk to the seviyan kheer.

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  1. Julie says

    delicious! I found these noodles on sale & wasn’t sure what to do with them – delicious! I didn’t have the spices, so I used some ‘allspice’. Family loves it, will make again & again. thanks from Canada :)

  2. Jimmy says

    Wow Dassana! Great recipe. I just made this at 11 pm on a whim and it turned out splendid. I was a bit worried about the sugar being less,but everyone said it was perfect!
    Side note: we avoid desi ghee, but I just had to use it , so I made some using unsalted butter before making this dish.
    Just one help needed for next time. Could you weigh out your 1 cup of saviyan and let me know the grams equivalent which you use. I used a complete 150 g packet and it was much thicker than in your photos.
    Many thanks for this!

    • says

      thanks jimmy. sure i will update the amount of 1 cup seviyan/vermicelli in the post itself. but i am sure its not 150 gms. it should be around 50 to 80 gms, i think. if the kheer becomes thick, then just add some more hot milk and sugar. the consistency can easily be adjusted as well as the sweetness. you can also add some more cardamom powder and dry fruits to go with the changed consistency.

  3. barkha says

    I am going to try this tomorrow i have seviyan at home since days and did not know what to do with them thanks

      • barkkha says

        I have always prepared Kheer through the ready made packets available and thought i can never make kheer all the way by myself until i saw your recipe. We had Eid holidays and thought will give it a go i made it exactly as per your instructions – just avoided the cloves and put in brown sugar. IT WAS YUMMY AND UNBELIEVABLE that i could make such heavenly kheer. Will make this when ever i have guest, thanks so much for sharing your wonderful and easy to make recipes with us. God Bless

    • Shweta Saple says

      Simple and easy explanation of all recepies… thank u so much..
      Specially it will help for those girlss who are just married..
      Thank u again…

  4. says

    Please believe me…this is great recipe helped me….before many time I made this dish but after reading your recipe and adding some more ingredients….it made much better than before…thank you so much…

  5. guncha says

    Hi ,this sounds great,was thinking of making it and your recipe came up!!
    Just wanted to know what brand of vermacilli did you use?

    • says

      i don’t remember the brand name. the vermicelli was pre roasted and of the fine variety made from whole wheat flour. they come in these long brown paper wrapped packets. you should be able to get if you live in india. you can also make the same kheer with a slight thicker variety. but just remember to add extra milk as the thicker ones make the kheer pasty and thick.

  6. hemlata says

    i realy like the idea of clove and u ‘r mesurment is time try orange zest or pinch of cinnamon at the end instead of clove .some teenagers liked it for variation.thanks for sending the reciepes.

  7. Sindhuja says


    Nowadays I became addicted to your blogs … Pics are awesome and kheer yummy yummy..
    I can see more north dishes in your blogs.. Can you tell me any nice tamil style dish[my personnel wish] if you have any in your mind..

    Keep the good work


    • says

      thanks sindhuja. there are more north indian dishes coz thats what i make at home. there are some south indian dishes on the blog here, but not particularly from tamil nadu. you can have a look though at the above link.

      in some time soon, i will post have the very famous chettinad mushroom biryani (kaalan biryani). i will keep your request in mind and post some tamilian recipes.

  8. says

    I usually make it with Bambino Wheat Sev and after some time it becomes too dry and whenever I have to serve I had to add more milk in it to get the kheer consistency. How can I get the consistency at the beginning without adding too much milk later?

    • says

      the kheer made with bambino vermicelli becomes thick. thats why i don’t but bambino as they are thick vermicelli. i would suggest to add less vermicelli and more milk so that when the vermicelli gets cooked it does not thicken on account of it being less and milk being more.

  9. says

    Wow dassana, amazing shots….it sure blends with the weather…oh those thin vermicili, how I long to have that….I used to get thin ones while living in Mercara, Coorg and now in Kerala it is not available…like you I also dont like thick vermicili….

  10. says

    I reached you during blog hop, nice place to hook up.
    I love your photography skill and recipe too.
    I’m following you…Do visit mine in your free time.
    Take care.

  11. says

    lovely pics with the differant mood to your photography :) …. I made this vermicelli kheer today for raksha bandhan, we also make this every year on this day dont know why but I am also following what is told to me :)! I loved the 2 wooden spoons inbetween the bowls and the other pic with uncooked vermicelli , a great eye catcher combo….

  12. says

    This seems like the fine vermicelli. Is it? The other kind gives you a slightly thicker kheer as the mixture gets starchy. This one is better, but I like both .. I guess it is the sweet tooth.

    • says

      it is fine vermicelli radha. the slightly thicker ones make the kheer thick and i don’t like its taste or texture. i prefer the thin ones.. basically it is an individual preference or taste.

  13. says

    I actually like these pictures… I like the dark and mysterious look, also the seviyans gloden color seems to be enhanced coz of the dark back ground. I’m glad to see the you’ve made the vegan version… it is one of my favourite kheers… I would love to try it sometime…

  14. renu says

    dassana, from the moment i saw the pics i felt something was different…i was trying to guess whethr u have clicked the first shot on a stone.. but i kept moving my computer screen to adjust the light… then i read abt your experiment.. the black colour with the fried semiya gives a great looks.. the orangish black combination is lovely..
    normally ur pics are very bright so i thought something wrong with my screen and tried changing angles!!! anyways the pics are good .. but i think i prefer ur brighter pics( just my personal choice) .. but i love the way u have used black andf the arrangemnet and props!!1
    the kheer also looks yummy.. this makes me want to try spme sweet..

    • says

      nothing wrong with your screen renu. i was smiling when i read you moving the screen.

      u r right. my pics are usually bright and sometimes over exposed. i do like bright pics. but then i also love dark and moody images. it is black chunri that i have used on top of a black paper. i don’t have much props or wooden backgrounds, so i really have to think creatively when taking pics. it is like necessity is the mother of invention :-)

      also i have underexposed the pics this time. black backgrounds give you that advantage of underexposing which do not look good with white backgrounds. i also work with RAW format which gives me a lot of free hand and ease to get the creative look i want. this is simply not possible with JPG format.

      i did try with white and brown backgrounds but the kheer was looking flat and not at all good. in fact brown was better than white. i am also learning so much about food photography and i experiment a lot. sometimes i really fail. i don’t get the look i want. i had just shot methi mushroom and i did not like the final pics at all. but still i will post :-)

      • renu says

        ok.. i know og the JPG format.. raw format i will have to google… i am learning sooooo much from u dassana and also from the pother blog.. i have to make so many changes in my blog….

        • says

          thanks renu. we all learn so much in this vast world of blogging and the internet. you will find many good resources on the RAW format on google search.

  15. s.s.verma says

    Thanks for this all time great dish.

    My son used to call it the ‘Jhadu’ ( broomstick) kheer cause the vermicilli resembles the strands of an indian broom.

    Proves that a kheer by any name is a Joy!

  16. says

    hai dear ,

    i checked out the problem … url is and the other one which leads to jesus site is ….i dont know how it happened …when i comment in ur recipes , ur comment section show the wrong url with my name ….how to get rid of it ?…help me . Thank you for ur information .

    • says

      hi shama, when you next time enter the comment, then when you type ‘e’ it will show you the url. bring the arrow to it so that it gets highlighted and hit the delete button. the url will get deleted. enter the correct url and next time when you enter the word ‘e’ it will show you the correct url.