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paneer also known as cottage cheese is a very popular ingredient in north indian cooking. you will find paneer recipes on the menu of most restaurants. i have posted 74 paneer recipes on the blog. many of these paneer recipes were specially requested by the readers.

paneer is a non fermented cheese made from milk. basically it is fresh milk cheese, where the milk is coagulated with an acidic agent (like lemon juice, vinegar or curd). the whey is removed and the coagulated cheese sets in some time. homemade paneer can be used fresh or refrigerated (frozen) for 4 to 5 days. if you keep for more days, then the paneer becomes sour and gets spoiled. the whey is nutritious and can be used instead of water while making chapatis, cakes, breads or even gravies or soups. if you want to make paneer at home then you can have a look at this post on how to make paneer at home.

most paneer recipes are easy to make and delicious as well. paneer recipes usually go well with rotis, parathas, naan or chapati.

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