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  1. Cheryl says

    Hi Dassana, I am glad I accidental stumbled on to your website, while looking for different veg recipes. I have tried many and must say they come out the way you present it. I am getting very addictive to vegetarian cooking (having been a non vegetarian all my life). I thank you for sharing your recipes and look forward to trying many more. You have inspired me towards eating more veg. my favourite one is Three Dal Dosa, & Dal Makhani. Continue your inspired cooking.

  2. Dr. Himanshu Gupta says

    Hi Dassana,
    I am a dental practitioner and love getting on the stove and microwave whenever I get time. I have been following your blog for months now and my request is for some microwave cake recipes if possible.

    • says

      thanks. today only i got a request for a microwave cake. a few more readers have also requested. i will try to add a couple of microwave cake recipes in the coming months.

  3. Sujavenkat says

    Thanks for your reply Dassana. As my desk top is in problem I could see your reply now.Thanks a lot.

  4. saba says

    Hey dassana,
    I have got fresh apricots but it’s very sour in can i make khubani ka meetha with it or not….?plz help n btw ur recipes are just fab n i totally love them….

  5. sujavenkat says

    Hai dassanna,
    I like yr website. Next month is my daughter`s 5th birth day. I planned to prepare around 50 eggless cupcakes and garlic rolls. Cupcakes using oil and butter frosting. Party will be evening 6o clock. Pls. Tell me whether I can prepare these items a day before. It will stay good or not.

    • says

      thanks suja. cupcakes will stay good in the refrigerator. garlic rolls have to be had fresh. if you refrigerate the garlic rolls then the butter soldifies and you have to again microwave it for few seconds. my suggestion is to have garlic rolls fresh to have the best taste. microwaving the dish can also ruin the texture.

  6. Jaya Vanjani Sood says

    Hi Dassana,
    I love your website – “”.
    I have learnt a lot from you. You recipes are simple and all the ingredients are readily available.
    The best part about you is the way you educate the science of cooking! The pictures give a clear indication of when to add spices etc.

    I am fond of cooking. Whenever I find time during my work hours, I take a sneak peak into veg recipes and end up learning something new instantaneously.

    I can share some good Sindhi recipes with you if you wish to try.

    Thank you,
    Jaya Vanjani

  7. Burns says

    I am so excited to have found your website. There are so many recipes I cannot wait to try. Perhaps I have overlooked, but is there a way to print more than a single recipe at a time?

    • says

      thanks. there is no way to print more than one recipe at a time. its difficult to implement such features on a blog and needs lot of techie stuff to be managed and done.

  8. Neha says

    Hi Dassana,
    I would first like to thank you for all the effort taken by you to maintain this informative site and to guide us for any cooking related queries.I have tried a few recipes from your site and they came out to be really well.
    It would be of great help if you could post the recipe of the South Indian sweet ‘ mysurpa/ mysorepak’ ( Sri Krishna sweet shop style).
    Thanks in advance!!


    • says

      thanks neha. i did try mysore pak but both times they did not come out well. i want to make a hassle free version and yet one that is soft. the recipe is in my to do list. i will have to know about the sri krishna shop style. since i have had mysore pak from mysore itself, will be making that version which is soft and melt in mouth version.

  9. Ketki says

    Hi Dassana!
    How are you? I am seeing your blog for a few days. and I am sure this is the first blog of this type. I mean each recipe are so much taken care of by you as if somebody takes care of a child. Such a great blog! Step by step explanations plus so many nice photographs. Even those, who don’t like to cook, they will also love to cook by seeing your recipes. Really good job.. Keep it up. A good work pays off.


    • says

      welcome ketki and thanks for this encouraging comment. i must say that such a positive feedback is always welcome and is motivating for every blogger. really glad to read your comment.

  10. LH says

    The Pinterest link for European-Style Potato Salad With Sour Cream Dill Dressing lead to this page but I can’t find the recipe, any suggestions on how to find it?

  11. Shivani Vora says

    Hi dassana loved your blog. really very interesting and authentic. plz give some recipes for rajasthani gatte and rajasthani wadi. thanks

  12. Sowjanya says

    Hi dassana,

    I really like your recipes . I tried gobhi parathas came out very good thanks for your post :)


  13. Manavi says

    Like your blog!!! It’s amazing to see your live for food and appreciate your creativity
    Can you please suggest laccha parantha receipe. can you also share receipes that has hidden pulses…as nobody loves to eat pulses at my home…

  14. Banu says

    can you please add different variety of squid recipes and if i search for particular recipe in th search its going to some other recipes site. To search in your website itself can you have the search box

    • says

      since this is a vegetarian blog, there would be no squid recipes. i have used google search bar on the top right hand side and it does show the blog results.

