visit to sadhguru jaggi vasudev ashram

by dassana amit updated May 24, 2013

vellangiri hills, isha yoga centre

this post is not a recipe post. it is a more a food related post and about my experience of a beautiful and relaxing vacation i had recently.

after many years we took a small break from our busy lives and went to coimbatore at sadhguru jaggi vasudev’s ashram also known as isha yoga center.

i did not get a chance to visit coimbatore city. all the time we were at the ashram just meditating, relaxing and nourishing the body, mind and soul.


we did not do any courses or training there. simply coz we are already on the spiritual path for many years and we know which meditation method suits us. and exploring any new meditation technique in isha is a waste of time and money.

so we practiced our meditation method in the relaxed and free atmosphere provided in the ashram. and we are thankful to isha yoga center for this.


we had a comfortable stay at the ashram cottages. the silent sittings at the mystical dhyanlinga temple were profound and deep.


dhyanlinga temple – photo credit:

the long walks facing the vellangiri mountains with clean, crisp, oxygenated air was a boost for our health.

not to mention the healthy and nutritious food that we had there. the food that is served at the ashram is pure vegetarian food without onion and garlic. 99% of the food is vegan.

plus it is all south indian food. the ashram serves free meals twice a day in their huge bhiksha hall. i must say the food is delicious and i wonder how they prepare food for 500 people everyday.


annadhanam – photo credit:

the food is served in thalis now and not on banana leaves as you can see in the pic above. there are 9-10 varieties of different dishes that are served in one thali. they also serve one fruit with the rest of the food. purely south indian food like dosa, idli, chutney, sambar, rice, masala rice, pulao, kadhi, thokkus, chutneys, salads…. all delicious and healthy too.

the food has to be eaten in silence remembering the divine in you as well as in the food with prayers being recited before the food is eaten. it is a spiritual experience to eat food with so many people and yet be silent and still from within.


dhyanlinga temple – photo credit:

the food is eaten with your hands and since everyone eats together it creates a sangha (community) feeling. food is served by the ashram volunteers and it is unlimited. most probably you will be overstuffed as the food is so good :-)

after the meals you have to wash your own plate and glass. thats it… after that go for a long walk or sit silently facing the green vellangiri hills enjoying the pure air in complete freedom. no one interferes there as everyone is focussed on their own work… inner or outer.


since photography is not allowed in the ashram i could not take photographs of the food being served or the place where they prepare it. also i was so relaxed there that even to carry the camera and shoot was a big big work for me.

i could take the photos of the area where the nandi – the bull’s statue was placed and the area outside the ashram.  some photos are mine whereas the rest i have taken from the isha blog and isha website.


the ashram has a relaxed environment. it has a feel of traditional yogic ashram where there are many rituals done like devi pooja, sarpdosha pooja (astrological remedy), kesh arpan (offering your hair to the devi) and many more. plus they also have many courses and therapies.

they also have a food shop from where i got really good stuff like herbal tea, ginger coffee, rice mix powders, pickles, ragi dosa mix, adai mix and other dosa mixes.

our stay which was only for four days was extended to 3 more days and the ashram cottage people dearly agreed for us to extend our stay.


i have been to a couple of ashrams in india and isha yoga center is a good ashram if you want to reconnect with yourself. everything there supports your well being… the cold water bath in the spriritual theerthakund, the meditations at the dhyanlinga temple, the food, the seekers, the cottages, the vellangiri mountains…. everything…..


dhyanlinga temple dome from outside

well shri sadhguru jaggi vasudev was not there when we were there. so i am not taking his name. i do not know how the ashram feels in his presence. all i know is that everything at the ashram is clean, green, silent and meditative.


road outside the isha yoga center facing vellangiri hills

also on a side note if you can read or understand tamil, then they do have a tamil cook book available at isha shoppe in their centers or online.

the english version is out of print. this book has recipes which are served at the ashram. so you can try them at home and also share them with the rest of the readers. also do let me know :-)

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krishna March 7, 2014 1

Hi , I am krishna, 29M alone. Eagerly looking for free boarding, like to work as a volunteer


shiva kumr February 28, 2014 2

very beautiful place in the world where one can understant the real cost of thier birth and self realization and it is beautiful bridge created by man to reach god . pls dont mis the beautifule opportounity.


meenakshi nayak February 19, 2014 3

wonderful. I have an earnest desire to visit the ashram and experience causeless joy.


sachin January 28, 2014 4

It was really a very good information …thanks a lot for the post…



dassana amit January 30, 2014 5

welcome sachin


HARIHARAN IYER January 17, 2014 6

I would like to know if it is possible for one to come and stay at ashram in Vellangiri in exchange for just teaching or reciting Rudram/Sookathas and Mahanyasam. I am interested in staying for 6 months to 1 year. Please send some information. I am 60 yrs old and having my family settled in Maharashtra. My mother is aline 87 years old staying in ancestral home in Palghat. Presently I am taking Rudram Class. I am well versed in Devi Mahathmyam. Also reading Bhagavat Geetha.

