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navratri recipes, navratri fasting food, rules & procedure.

(this detailed post is to share navratri recipes, navratri vrat/fast rules, navratri pooja vidhi or procedure or guidelines, kanjak pooja or navratri kanya pooja, food ingredients allowed for navratri vrat and how navratri vrat vidhi is observed in our place.)

this year shardiya or sharad navaratri begins on 21st september, 2017 and ends on 29th september, 2017.

navratri literally means nine nights and during this period, 9 forms of mother goddess or shakti or devi are worshiped through out india.

out of 4 major navratri, only two navratri are celebrated. first ‘chaitra navratri‘ celebration is when summer is starting (march-april) and second ‘sharad navratri’ when winter is starting (oct-nov).

in north and western india, many people keep fast during navratri. as its a very good time to make progress in your spiritual practice or to invoke the energy of mother goddess or to purify your body-mind.

navratri fasting rules varies little from community to community. the same fasting rules applies for fasts during the ekadashi, janmashtami and mahashivratri fasts. i hope this post will be helpful to you all.

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