  15. PADMAVATHI says

    Hi Dasanna,
    Thanks for a wonderful website. I keep trying to make wholewheat bread , but my bread becomes dense or not so properly cooked in the centre though there is good enough browning on the top side. Shoul I use some specific ratio of maida with whole wheat atta to get a perfect bread?
    Can’t I make a good bread only using whole wheat without maida(white flour)?
    Pls guide me…

    • says

      padmavathi, the temperature must be very high in your oven therefore the bread is becoming brown but not cooking from the center. regarding denseness whole wheat bread are usually dense. a few things you can try to make it less dense… either add half cup of maida (all purpose flour) to the wheat flour (approx 1.5 to 2 cups). another thing is make the dough moist and sticky. even adding a little extra amount of water to the dough makes the bread soft.

  16. gabriele says

    you should have a search button within the site. I couldn’t find a jaipur vegetables recipe, although I am sure you have one on the site.
    thanks, gabriele

  17. sanjyoti says

    How should i make tandoori mushroom? I have electric tandoor. I wish to make mushrooms as starters. I want it to be spicy
    Thank you.

  18. Jaya says


    I read ur blog quite regularly…the recipes are presented very well with the commentary and the pics….could you please provide the recipe for vegetable hakka noodles?



  19. Monica says

    Hi Dasanna,
    I love this blog.I have tried some recipies of urs like medu vada,dum aloo,kabab.
    They were too good.Thanks for help.

    • says

      hi neelima, on the blog there is no system to upload or share recipes. if you want you can send me your recipes. i usually try the recipes from readers before posting them. you can send me at vegrecipesofindia(AT)gmail(DOT).com

  20. meenakshi says

    first time to your really impressed the thing which i like most that you give reply and pay attention to each question.

  21. Jot Dhillon says

    Hi Dassana,
    I just love your blog!!! found it really helpful. It is just Awesome!!! Keep up the great work…
    I want to request for recipes for shahi paneer and malai kofta please so when ever you get chance please upload them… My family loved restuarant style methi mushrooms, dum aloo and chat style aloo sandwich… I have already told many friends and family members about your blog..
    Kindest regards and the best wishes:-)

    • says

      thanks jot for your words and also for sharing the blog recipes with your family & friends.

      i have a few paneer recipes on request and malai kofta is one of them. in fact i plan to first finish all my pending posts right away from march – some 15 posts and then wholly focus on the recipe requests.

      best wishes to you too.

  22. says

    hi dassana,
    lovely blog.. love the content.. was just going thru pics on foodgawker and hence landed here… very beautiful clicks.. i love the way use teh brass tumblers, spoons and other unique objects..
    also enjoyed reading your cooking tips and methods..
    am a starter in the blogosphere and people like you are an inspiration…:)
    thanks for sharing so much info…

  23. Neha says

    Hiee.. Loved the receipes. Can u please share how to make instant mawa/khoya at home with milk ?? I have tried couple of times btt never managed to get the taste and my sweets gt affected. Thank you

  24. shipra pande says

    How can we make fresh cream at home dassana. Wanted the recipe for the Eggless
    pineapple cake. This recipe is available at many sites but the thing is when it some recipe comes from you, it will sure be trial n tested well. So, good results are for sure.

    • says

      this is what i would do to make fresh cream at home.

      collect the top layer of the malai from the milk once the milk is boiled in a bowl. keep in the freezer. keep on collecting the malai for say 6-7 days or more till you get a good quantity of cream. remember always to keep in the freezer once you have added the malai.

      when you want to make cream for icings, remove the bowl of the frozen cream. let it be for 15 minutes or more at room temperature. with a hand blender or in a blender jar blend the malai. when it comes to a stage when you see peaks of thick soft cream, stop the blender. you can now use this cream for your icings. don’t overdo the blending as this may result in butter formation from the cream.

      you can also keep the bowl beneath a larger bowl or pan full of ice cubes and beat the cream with a hand blender.

      thanks for the positive comments also shipra. i too love pineapple cake.

  25. shipra pande says

    Can you please giveaway some new non-fried and healthy snacks recipes. And one more dish which i’m keen to know is Akki roti. This comes from the state of karnataka made with rice flour. It’s fantastic but i’m still not able to perfect it. If you have any idea, please forward the recipe. Thanks a lot.

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