I am having family of wife,one daughter and son – both are well educated and daughter married and son is yet to get married. I wish to have solitude.


dassana amit January 17, 2014 7

Dear Hariharan ji

I am not connected with isha foundation and just visited the ashram once.
Please contact them directly. Below is the link to their contact details.

I hope it helps.


darshan November 28, 2013 8

Hi … I am planning to visit the place at the earliest … Accomodation in Isha cottages is not available ….. Are there any nearby places that provide accomodation … Is it possible to manage without any accomodation, Incase I don’t find any ??


dassana November 28, 2013 9

darshan, the ashram is located outside city and the nearest village is also few km away. so if you don’t find accommodation then you won’t be able to manage easily or you have to go to the main city coimbatore in the evening for sleeping… which i GUESS will be 20-30 km away. i am not from coimbatore and have visited the isha ashram only once. i heard, if you do any course (which are usually very expensive) then you might get accommodation along with it. not sure… just check it.


rangaprakassh October 29, 2013 10

As my wife is suffering from carcinoma Lung cancer, any oppurnities are there to meet sadhguru.My name is rnagaprakassh and my wife name is V S Sumathi.


dassana October 29, 2013 11

rangaprakassh, please write to sadhguru official website. i am not connecting with them.


S. Vaidhyanathan September 28, 2013 12

I would like to know if it is possible for one to come and stay at ashram in Vellangiri in exchange for work or volunteering. Is there such a program available? I am interested in staying for 6 months to 1 year. Please send some information. I am 36yrs old post graduated in Chemistry and I dedicate my whole life to my inner development and useful at least for some of in India.


dassana October 2, 2013 13

vaidhyanathan ji, i am not connected to isha yoga ashram. you can make inquiries in their website directly for accurate and latest information.


Vic September 27, 2013 14

Hi, someone done a rejuvenation course there? Do they have ayurvedic massages? Are those any good (done by professionals)? What are the costs? Can you book them separately from the course?


dassana October 2, 2013 15

Vic, as i remember till last year they had ayurvedic massages and you can book them separately from the course. but as i am not connected to the ashram, so better make inquiry in their official website.


ganga June 25, 2013 16

This place seems to give peace and encourages spirituality. I would like to settle here after some years. Hope god puts me in a right place. Sai Ram.


Letha May 29, 2013 17

It is awe inspiring to see this blog..Is there any chance to become a permanent resident in this ashram? And pls tell me what are the formalities? I practice meditation for the past 2 yrs and feels some difference with that.


dassana May 29, 2013 18

letha… i am not connected to isha ashram. they were selling some houses in the ashram last year. so that people who want to stay there full time can do so. please write a email to them for more updated as well as relevant information.


cosmina emerson May 9, 2013 19

namaste, i would like to know if it is possible for one to come and stay at ashram in india in exchange for work or volunteering. Is there such a program available? I am interested in staying for 6months to 1 year. Please send some info. i am 36yrs old and i dedicate my whole life to my inner developement.

atma namaste


dassana May 9, 2013 20

namaste, i am not connected to isha foundation. but i noticed there were many people who were working their as a volunteer. best for you is to write to them. they have lot of residential cottage and people who take part in any course or group can stay for longer period of time. but i guess the groups are quite expensive. i wish you all the best in your spiritual journey. another good ashram to visit is ramana maharshi ashram in tiru (close to chennai, india)


Reena March 14, 2013 21

Hey Dassana,

Thanks so much for sharing the information about Dhyanlinga.
I recently came to know about this ashram and am really going to visit it soon.
I had a wish to enquir people’s experience after visiting the ashram and the way you have penned down your feelings is all like gaining positivity.
I just want to ask you a question , do we have to maintain a complete ‘maoun’/ ‘silence ‘ while we are in the ashram ?

Thanks & Regards,


dassana March 14, 2013 22

hi reena. at the ashram it is not compulsory to maintain complete silence. hope you have a good stay there.


