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litti chokha recipe with step by step photos – a rustic and traditional dish of stuffed whole wheat dough balls, where the stuffing is a spiced mix of roasted gram flour or sattu. this recipe comes from bihar and jharkand region in india.

i had got some recipe requests to post litti chokha. litti is the stuffed whole wheat dough ball and chokha is a mashed relish that is served with litti. chokha can be made with roasted eggplant (baingan), boiled or roasted potatoes (aloo) and roasted tomatoes (tamatar). you can make them separately or even combine all three and make one chokha. you can even combine the baingan and tomatoes and make one chokha and make a second one with potatoes. i made three different chokhas and have already posted them:

  1. baingan ka chokha,
  2. tamatar chokha and
  3. aloo chokha

litti with the accompanying chokha is a healthy food. litti chokha is also one of the popular street food in bihar and eastern UP. during my travels to eastern UP, i did see litti chokha stalls on the roads.

i saw various methods of preparing both litti and chokha on youtube and finally made them in my own way. in the stuffing, usually red chilli pickle is added or mango pickle. i did not have either, so added some spices which are added in pickles. if you have red chili pickle or a north indian mango pickle, then you can add some of the masala in the stuffing.

method of preparing litti is similar to dal baati of rajasthan, but taste wise both are miles apart. both taste different.

preparing litti chokha is easy but takes a lot of time. so make them at your own pace and time. for the stuffing you will need sattu. sattu is basically roasted gram flour. if you do not have sattu, then use roasted chana dal without the husks and grind them. then sieve the flour and use it.

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