Dakshinamoorthy Kumar March 13, 2013 23

Thanx for all the information you gave about the Ashram. I am a huge fan of sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev .
A dream of many enlightened beings – Dhyanalinga is a powerful space specially consecrated by Sadhguru to offer the highest possibility of the divine to one and all.


dassana March 13, 2013 24

welcome and thanks.


G.RAMACHANDRAN February 23, 2013 25



nandakumar February 16, 2013 26

please let me know the cost of attending basic course at the ashram.


dassana February 16, 2013 27

i don’t know what is the cost of basic course. you can contact the main isha website at


Aparna February 3, 2013 28

Dear Dassana,
saw some of your recipes a few weeks ago and kept coming back to your website. I was especially happy to see your spiritual page and read some of your thoughts about food and the energy it generates and the positive vibrations we can give those around us when its made with affection. I was even more surprised and happy to see the article on the Isha ashram. I’m glad you have enjoyed the space there as have so many of us. I have some recipes which were given to us at one of the programs and can email it to you if you like. You should go to the Ashram when Sadguru is talking and I think he also comes on some TV shows, one’s on Vijay tv on Sunday mornings. Anyway, keep posting recipes, love them


dassana February 4, 2013 29

thanks aparna. we had a really good and silent time at the isha yoga center. plan to go there again soon. i have seen sadhguru’s talks on youtube. i don’t watch tv generally. we did not even have a cable connection 2 months back. very rarely i see some programs or shows on tv. i used to love the food they served us. i did ask for their cookbook, but unfortunately the english version is out of print and the tamil version is available… which obviously i cannot understand. please email me the recipes at vegrecipesofindia(AT)gmail(DOT)com. thanks.


kavita January 22, 2013 30

Thanx for all the information you gave about the Ashram. I am a huge fan of sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev would love to go there soon.


dassana January 23, 2013 31

thanks kavita.


Your Cookery Book September 27, 2012 32

This is what I love about our culture. I do meditation and yoga as well but not regularly. Having two little boys and looking after them full time, things are slightly difficult to maintain. I really feel so much spiritual during the meditation. I guess I have to follow ‘Guru’s direction’ to get in deeper as currently I haven’t got any.

I love go Ashram. I feel relax and peaceful there. It has been a long time since I had been to Bapa Sitaram Ashram in Gujarat. I love the food of the Ashram too. It always divine in taste.

I simply miss these all things. If things goes way, we are planning to settle in India. We have got so much in our country. It is unique and only one.

Thanks for posting your experience in spirituality.


dassana September 28, 2012 33

thanks for your genuine and heartfelt comment. we have so much in our country in terms of spirituality, meditation, religion, ayurveda, yoga, food and so many other natural therapies that heal the body, mind and soul.

i pray and hope that things go your way and you go deeper and deeper into your being.


sujay September 27, 2012 34

Thanks for the posts. I am an Isha meditator for 5 years now and I have been to the Ashram a few times. I have always wondered how this place would feel to a non-Isha meditator and I am glad you loved the place.
Yes, there is something about the Ashram that makes you relaxed, yet alert at once. And when Sadhguru is present, it is something else.
And like you said, the food is simple yet out of the world. It cannot be anything else as it is always prepared with a lot of love and with a deep sense of offering by the volunteers (in fact not just the food but everything done there is done with a sense of offering and that not only improves the quality of the product but also helps you evolve as an individual). I have been a volunteer in some of the food preparation sessions (not at the Ashram but elsewhere where we do programs) and I can clearly understand why the food is so good.
I haven’t been there for more than a year now. I am just itching to go!!!


dassana September 27, 2012 35

thanks sujay for such a wonderful comment. even we plan to go there soon. i agree on all the aspects you have mentioned. each and every thing made or served at the ashram, has the feel of love & devotion in it.


priyanka June 21, 2012 36

Hi dassana,

this is reallly awesome. i also want to start doing this meditation can u help me with it and provide a correct path. i am a newbie to this.

but this article i loved to read…


dassana June 21, 2012 37

dear priyanka

thanks. it is not possible to guide on the internet. every person has a different and his/her own unique path. you have to listen to the small still voice within you.

i would suggest you to read swami rajneesh’s or jaggi vasudev’s books.
swami rajneesh has spoken about meditation, meditativeness, being oneself and many spiritual topics.

you can read swami rajneesh’s books from this link. they are free and can be downloaded from
swamiji’s youtube videos at
facebook page at –

jaggi vasudev’s books you will have to purchase as there is none free available online.
but you can read this blog where some of sadhguru’s words and his youtube videos are shared –


jagadesh June 22, 2012 38

Cool links…

thanks ,


priyanka June 26, 2012 39

thanks dassana


dassana June 26, 2012 40

welcome priyanka


Kim June 21, 2012 41

What a wonderful blog! Thanks for sharing your experiences at the Isha Foundation ahram. The pictures were beautiful as well. This Westerner now dreams of India!


dassana June 21, 2012 42

thanks kim. india is a nice place to explore and learn :-)


sanjay tyagi June 19, 2012 43

thanks for sharing


dassana June 19, 2012 44

welcome sanjay


akila June 19, 2012 45

wow very lovely… thanks for sharing… want to visit here, when I go visit India next time…


dassana June 19, 2012 46

whenever you come to india do plan going to the ashram in your indian itinerary.


Vijaykumar June 18, 2012 47

Dear dasanna,

Thanx for the nice pics and details about Isha org. I just started learning Isha kriya taught at our center in Kampala, Uganda.

Onceagain thanx for the info.


dassana June 18, 2012 48

welcome vijaykumar


suhani June 18, 2012 49

divinity all over the place and fragrance of meditation is what me home speaks of-Anonymous
i think you have experienced the same..welcome back dear..


dassana June 18, 2012 50

yes suhani i had some deep meditative experiences there which i generally do not have in goa. may be it is got to do something with the mountains, dhyanlinga and the ashram energy.


beena June 18, 2012 51

Wow! reading this post was so wonderful and took me back to my stay at igatpuri for vipashna… there are days when you just want to be at peace and experience inner well being…Its a lovely place and it looks like such serene place to spend time… I remember my days would start so early and i could see the sun rise each day of my stay there something thats unthinkable experience in mumbai… its wonderful that u could experience somethings so beautiful…lovely and divine place…wow! :)


dassana June 18, 2012 52

thanks beena. i was once upon a time going to do the vipassana meditation at igatpuri, but somehow luck was not on my side. would love to visit the igatpuri ashram too…. not for vipassana meditation but just to see and feel the place.


Ram June 21, 2012 53

Yes, you are right. It is not to see but have “the feel’ of it. It is effort-less than


smita dasgupta June 18, 2012 54

Thanks dassana. how can i contact to stay there.


dassana June 18, 2012 55

smita, you can write to to find out about or book your stay in their cottages.


smita dasgupta June 18, 2012 56



Bindu June 18, 2012 57

Really amazing place. I like lord Shiva very much. Really this is the right place for meditation.

Thanks for your beautiful post.



dassana June 18, 2012 58

thanks bindu. in fact it a really really awesome place for meditation.


familycook June 18, 2012 59

I am glad to see you back Dassana. Cant wait to start reading your recipes once again:)


dassana June 18, 2012 60

thanks family cook.


Ram June 18, 2012 61

Yes, I have read much about Jaggu [Known lovingly by this name] about the Ashram in coimbatore and his visits to USA. His Yoga shishyas in USA are very fond of him. What you have not mentioned is Whether seekers of Nirvana are accommodated there and have any course that is given to them for practice. You said food is free. Is it for visitors to the Ashram or just passers by on way to some other destination. Where can I get full Ashram details if I were to become an inmate of the Ashram and have permanent residence to meditate under the Guidance of Guru Jaggu?


dassana June 18, 2012 62

seekers can stay there for 4 days only. luckily they extended 3 days more for us which they usually don’t. if you do any course or program than you can stay there for longer.

the food is free only for people who are staying inside the ashram and this also includes the visitors who are there for 3-4 days living in their cottages. people who come to visit the dhyanlinga are not allowed inside the ashram. they can only visit the linga bhairavi and dhyanlinga temples. for them there is a cafe where they can have food from. it is very reasonably priced cafe offering again south indian food and snacks.

you can become an inmate of the ashram. they have many permanent residents there. i saw quite a number of retired elderly couples living there. for becoming a resident one has to do some of the isha courses. you will have to write to them as to how you can become a resident there. you can contact them at or visit this link for more contact information -

they are also offering permanent house structures starting above 20 lakhs. one can invest in these flats & cottages and stay there for a life time. details here on this link:

you can also call them. they will be in a position to give you better information on residency there. they have many residents there staying permanently, but i don’t know how one can become a resident there except for investing in the flats there. these flats and cottages are still under construction. but they have a resident’s block there where the residents stay.


Ram June 19, 2012 63

Thank you Dassana Ji. I am glad to know that you have not only a sense for good taste,but also genuinne seeker of self. The Pics you have shot reflects your infinite heart which you have shown in a commendable way in your choice of Pics. It appears many more of your readers have similar appitude for self realisation and NIRVANA. One way to attain it is the
Buddha Way and another is Patanjali Yoga. But the simplest is that of Bhagavan Ramana of Tiruvannamalai, Chennai. It is simple. Find out ” WHO AM I” You all say “I” have a body.
Who is the I and who is the body. I must be different from the body. Find that I by Sitting quite and just be an observer of thoughts coming and going. The thoughts disappear and ” I “alone remains in its pure form of “Sat Chit Ananda” That is Nirvana you are lead into. Sorry, there is no ” doing ” meditation. It is just staying quite and allow ‘IT” to happen. Thank you for your patience.


dassana June 19, 2012 64

thanks ram for all your wonderful words. i know about the who am i technique of bhagavan ramana maharshi. have already done it deeply before and it did give me some inner insights and wisdom :-)


Ram June 19, 2012 65

Excellent Dassana. You agree that this “Who AM I ” technique is the simplest. That’s what I find. To BE that ” I ” away from the Mind-Thoughts and the Ego-I, must be a wonderful experience. Whenever I have nothing else to do I just switch off and disappear into that ” I ” . What a solace and what a Bliss. Time seems to stand still. That, my experience, I thougt I should share with similar experience of yours and others. Thank you for ushering in this new receipe which is more for the SELF than for the tongue. God Bless us all.


dassana June 19, 2012 66

thats great ram. nice to know you have got the taste of real meditation.

the who am i is the simplest technique but our minds are very difficult and complicated :-)


Ram June 20, 2012 67

You are right. As you said we have to bring back the galloping mind by sitting still and watching the thoughts coming and going and finally the mind dries up and becomes still and calm. The problem is People want Happiness [ It happens for the mind and it is a never ending WANT] Where as Bliss [Permanent Happiness] is for the soul and it is full and Eternal. 99% want Happiness, NOT Bliss !!!.
Any way please include Spiritual Recipe, now and then, for a change. God Bless


dassana June 20, 2012 68

agree with you ram 100 percent. this has been my experience with people too. yes, will include some spiritual posts as well in the future.


Ram June 20, 2012 69



Richa@HobbyandMore June 18, 2012 70

The pictures convey the serenity and calm of the ashram. I can imagine how relaxing and refreshing it would have been. Hope you soaked it all in:)
What kind of meditation do you practice. you should write a post on it. or maybe you already have and i have missed it.


dassana June 18, 2012 71

yes i did richa. even goa is green, but the purity of air i felt in the mountains i don’t feel in goa.

i practice a buddhist meditation of watching the body, mind, emotions. it is a form of vipassana meditation and a silent meditation. one is a watcher in all the acts that one does and also in sleep. slowly slowly the watchfulness crystallizes and you start even watching your dreams.

you know that you are not the body nor the mind but a silent watcher watching the game of existence. life becomes playful and there is no misery inside. only blissfulness and silence. now one just have to wait for the existence to get merged in you.

i have not written any post on meditation. may be i should write it.


Ram June 19, 2012 72

God Bless you. May your Blissful thoughts see the light of the day as soon as possible and shed its rays on all of us enabling us to sahre that Bliss and Ananda.


dassana June 19, 2012 73

i hope and pray that this magnificent experience happens to not only me but each and every being…. so be IT


Ram June 23, 2012 74

A slight amendment ” ‘Every being’ -who seeks ‘IT’ “-immensely


dassana June 23, 2012 75



Anisha June 17, 2012 76

Love this post. My close friend was doing her post grad from Coimbatore and she recommended this ashram to me. I’m happy to know that we can do our own practices without joining any course. Hope I’ll get a chance to visit this ashram soon.


dassana June 18, 2012 77

if you get a chance than do visit the ashram anisha. it is not at all mandatory to do any course if you stay there as a visitor for 4-5 days.


radha June 17, 2012 78

What a serene place. So much greenery and so much peace. Pictures were lovely.


Anamika @madcookingfusions June 17, 2012 79

Lovely post Dassana, feels good to know about the ashram, I am sure your trip was too relaxing :).


dassana June 17, 2012 80

yes it was very relaxing :-)


Sharmilee June 17, 2012 81

Oh wow so you were here :) I’ve been there once too. Lovely post!!


dassana June 17, 2012 82

thats nice to know sharmilee you have been there. i did remember you when going towards coimbatore airport in the early morning hours. wish i could meet you.